o.c. marsh

Who you should fight: Paleontologists edition
  • Bob Bakker: He will kick your ass and take your girlfriend. Do not engage at all costs.
  • Jack Horner: Will attempt to weaponize mutant dinosaurs, and will fail at this task. Remind yourself of Chickenosaurus when you feel guilty about waling on an old man.
  • E. D. Cope: Makes up for the weakness of his attacks by sheer quantity. While he will lose in the end, he will have dealt lasting damage.
  • O. C. Marsh: Like Cope, but slightly more successful. Try to engage both at once, as they will target each other instead of you.
  • Thomas Carr: Will pull his punches at first, but this is only because he is meticulously preparing to utterly destroy you. Do not fight.
  • Franz Nopcsa: As difficult to fight as his name is to pronounce.
  • Roy Chapman Andrews: This man is basically Indiana Jones, if Indiana Jones had a flesh-eating hippopotamus. Hiding and hoping he thinks you're in Mongolia is your best chance for survival.
  • Mary Anning: A lifetime of dealing with the patriarchy has made her dangerous. Approach her kindly, or not at all if you're a dude.
  • William Buckland: I dunno, man, the guy's devoured a human heart and probably has dark magic powers. Avoid at all costs.
  • Mike Taylor: He's far from spineless, that's for sure. Overall, a fair fight.
  • Alan Feduccia: Despite the weakness of his attacks, he is inexplicably difficult to defeat. Ignoring him is probably the better option.
  • David Peters: Will probably attempt to use photoshop to determine your battle plan. When this inevitably fails, he will be easily defeated.
  • Thomas Holtz: I can't imagine why you would want to fight Thomas Holtz. Share memes with him instead.
  • Gideon Mantell: The poor man could use a break. Don't fight Mantell, he has enough to deal with between Richard Owen and scoliosis.
  • Richard Owen: Nobody is going to stop you, and most people would even encourage you. However, you WILL lose. Do not fight Richard Owen.
Life Is Strange Reaction: When You Have A Crush On Them

Max: Her face is all flushed up.

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Chloe: She will be hella flirting with you.

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Kate: Now she’s going to be really nervous around you.

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Warren: Will try to get with you.

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Victoria: She will make you try and try until you drop on your knees.

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Nathan: Now he really wants to get into your pants.

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Mr Jefferson: He’s just wondering how you would do in the dark room.

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Meet a Mount: Peabody Museum Stegosaurus

Taxon: Stegosaurus ungulatus

Specimen Number: PMNH 1853 and PMNH 1858

Year Created: 1910

Stegosaurus was a strange looking animal, but with its long, tottering legs and minuscule head, the Peabody Museum of Natural History Stegosaurus ungulatus mount is stranger still. This mount, constructed by Hugh Gibb and W.S. Benton under the supervision of curator Richard Lull, owes its bizarre proportions to the fact that it is a chimeric combination of at least five differently-sized individuals. 

 O.C. Marsh named Stegosaurus ungulatus in 1877 based on fossils found at Como Bluff, Wyoming, and illustrated it with eight tail spikes. Although modern researchers have since rejected this reconstruction, the mount at Marsh’s home institution still sports the extra-spikey tail. In another way, however, this Stegosaurus mount was ahead of its time. Lull insisted that the tail was held aloft, rather than dragging on the ground, to better function as a defensive weapon.