I want your all time attention; when you need me and when you don’t. When you’re lonely and when you’re not. When you don’t feel like talking, I want you to share your silence with me and when you do, make sure you give me every little detail you can think of. When you’re mad, pour it all on me, against me and I’ll take you. When you’re sad, crawl within my heart and make home of me, let me feel you. Complain, I love it when you do. Go away and let me run after you, I know you love it when I do. But at the end of the day please, don’t forget to love me like you always make me crave you ‘cause I’m greedy in your love and you’re the one to heal me.
You know, when you first started at Hogwarts, I had a bit of a condescending attitude towards you all, and to be fair, it was just my own prejudice. It was nothing that you guys had done or not done, cause frankly, I hadn’t seen you in action. And I have to say, your teamwork, your unwavering support, your camaraderie… three things I hate. The fact remains, you guys are the most misguided, insubordinate students that I have ever taught in my career.
—  Severus Snape [to the Golden Trio]
MY. Omega. - Bucky x Reader (3/?)

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A/B/O Dynamics

Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader

Simple Summary - Out of all the new coming Omegas, will he choose you?

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Warnings - Swearing, arguing, awkwardness, ANGST.

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Greek Mythology Aesthetics (1/?): Calliope, the Muse of Epic Poetry. 

“I hear her call me now; Calliope.
She dances in rooms made all of windows,
In delicate tones her calls reach sweetly
Stands naked amongst cast off silken bows.

So lightly she leaps among the sunbeams
Her gift bestowed, poetic cache replete
A tiny figure, seen only in dreams
On her face, her happiness shines complete.

I hear her laughter, tinkling playful sounds -
In her mischief, she will often refuse
To part with her gift, of which, she abounds
I’m glad you found me again, little muse.”