imagine visiting luke on tour and you’re following him and the band around all day from interview to interview, then to the venue, watching them soundcheck, watching them interact with fans, watching as luke struggles to keep his eyes open while he gets his hair styled before the show. you’re exhausted yourself by the end of it all, not even able to imagine how luke is feeling. so after the show, it’s no surprise luke’s a man of few words as you both slip into your comfy clothes and head out together, hand in hand, to the bus for the night. a few fans are waiting nearby and luke stops and takes a few pictures as you offer them all a smile but wait by the bus for him, and when he joins you again, he follows you up the stairs, chucking his bag into the back of the bus, stifling a yawn as he simply pulls you into his bunk. you giggle and settle against him almost instantly, slipping his beanie off his head to run your hands through his hair. he hums, enjoying the comforting feeling, muttering a quick i love you in between yawns, before his breathing steadies out and he falls asleep in your arms

I’ve finally reached 1k! I’ve had this blog for about a year and a half now, so this is really awesome. I figured I would never get these many followers. So anyways, thank you!! (also this is my first follow forever)

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Seguro se preguntaran¿Y ahora que quiere este weom? Pues compatriota y no compatriota hoy vengo a pedirte que te pongas una mano en tu mouse,en tu celular,en donde estés ahora conectado/a y otra en el corazón y me des apoyo…

Nooooo,no dije a pollo…dije apoyo sí,necesito su apoyo de todos ustedes no importa si eres un caballo,un gato,un león,un perro, un humano o un extraterrestre…

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guys guys, do you not remember the golden meme that was hoenn confirmed? basically stating it at every possible opportunity, regardless or relevance to context, and without proof or actual confirmation for most of it? That’s why when ORAS was announced, i.e. when hoenn was actually confirmed there was such  mass hysteria levels of hype, the prophecy had been fulfilled. Now sinnoh must step into this role, as history must repeat itself. sinnoh confirmed.