they were talking about the video of sehun mistaking jeonghan for johnny during isac and sehun was like “i don’t remember what we were talking about, i thought johnny would be next to me for sure so i called him, “youngho-ya!” and then it was another person so i was like “who’s this” and yes it’s true, jeonghan and johnny look similar from the back because of their hair so i got confused”


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엑소 수호, 세훈씨가 엔나나에 놀러왔어요😻

친한 형들과 이야기 할 수 있어서 오늘은 좀 색달랐다는 쟌디재디 🤗
‘세수'분들 다음에 또 놀러오세요오🎈 
여러분 '세수'하고 '재쟈'요😻🎶 #잘생긴사람🌝->#잘생긴사람🌝#잘생긴사람🌝->#잘생긴사람🌝