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WOOOO guess who got her first pack of mildliners?!?!? These are so nice, I definitely see why people love them. Although they are really expensive ($9 AUD!!), I hope I can get more :-) Can’t wait to make some of those aesthetic™ notes. 


tvN Criminal Minds 5-min Highlights Trailer (x)

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Wait, how is the Doctor's speech from The Zygon Inversion anti-immigrant? Especially since I thought the whole two-parter was a neon "stop being assholes to refugees just because of a few radicalized outliers you guys, holy shit" sign.

the Zygon speech is the polar opposite of punching a racist in the face. ‘sit down, stop complaining, talk with your oppressor, their concerns are as valid as yours’ is not a great message. even in the context of the story, where the immigrant metaphors are monsters and their only voice is the villain, it’s got a gross ‘white man explains to minority woman that he’s right and she’s wrong’ undertone (overtone?). and in a real-life context: why use that metaphor, why. if you want to discuss the refugee situation, or xenophobia and racism in general, why would you use classic monsters, keep them Scary and Deadly and Hiding In Plain Sight!!, and then have the one ‘good’ Zygon be Schrodinger’s Human? why.

Harness meant well, i’m sure - in a straight cis white man announcing ‘bravely, i believe that All Lives Matter’ sort of way - but what the episode wound up saying is fairly fuckin’ shitty.

(an additional shitty thing: there’s a shred of a decent story there. monstering minorities will always be hinky at best, but if you replaced the Zygons with a less ~~spooky~~ new alien race and focused on the diaspora as a whole (not just the terrorist and the human-passing collaborator) you could…maybe? do something with that? potentially. but as it is, Harness did zero of the things that would make the message he’s trying to send worth listening to.)

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i 100% agree w u on the kard thing...love them and they deserve better

HONEsTLY!!!! i dont understand all this hate???? they have done literally N O T H I N G W R O N G like they are so sweet n they literally BARELY debuted and im already seeing ppl ripping on them im still lowkey pressed

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[EXO - The Eve] Comeback Stage | M COUNTDOWN 170720 EP.533

how to die in 3 minutes and 25 seconds.

i stan kings and i do NOT regret it. NEVER.