~ The lovely spring town of Twinleaf ~ 6E00 0026 FF82 ~

Twinleaf finally has a new dream address!! Theres been several changes, but mainly the houses had a massive change thanks to all the new items (❁´◡`❁)
I hope you guys enjoy yourselves and tag any visits with #redbeanjean (or just tag me anything is cool!!) I’d be extremely flattered  (ꈍᴗꈍ) 

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(( banner credit to the lovely @lostmitten ))

saints row has ruined me in the weirdest ways tbh like

  • i cant listen to “the boys are back in town” w/o tearing up
  • [playing any other game] i miss johnny gat
  • i now like a bunch of rap songs?? i dont listen to rap
  • “oh saints row?? isnt that just like gta” SCREAMS
  • also gta wont let me launch myself through a car window feet first so whats the point
  • i have a sudden affinity for the color purple
  • hearing “simply irresistible” makes me want to Die
  • [sees a car irl] hey that looks like the sovereign from saints r-
Tweek x Craig Summed Up (Kinda)
  • Matt and Trey: we found some disturbing art online of our characters let's make fun of it
  • Wendy: hey fellow kiddos look at all this art that shows sexual and disturbing acts all drawn by our fellow ten year old students who attend this elementary school
  • The Boys: oooooooooo are Tweek and Craig now? Are we gay now?
  • Tweek and Craig: wait what ok
  • PC Principal: CONSENT
  • Craig's Dad: i dont want to have to accept this why my son
  • Tweek's Dad: A C C E P T A N C E
  • Tweek to Craig: im gonna accuse you of cheating bye
  • Town: :o
  • Craig: what no
  • Tweek to Craig: let's get back together
  • Craig to Tweek: um no
  • Craig: welp
  • Craig's Dad: son cut the crap you're gay just deal with it
  • Craig: welp
  • Craig to Tweek: hold my hand
  • Tweek to Craig: lol k
  • Town: :D
  • The end