In some of BigBang’s music videos there’s this postapocalyptic flair and since sabotensan and I are extremely fond of these guys right now (and always fond of Fallout) we started to create a Fallout New Vegas AU for BigBang. Actually, we just thought about a nice little background story for each of them and now we spend 99% of the time making jokes.
In a few words, the plot is that T.o.p, who is the owner of The Tops Casino (yes, we couldn’t miss this chance) is looking for additional acts for The Aces theatre, just like Tommy Torini in the “Talent Pool” quest in Fallout New Vegas. So yeah, in our AU they’re making music as well and everything’s pretty much the same … aside from … you know … the radiation and violence and stuff.

BIGBANG talks about dating on recent interview!

On May 4, BIGBANG held an interview for their recent comeback, where they answered various questions regarding their dating lives.

Taeyang says, “We’re the same as any other people our age. It’s not a bad thing to date, and you need a lot of experience.”

He continues, “I wholeheartedly agree that, as a person whose job it is to express feelings through music, it’s important to have experience. But Korea seems to be pretty sensitive when it comes to that. So we are a bit careful with it.”

T.O.P jumps in, and says, “I don’t think about whether dating will have an affect or not. But I do think there should be some distance maintained. I’ve seen too many adverse effects from people making too many things public.”

When asked whether they share with each other their dating lives, they said that it depends on the person. Some of them do, and some of them don’t.

Daesung responds to a question about whether he’s a “loser” or a “winner” when he dates. “I think it depends on who you’re dating. Whether you’re dating a femme fatale or not. In the end, you just need to meet sticky rice cake (referring to “BAE BAE” lyrics).”

Source: TV Report
Translated by Soompi

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clarke accidentally leaves her diary at octavia and bellamy "accidentally" reads it (and finds her hilarious or sg) - please ^^ thank you - s.

T.O.P. S.E.C.R.E.T.

So this was supposed to be a short little drabble and then it developed a giant plot and it kind of exploded?  So moral of the story, this is much longer than I was originally intending.  Have some pining!Bellamy.


“Bell?!” Octavia yelled from her bedroom.

Bellamy sighed, and looked up from the papers he was grading on the couch.  “There’s a thing called walking out of your room to talk to people, O!” he called back.

She stuck her head out of her room and stuck her tongue out at him.

“You’re a child,” he informed her drily.  “What do you want?”

“Rude,” Octavia chastised, coming the rest of the way out of her room and flopping down onto the couch next to him.  “What are you doing anyway?”

She twitched one of the essays closer and read, “Social political structure of the Roman Empire prior to the death of Caesar. Okay, forget I asked, that sounds horrifically boring.  Count me out.”

Bellamy rolled his eyes and carefully pried the essay out of her hands.  “They’re all shit so I wish I could say the same.”

“Bellamy Blake,” his sister said, hands on her hips. “As an esteemed TA of the university aren’t you supposed to treat your students with the utmost respect?”

Bellamy snorted.  “You should see their grammar.”

Octavia smiled.

“What is it?” he asked, much more kindly this time.

“Is Clarke still here?”

That got his attention.  He put down his grading pen and turned fully to face Octavia.  “She left twenty minutes ago.  Why?”

Octavia held up a book.  “Because she forgot her very secret diary.”

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T.O.P reveals his thoughts on newly created Instagram Account!

During Big Bang’s press interview on May 4 held at the Conrad Hotel in Seoul, T.O.P talked about his experience on Instagram so far.

He shared, “I joined Instagram after hearing that fans were sad that I wasn’t on social media while talking with the other members.”

He continued, “At first, I made it to promote the new album since it’s been a while since we released one. The fans seem to like it, so I’ve been posting a lot [explosive updates]. I just post whatever I’m doing at the moment. I’m the type of person who gets bored easily so I don’t know until when this will last, but I’m enjoying it now.”

In previous interviews, T.O.P revealed that he does not understand the appeal of SNS and was always reluctant to open any account.

Source: Daum

Translated by: ShrimpLJY@twitter.com


Reporter asks G-Dragon if ‘Bae Bae’ refers to Kiko Mizuhara!

“You will always be 25 to me. It will never change, BAE BAE. 5 x 5 Bae Bae…” - T.O.P

For many years now it is an open secret that G-Dragon is in a relationship with Actress/Model Kiko Mizuhara and with the constant denial of the relationship and lack of admittance from both parties the Star News reporter was fishing for answers.

Q. In the lyrics for “Bae Bae”, there is a line that talks about a 25 year old woman. Was there are specific person you guys were talking about in the song?

T.O.P: “No, not really. All of us talked about the song and we all wanted the song’s theme to be about the selfish guy who doesn’t want a young woman to ever age. We all then came up with an idea to make this theme a little more fun. A majority of people all claim that a woman reaches the peak of her beauty at 25? 26? We tried to decide on an age for the longest time, but ended up going with 25. There’s no special meaning behind it though.”

Q. Kiko was born in 1990 and is 25 years old. Does the age have a relevance to her?

GD: “Is Kiko 25? (laughs) The theme of “Bae Bae” was about a 25 year old. When we started working on the song, that was the theme that popped up instantly. The five of us sat in the recording studio and talked about many things and that’s what we came up with. Many 25 year old women might be offended or upset about this, but we just thought that that’s the age when women are most beautiful. As public figures and artists, we thought that we could somehow incorporate that age with a love theme. We might be saying the age 25 and people can see it as just an age, but for us, the age 25 was something we could interpret and incorporate into the song to make this “love theme” more relatable and plausible. In the lyrics, we put the number 25 as an age, but to us, it was just a fun requisite.”

T.O.P: “Rappers really enjoy putting fresh, unused lyrics into their songs because it makes the lyrics so much more fun. rather than writing about something with philosophical meanings behind it, we put in a lot of lyrics that are just fun to hear.”

*NOTE: The specific line in question was actually written by T.O.P not GD. 

Source: Star News

Translated by: big_seunghyun@twitter.com