170720 TOP at the Court Hearing

*BIGBANG T.O.P: “I’m currently self-reflecting. I deeply regret my mistakes. I have nothing to say to everyone except that I’m very sorry”

*Official Sentence: T.O.P 10 months in prison on probation, suspended 24 months. T.O.P apologized again saying he is sincerely reflecting.

*The court hence kept the sentence demanded by prosecution. There will be no jail if TOP does not violate parole. Also T.O.P’s military service of the remaining 520 days can be resumed as sentence is below 18-month threshold.

*The judge kept the sentence that prosecution demanded. Remember, as long as T.O.P does not violate probation in 2 years, he won’t go to jail.

*Court: T.O.P acknowledged all of his crimes and pleaded guilty. He has disappointed many people but he promised not to do this ever again. Also T.O.P was first time offender, which was taken into account Drugs can make one vulnerable, which could have devastating effects.

*T.O.P only goes to jail for 10 months if he violates probation within 24 months. This is a suspended sentence, also called probation.

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BIGBANG's T.O.P Receives Sentence At Final Trial For Marijuana Case

BIGBANG’s T.O.P Receives Sentence At Final Trial For Marijuana Case

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BIGBANG member T.O.P has received a sentence for his marijuana case.

On July 20 at 1:50 p.m. KST, the final trial for T.O.P’s marijuana case took place. The court stated, “The defendant has acknowledged all of the charges made against him and has been found guilty. Drug-related crimes not only hurt the individual’s health but it can also have major negative effects on society as a whole, so there…

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hello lovely people, I’m pj. I’m 13 and I live in the u.s. I’m pansexual gender fluid 

just to say right of the start I’m looking for pen pals to send actual letters to because I just like that stuff, but if you just want to be online friends that’s also fine. 

I’d prefer if you were 13-16

also I’m actually very mature, I know 13 sounds a bit kiddish but I’m in 9th grade so just so you know. 

just know that if you wanna start up a conversation it’s really simple honestly, you can say the most random thing, I’ll always try to message back quickly. 

some of my interests are 

shows: sherlock, walking dead, supernatural, stranger things

anime:attack on titan, silver spoon, Yuri on ice

music: sales, milky chance, t.o.p, Beatles, Elvis Presley, t.o.p, mcr, cool anime hip hop beats to listen to(lol), loft hip hop. yeah I like all kinds of music I guess, except country, I really don’t like country.

hobbies:writing(though I’m a bit shit at it), arts(arts in general, like theater painting, drawing, acting, that stuff), memes, plants, ukulele, watching youtube, and I like to make weird little short films sometimes so.

I’m studying two languages currently and that is Swedish and Spanish, but I definitely am not fluent in them. but if you’d like to practice with me or actually help e with those that’d be nice.

my perfect pen pal I guess is someone who  could make a good connection with. and I know it’s definitely hard to pass the awkward phase but feel free to just be casual and not scared to talk about anything, either if it’s laughing at some memes or something serious. and if we were to actually mail each other which I’m hoping for we could just make these cutesy little letters and decorate them and maybe even send little things we’ve created like paper mache or something. so feel free to contact me at Tumblr:@undoubtedly-gay and my Instagram: @junk_yard_mind, my art Instagram account:@alskarpj.

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S t o p s l e e p i n g o n S e o k j i n

BTS Inside Jokes

Hello ARMYs! So, I was bored and thought of making this compilation of 25 of BTS’ inside jokes! Please let me know if there are more because i’m gonna make a part 2 to this!

Hope you enjoy!

1. Jimin You Got No Jams – Kim Namjoon.

The most iconic line ever said by a BTS member and the joke that didn’t get old for years and years.

2. Swag – Min Yoongi

The amount of swag that Suga has…

3. Oh man holy shit – Jeon Jungkook

Poor Jin here though…

4. Beach? Bitch? – Kim Taehyung ft. Park Jimin

He sounded so innocent while saying it though like wtf?

5. Shit down shit down – Kim Taehyung

His “s” always sounds like “sh”

6. Excuse Me! – Park Jimin

Ahhh you all have to know this lol.

7. Jiminie Pabo – Kim Taehyung

When our Taetae went to every American he met and then you all know lol

8. Dirty Water….my faceu – Jung Hoseok ft. Park Jimin

Very dirty water Jiminie

9. Infires – Min Yoongi ft. Jeon Jungkook


10. Turn up! – Kim Taehyung

Lets go party!

11. Min Suga jjang jjang man bboong bboong – Min Yoongi

The one and only genius

12. Sexy Porn Star – Kim Taehyung

Saxophonist babe…

13. My shiteu - Park Jimin

This is honestly cute

14. Stob it! – Kim Seokjin ft. Jeon Jungkook and a laughing Park Jimin

Stop it! S-T-O-P I-T!

15. I hate snakeu – Jung Hoseok

Worst experience in my life - Jhope

16. I was born in Busan first – Park Jimin ft. Jeon Jungkook

He was born in Busan first Kook, he ate 2134 rice more than you

17. I’m God – Kim Taehyung


18. Pardon? – Jeon Jungkook ft. Kim Namjoon

No comments…

19.  One night in a strange shitty – Kim Taehyung

Again with the “sh”

20. My hearteu my hearteu – Jung Hoseok

Oh my god

21. Oh my gawd – Almost all of them? Haha


22. Do you know annyeonghaseyo? – Kim Seokjin (This very joke updated to Do you know pittam nuemul?…wonhe manhi manhi yap! By Seokjin himself)

*Inserts Jin’s windshield laughter*

23. This chain….3 dollars – Min Yoongi


24. International playboy – Jeon Jungkook

Sure Jan

And the last one
25. Ayo Hitman bang introduces hit it the second audition! - BTS

I laugh way to hard at this….

Part 2 coming up soon…..