My First Friend, My Enemy!
  • *after SWR S2 finale*
  • Ezra: She.. she called Vader "Anakin"...
  • Rex: *wide-eyed in astonishment and horror*
  • Ezra: Could Darth Vader be.. her old master?
  • Rex: *shakes his head violently. The kid obviously was confused. Denial ripped through him.*
  • Ezra: I mean.. could that even be possible? What do yo-!
  • Rex: *angrily scolding* GENERAL SKYWALKER WOULD NEVER!
  • Ezra: *startled*
  • Rex: *expressionless eyes* I'm sorry, kid. I need to be alone.

guess who just came back from beauty & the beast & is going to see logan (again!!) for round two? (((’:

and with every new show comes a new ship…………… throws this at the wind