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it hurts; how much more must i break down?


Hey everyone! The year is almost over and I thought to have one last event for you guys~ This is just a small thank you for your support during 2014. It’ll be super cheesy, but hopefully fun and something to bring joy this upcoming year! 

All you have to do is: 
1. Like this post (or reblog, you only need to do one)
2. You must be following me before this is posted (12/29/14)
3. Send me an ask (not a fanmail) with one B.A.P member and your wish (or goal) for 2015! This can be from anything simple to something in your life to something you’d like to change!

Example: “My bias is Jongup and my wish is to travel the world.”

The wishes will not be published, so don’t worry if you think it’s too personal to share (I’m not one to judge~ ^^). If you send me a message that says “any member” or “any wish” I will delete your message (it’s not fair to the people that picked)! 

5. Entry due date is 1/1/15 12:00 AM HST 

Once the entries are closed I will send you a fortune online! This means that I’m keeping the entry messages until then, but if you want a confirmation, send me a 2nd message and I will reply to that. 

- Send asks, not fanmails
- This is for followers only, so if you follow me just for this event, I will bypass you (sorry ;;)
- Unless you have my permission, no reposting the fortunes!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful 2015 and for your wishes to come true! Thank you guys! :D

i’ve basically had this blog for a little bit over a year now and i just want to say thank you to a handful of my favorite blogs and really cool people that i’ve talked to or want to talk to a lot more (if i followed you very very recently you might not be in here since i started this a bit ago ;; but of course all of these blogs are lovely):

a-g // ahvounq, aishkrim, baetches, bamaro, bomminator, chaangie, chokyudolph, daesng, dasoms, duiixhangs, fallenforsoshi, florensicga-ho, gyeong-ree 

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most importantly, thank you to everyone who follows me; i am grateful for every single one of you. i hope that i’ll get to know more of you soon and that all of you have a wonderful christmas if you celebrate it & new year! <3

"You must demand nothing less than the best of yourself and 
for yourself. You must tell yourself that it is not wrong to want
it all."

so hello everyone, yes it is that time — follow forever time ;; great, right? (●´∀`●) just a little thing to show my appreciation to the few individuals that came along with me through this blog move, and a few new cuties that’ve joined along as well! andthismaynotbeforadumbbirthdaythingoopsies.

you’ve guys made coming on every day truly something enjoyable, and if it weren’t for all of you, who knows what would have become of this blog, honestly? knowing that i’ve been able to stick around for quite some time is seriously the best ever!! all of the interactions i’ve gathered overtime, whether they were long, heavily plotted threads, or even mini little one-liners, they’ve all helped this blog grow, and i must thank you for that as well. (*´・v・)

so pretty much, this’ll be my token of appreciation to those who’ve helped make this blog this blog. all of these talented and lovely individuals truly deserve your attention and deserve nothing but the best like i hope you all find like a 50 dollar bill on the floor thats hOW HELLA YOU GUYS ARE THO !! ! ! ! whether we’ve talked since the day this blog was created, or if we haven’t talked at all, you being on here is just my way of saying ‘oh hi ur kind of hella and xoxo’ ok.

if i’m to be straightforward, the bolding and italicizing urls always gets me all confused tbh; so i just want everyone that’s on here and everyone that isn’t to know that you’re all super great no matter what and i love y’all with all of my heart. (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡ truly though, i’d copy and paste my entire follower list if i could!! p.s. this is literally in no particular order, a lazy michaela at her finest. but without further ado, here are the babes tho —

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when any fandom has a huge, long-term, ongoing shipping war, i always find myself having oodles of respect for the OT3/4 shippers who ship both at the same time

it’s like romeo and juliet

anonymous asked:

GRABS UR HAND quick tell me about any of ur ocs u feel like rambling about becus i wanna know

omg omg omg omg omg ANONYFRIEND YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOU’VE DONE IM GONNA BE HERE FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE oh my god i need to pick one fhdfhdfdsfshfshdbfhds -flails- uhhh

immmm gonna use this opportunity to talk a lil bit about my unfairly beautiful grump avalon (because the other options i thought of are all REALLY SAD)

also this is gonna be really long im so sorry anonyfriend i m s o s o r r y

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Existe pessoas que tem um dom incrível de fazer outra pessoa sorrir mesmo que ela não queira. E no meu mundo essa pessoa existe com esse Dom incrível, sorte eu descobre esse cara genial, defeitos ? Todos nos temos mais existe uma palavra que se chama perdão e faz um defeito virar um simples detalhe. Esse carinha ai me da orgulho so pelo fato de existir. Vive livremente com sorriso estampado na cara, quando olho pra ele já da vontade de rir, so de lembrar das palhaçadas já começo a rir sozinha 😂😂😂😂 Ate com cara de mal e engraçado. É com essa alegria contagiante que encanta qualquer um. Luis Guilherme obrigada por fazer parte da minha história, daqui uns 30 anos ainda vou lembrar de você e de todas as vezes que me fez rir mesmo eu não querendo OK ? I ❤ you Gui !!!