I just wanted to thank all of you for giving me the opportunity to hit this milestone. Thank you. Truly. I’ll try to get to some posts today and answering asks but I’ve been either cleaning or chain running stuff in XIV to get Eso (and my WHM to 52) and farthings for alt classes (dat glamour game).

You guys are awesome, ok? ;o;

Block Bs reaction when they com home with the others and you’re fell asleep in your underwear

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HELLO! sorry umm hi can you do a Block-B reaction on you sleeping in underwear waiting for them to come back home but didn’t know that they were coming with the rest of the band sorry if it is to long >o< i hope you can do it btw I LOVE YOUR BLOG O_O


hey there (:

Zico: ok guys i-i think you have to go now *shoves them out the door*

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U-Kwon: okay .. that was everything than planed

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B-Bomb: oh my jagi .. DON’T LOOK GUYS

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Jaehyo: that’s nothing for you to see *slams the door*

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Taeil: *hears the guys whisper* ok you saw her can we go now *not happy*

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Kyung: *takes an umbrella* soooo what are we going to do

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P.O:  *does not now what to say* yeah ok ..

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hope you like it (:

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I don't find your tag page :o

Ok guys, if you go to my blog, it should look like this:

See the little bar at the top? That’s where all the links are.
Again, alternatively add /tags at the end of my url.

It’d be really helpful for me if some of you guys told me whether you can see it or now, or if it even looks like that at all to you!

Do you have trouble viewing my blog and/or finding the links?
Or does it look just as above to you?