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Ichiro Suzuki poses for photographers wearing the Miami Marlins uniform during the press conference at the Capitol Hotel Tokyu on January 29, 2015 in Tokyo, Japan.

I haven’t made like a general playlist in awhile so aY here’s a super aesthetic one


4 am (the fauns remix) power glove // rock with you (bill wants remix) michael jackson // odd look kavinsky // foggy’s plume apollo zapp // lizard eyes (auxilliary tha masterfader remix) the boy & sister alma // the inner voice ft trevor something dj ten // obituary carpenter brut // under your spell desire // dust m o o n // miami jasper byrne // street on fire miami nights 1984 // into your heart trevor something // giorgio by moroder (stellar dreams remix) daft punk // speed boat theme arcis // escape from orion ft sonic synergist division // I want your love chromatics // tonight timecop1983 // live for tonight trevor something // redlining betamaxx // nightland droid bishop


Sokee, Great Dane (3 y/o), @barkhaus HQ, Miami, FL • “Great Danes are super sensitive. They take all corrections personally, like a big baby. They’re still Mastiffs, though, and can get defensive with improper training.”


Photos via O, Miami

If you’re in Miami right now, keep an eye out for stealth (and not-so-stealth) poetry. The 4th annual O, Miami festival kicked off this week and organizers are promising a wealth of poetry in unexpected places – I think my favorite might be the “Murinals:”

Murinals are poems installed in perhaps the least likely place: on urinals across Miami-Dade county. Using classic gold leaf, artist Ian Thomas paints poems onto the porcelain “wall” of Miami urinals. The installations are only completed however by the participation of the “male” audience members who “defile” the hallowed words while simultaneously “exposing” themselves to the poets’ words, thereby creating a tension between dominance and vulnerability. 

Other highlights include “zipodes,” poetry based on south Florida zip codes, and the return of “Wallace Freezins,” who’ll appear at Miami area events selling poetically wrapped ice cream (because the only emperor is the emperor of ice cream, dontcha know).

Sign me up for some ice cream!

– Petra