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If you’re in Miami right now, keep an eye out for stealth (and not-so-stealth) poetry. The 4th annual O, Miami festival kicked off this week and organizers are promising a wealth of poetry in unexpected places – I think my favorite might be the “Murinals:”

Murinals are poems installed in perhaps the least likely place: on urinals across Miami-Dade county. Using classic gold leaf, artist Ian Thomas paints poems onto the porcelain “wall” of Miami urinals. The installations are only completed however by the participation of the “male” audience members who “defile” the hallowed words while simultaneously “exposing” themselves to the poets’ words, thereby creating a tension between dominance and vulnerability. 

Other highlights include “zipodes,” poetry based on south Florida zip codes, and the return of “Wallace Freezins,” who’ll appear at Miami area events selling poetically wrapped ice cream (because the only emperor is the emperor of ice cream, dontcha know).

Sign me up for some ice cream!

– Petra


 >>> The end/SPRING BREAK, 176 NE 1 ST Miami, FL 33131

Who: Curated by Cristine Brache

Info: A selection of video poetry from across the web, featuring Warsan Shire, Christine Mehr, Cassandra Troyan, Molly Soda, Timothy David Orme, Dustin Luke Nelson, Seth Price, Gabby Gabby, Grace Miceli, Jordan Castro, Martha McCollough, Frank Moore, Jennifer Swann, Penny Goring, Przemyslaw Gliniecki, Piotr Bockowski, Fabrice Lubin, Chelsea Hoff, eddie d, Christina Broussard, Antonia Wright, Alexandra Gorczynski & Janey Smith, with excerpts from Anne Sexton, Derek Jarman, Richard Brautigan, Lydia Lunch / Richard Kern, William Burroughs, & Blaster Al Ackerman.

My new video poem, ‘Just Be Famous’ will be screened today at ’O, Miami’ alongside some of my favorite people! Thanks to Cristine Brache for putting this together. 


“The more poems you write, the more beer you get.”


Scratch-Off Poems" is a project from O, Miami 2014 co-created by artist Agustina Woodgate and poet Mary Ruefle. Woodgate made two scratch-off lottery ticket designs that incorporated an original poem commissioned from Mary Ruefle. During April 2014, 2500 of the tickets were distributed around Miami-Dade County via local businesses and events.

How it worked: Using a penny or a fingernail, participants scratched off the missing pieces in the words of the poem. If those words matched the words at the top of the ticket, s/he won an O, Miami t-shirt with a poem sewn inside. 1 out of 100 tickets was a winner.

So either you read a Mary Ruefle poem or you read a Mary Ruefle poem and get a t-shirt. Win/win!

That's so Miami:

That’s so Miami:
Plath’s back on the Beach; 
Ted is gone; I’m much better –
My hologram ripples your waters
in reach, four quarters unfettered.

Miami, Miami, all rhythms comprising
Nirvana, coppertone savior:
Your Sun married my Moon here; 
Sylvia rising!

O Miami Miami, full adoration:
Plath’s oven fumes’ tomb gone –
Hell, what a vacation!

Marjorie Stoneman sends greetings,
she cleans up your beaches; 
My particular penance,
Glades’ full-restored breeches.

In Heaven’s Poet-realms
I, Sylvia, monthly renew:
Miami, Miami, my darlings, I’m you!

So sing Moon-to-Sylvia –
for my infinity years, for all Pedros’
freedoms, for all hunkered down here:
I dry healing tears.

And if old Ted lies
that I’m still-dead at self-slaughter:
O Miami, Miami


your newborn daughter!


(By Jeanne Janson, as read on Lummus Park in South Beach as Ghost of Sylvia Plath during O, Miami “Poetry Is Dead” Parade.)

TODAY is good because 

1. I just heard my voice on the radio reading my poem. I am so damn awkward but it really does make me happy that my poem was picked as a finalist with 25 poems out of 1,200+ submitted poems. 

2. Trader Joes has sold out of cookie butter every damn time I come home so I finally gave in and just bought Lotus brand Biscoff spread at Whole Foods and HOLY SHIT IT’S GOOD. Has anyone had both to know if they taste the same?

3. I had my Statistics final and I don’t know how I did but it couldn’t have been that bad and even if I get an 80% I’ll have a 96% average so I can deal. 

4. Which means, I am officially done with all but 2 classes this semester!!!! I have a final tomorrow and then by Monday, I need to write a 15-20 page short story. SOMEONE TEACH ME HOW TO FICTION! Anybody?

O, Miami

Ondas húmedas y cálidas brisas

Chicas en bikini, exuberantes palmeras

Coches caros y los huracanes

Flamencos rosas y café cubanos

Adoradores del sol y las noches estrelladas

Mariscos y bebidas tropicales

Todos los tonos de naranja y verde azulado

Es tan Miami.

(Jonathan Brooks)

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OFF, Grim Fandango and Hotline Miami ;O


never played | want to play | terrible | boring | okay | good | great | a favorite 

IVE BEEN MEANING TO PLAY but i haven’t ;-; I’ve heard its soo good but i just haven’t gotten around to it, i will tho someday! 

Grim Fandango

never played | want to play | terrible | boring | okay | good | great | a favorite

I loved this game!! loved the characters, how challenging it was, the dialogue :’D

Hotline Miami

never played | want to play | terrible | boring | okay | good | great | a favorite

Ive only watched my friend play a bit but it looks aesthetically pleasing!