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How they spend their last night with Sole before they are teleported to the institute, possibly never to be seen again. You can choose whether they are romanced or not (or why not both ;D) since X6 is kinda shut out of this one add Maxson?

O h my god so many feels

Cait: Since her family sold her into slavery, she didn’t really have anyone that she cared about until she met Sole. Cait doesn’t care for a lot of things, but when it came to Sole, she cared a lot. As you can guess, Sole going into the Institute scared her to the bone. She begged them not to leave at one point, but she knew they had to. Cait wanted Sole to find their son and to finally reveal all of the Institute’s secrets.

When it was the night before, all she could do was hold Sole. Cait didn’t have the energy to complain, argue or attempt to change their mind. She tried to think positively, but she could only imagine the heartbreak if Sole didn’t return. It didn’t matter. Cait decided to savor the moment, clinging onto Sole as they both remembered their good memories together.

Curie: Curie can hide her feelings well. Being a synth isn’t easy, but she has a way to control feelings by focusing on her research. However, she knew deep down she wouldn’t be able to cope if Sole didn’t return. They saved her. Sole helped her when she became a synth, and they were the only person who deeply cared about her.

When it was the night before, she finally broke down in tears after suppressing her feelings. She even declared that she was going with Sole. Curie wanted to experience everything with them, and she didn’t care how much danger they could potentially be in. Once Curie was reassured that everything was going to be alright, she didn’t hesitate to express how much she loves them.

Danse: He’s not entirely sure of the situation. Despite his faith in Sole, he couldn’t shake the nervous feeling off his shoulders. It was a whole different story if they didn’t return, he’d surely go insane if the one he loved died in the hands of the Institute. He would do anything to take their place, but he wanted them to find their son themselves.

When it was the night before, Danse gave them a lecture by telling them to keep safe. He wouldn’t stop talking. Danse is incredibly nervous and Sole found it a little entertaining. Being overprotective was his forte. He enveloped them into a hug, tighter than expected. Danse held them in complete silence as the night went on.

Deacon: He always has faith in Sole. No matter how much danger they’re in, they manage to survive it. Deacon has never underestimated them. Ever. He is a man who has a lot of confidence in Sole, and he’s certain that they’ll return from the Institute without a scratch.

When it was the night before, Deacon found it hard to keep it quiet. He’d boast about Sole to other people, saying they’re the bravest person he’d ever met. Deacon never passes an opportunity to talk about Sole. He mainly does it because he loves them, and it makes him warm inside whenever he talks about Sole. After this, Deacon spent the rest of the night with them and didn’t fail when he seduced them to bed.

Hancock: He was proud of them. Hancock would be happy that Sole is one step closer to their son. However, he kept his own feelings to himself. He was afraid that he’ll be alone again. After years, Hancock had found someone who genuinely loved him. Sole didn’t care if he was a ghoul. He didn’t want to lose the only person who loved him for who he was.

When it was the night before, Hancock didn’t hesitate to get high with Sole. They shared a relaxing time together, and he was happy. The night was fun yet calm. Hancock would whisper sweet nothings into their ear,  and it certainly led to sex after a couple of minutes.

MacCready: MacCready tries to be happy about it, but in reality he’s a little scared. After losing Lucy, he’d go out of his mind if someone else he cared for died. It’s like an emotional roller coaster for him. At the same time, he was proud of what they’d achieved. MacCready knows that he’s fallen in love with a strong person, and at least that calms him a little.

When it was the night before, he immediately took them to bed. MacCready wanted to spend their night making love. He wanted intimacy, romance and forget about the next day that will certainly be frightening for him.

Nick: Ever since he was saved from Vault 114, he immediately knew that Sole was fearless. That’s what he loved about them. Nick is adamant that Sole will return. He’s always considered himself lucky to have them, and he’s not ready to lose them just yet.

When it was the night before, they went to the Dugout Inn. They had a nice quiet drink up at the bar. It was interrupted when Vadim came along, lightening up the mood for everyone. They didn’t know if it was luck, but the inn had a great atmosphere that night. Nick and Sole had a blast, drinking to their heart’s content and savoring every moment of it.

Piper: Piper grew up hearing nasty stories about the Institute. She knew they were dangerous, and it put her at edge when Sole was entering the place that everybody in Diamond City feared. Sole was the only person she had who loved her, other than her sister. Piper could count on them, talk to them whenever she needed it and always trusted them with her life.

When it was the night before, Piper was very sad. She’d try to crack a couple of jokes but it wasn’t helping. It was going to be an emotional night. She reminds them how much they’ve changed her life, and she doesn’t want to suddenly lose them in the hands of the Institute.

Preston: He’s certainly scared. Ever since he found out, he never stopped thinking about how dangerous it is. Why did it have to be Sole? Could someone else take their place? He just didn’t want them to get hurt. It was an amazing opportunity to get information, but he couldn’t bare it. Sole had to come back or he wouldn’t cope with the loss.

When it was the night before, he took Sole to a place where nobody would disturb them. He wanted to talk to them, spend every single minute (no pun intended) with them because he’s afraid that it may be the last night he’ll get to spend with Sole.

Maxson (extra): It didn’t take long for Maxson to fall in love with Sole. They were everything that he loved. He was attracted to their willingness, how strong they were in battle and the independence they had. Maxson deeply believes that they’ll return, he never thought negatively of the situation.

When it was the night before, Maxson would cuddle up to them in bed. He’s a real softy inside. He’d kiss Sole everywhere and it’ll eventually lead to some good sex. It would start rough, just as he normally likes it. Maxson would suddenly remember about the next day, and it would turn into a passionate and romantic night.