So myself and Aideen were walking to get the bus in town last night and 3 lads on O Connell St. bridge started attacking a homeless man, kicking him on the ground. We stepped in and got them to stop. An ambulance came for the homeless guy and then the gardai finally arrived and took away the one attacker who was still there. 

Between 6 and 9 people stayed to help the hurt man and keep the attacker there until he was taken away, it was cool to see a group of strangers helping together.

My wonderful niece @caoilfhionnhanton looked stunning for her debs last night.

Very proud of her for all that she does. Her talent is on display during #waterfordwalls down on O'Connell street so get out and check it out as well as all the talented #Streetart on display.

#Love you Caoils. I always knew you were destined for greatness.

#Family #Ireland #NYC #ATX #Worldwide (at Vintage Tea Rooms, Georges Street, Waterford)

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