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Headcanons for high school AU with Genji/Reader?

I wasn’t very sure which genji to use (cyborg/ non-cyborg genji) so I decided to go with genji w/o his mask but cyborg body. Yes that means he’ll have his hair. I was pretty inspired by this lovely piece of fan art: http://lintufriikki.tumblr.com/post/149427022533/will-i-ever-draw-anyone-else-than-genji-not .I hope that is fine!

Also, first time doing headcanons so bear with me orz ;;

-Genji and his s/o would be one of those couples that always have to be holding hands, even if that means blocking up the hallways.

-Despite his body and scars from what happened, his s/o would love him regardless.

-Always sitting next to each other in class, despite the teachers telling them they are going against the seating chart specifically meant to keep the couple apart.

-Genji often brings his s/o a bento box lunches for them to share.

-Study dates are a big tradition on Friday’s! Neither him or his s/o would dare forget.

-His s/o would often get jealous of how other students will flirt with him.  

-And the same would go for Genji, except he was more scary. That is why only new students try to go after his s/o. They haven’t seen him in stealth mode like the others.

-If his s/o had overheard someone in the halls or the restroom talk down about Genji in anyway (especially about his appearance), they would not be afraid to be sent to the principals office.

-Having a make out session during a study date at Genji’s and Hanzo walking in. Well, meeting family for the first time is always awkward.

-If Genji had gotten word that his lovely s/o was being picked on/bullied, he would get his brother to go deal the harassers. That usually gets the Shimada brothers in detention.

-The sweet moments of just him and his s/o being sappy and lovey-dovey.

-“I love you, (Y/N).”

-“Not as much as I love you, Genji”

-“Can you both calm down, you saw each other like at school an hour ago.”

-Pulling a few pranks on Hanzo is a fun past time, especially at school.

-Pull pranks on any of their friends is a fun past time.

-Little fights. Nothing serious, mostly about who gets to eat the last mochi or about who was right about a homework problem.

-Sweatshirts commonly get ‘borrowed’ by Genji’s s/o but never seem to be returned. Often he would see them wearing one of his sweatshirts at school almost everyday.

-He doesn’t mind, he thinks they are cute in them.

-Fluffy dates to the mall or at the park, anywhere calm for them to relax and meditate.

-When they are alone and cuddling, his s/o often likes to kiss his scars on his face and remind him how handsome he is, especially when he starts to think negatively about himself/body.  

-Always feeling confident about himself thanks to his s/o.

-More make-out sessions when they should be studying ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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