In other news, Mike Minor is awesome! I feel like he’s sometimes dismissed by fans but he’s a good pitcher. He isn’t the greatest pitch but I think he’s getting better the more major league experience he gets, which makes sense. He pitched 6 scoreless innings last night. He gave up 4 hits, only 1 walk, which was an intentional walk, 9 strikeouts & pitched 98 pitches with 58 of them being strikes. Then, of course, O'Ventrbrel came in & shut it down! 

If anything, those young Braves players know how to pitch! :D

I also forgot to mention, an amazing catch by the oh-so-adorably-amazing Freddie Freeman! He made a pretty snazzy catch last night, over the tarp. His defense is very impressive! :)

And SportsCenter is currently talking about the O'Ventbrel boys! & They are saying nothing but good things! So again I state, Braves pitchers are getting it done! :D