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10 reasons to ship akutagawa/atsushi

in the same vein as my “why ship soukoku” post, here comes, why ship shin soukoku!

• scans c/o @dazaiscans
• shin soukoku = “new double black” = dazai’s term for the partnership he’s hoping to forge between akutagawa and atsushi, similar to how he and chuuya were called soukoku before

#1 - akutagawa & atsushi say to each other the line that they’ve been waiting (AND NEEDING) to hear the most.

- atsushi tells akutagawa that he’s strong AND that he’s been acknowledged by dazai already
- akutagawa tells atsushi that he’s stupid for letting his past pain control him and in a rather roundabout way, tells him that he shouldn’t keep on sacrificing himself just so he’ll get his self-worth

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Joker Imagine: Interrogation

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Joker’s P.O.V.

My eyes scanned the room. I saw my collection of torture devices, my favourites of course being the nice range of sharp knives. But I had more. On the wall I saw hammers, sledge-hammers, drills, bone saws, pliers and much more. On the opposite wall I had more stranger things. Most people wouldn’t even know the name of these things.

In the middle, strapped down onto a torture table was my victim. I kept a growl inside I saw her. The girl was still unconscious, but she was twitching now and then so she’d get up soon to a pleasant surprise. Her arms and legs were strapped down. I had put a white blindfold on her eyes, but I’d take them off later. The girl was wearing last night’s clothes as well.

Her name was Y/N.

With my hands behind my back and my eyes firmly on this girl, I slowly started pacing around her. She had E/C eyes, that I remember from seeing her awake last night. Her hair was H/C and it was sprawled on the table. I sighed and put a light above her face. Then I dragged off the blindfold and threw it somewhere. I dragged a chair so I could sit behind her. Then I just waited.

Y/N started breathing more rapidly that before. Then finally I watched as her eyes opened. Seconds later the girl was trying to get free, but it was useless. She was yanking her arms and legs and tried to wiggle away, but it didn’t save her. ‘’Now now Y/N how about a nice hello first?’’ I broke the silence, stood up and walked to her left side. Y/N’s eyes were squinted at me, probably because of bright lights.

Suddenly the tough girl looked terrified. I smiled at her, flashing my grillz. ‘’W-why am I here?’’ Y/N whimpered ,but kept her gaze on me. Good question. I just laughed a little bit, but then got dead serious. I held her jaw and leaned closer to her face. ‘’Why are you here? Now do you remember what you did last night?’’ I questioned her darkly. ‘’No’’ I got an answer. EVen that one small word was full of fear.

‘’Think harder’’ I encouraged her and tried to keep my chill. Y/N’s eyes glistened and it seemed like she would cry. ‘’But I-I can’t’’ She defended herself. I let go of her jaw and stood up straight. I looked at the table of things I could use to make words come. The words I wanted to hear. So I grabbed an all black knife and held it firmly in my hands. As I turned back to the girl, she froze on the spot.

‘’Now doll I need you to be honest with me’’ I warned her as I sat down again. Y/N’s eyes were glued on the knife, but she still nodded.I moved the knife close to her face and kept the tip on her jaw. ‘’Tell me..’’ I started with a deep growl, dragging the knife to her throat gently without leaving any marks. Y/N was all tensed up underneath my touch. Good. ‘’Do you work for Batman?’’ I asked her what I wanted to know.

Y/N wasn’t moving. I waited eagerly for an answer that never seemed to come. Suddenly tho she dared to speak. ‘’I don’t..’’ Y/N tried to tell me, but it wasn’t convincing. ‘’Don’t lie to me!’’ I raised my voice and made her flinch. As she flinched, the tip of the knife cut her throat a little, making her whimper in pain. A single drop of blood rolled down her throat onto the table. It didn’t worry be, but for some reason I didn’t like the sight.

Wait a minute. I loved hurting people. Why was this one so different? Her eyes were glistening even more now and I could tell she held back tears. ‘’I’m not lying to you Joker’’ Y/N asserted more confidently. That’s what I wanted to hear. I pulled back the knife a little bit so she could see it again. ‘’Then why did you spy on me at the club?’’ I questioned her. 

Y/N took a deep breath. I found it kinda amusing as she tried to speak to save her life. On the other hand I wanted to see her differently. I wanted to see this girl go crazy. I wanted to make her go crazy. ‘’Scarecrow forced me to’’ She admitted with a small voice. Scarecrow? Gosh I hated him. He was straight up annoying with that gas poison of his. ‘’How did he force you?’’ I wanted to know more. Story time..

‘’I was at a bar and when I got outside next to the bar where my friend was smoking, Scarecrow appeared. My friend ran off, but I stayed. So he said he’d spray me with the poison unless I did him a favour. T-then I told him I’d help him out. He told me to go to your club and try to find out about your money, which went wrong. I had no choice Joker. I honestly don’t give a fuck about your money or your anything, because I have nothing to do with it’’ Y/N started calmly, but she grew very frustrated and sad.

I believed her. She seemed smart and smart girls wouldn’t lie to me here, not in this room. ‘’Promise?’’ I tilted my head and pointed at her with the knife. ‘’I promise’’ Y/N answered quickly and then a tear rolled down her face. I didn’t like this sight of her as much as I imagined. Fuck. ‘’Well then we can make a deal’’ I stated and put the knife away.

I smirked and then sat on the edge of the table, closer to her. Y/N looked at me and I swear her body was quivering like she was cold, but I knew she was afraid. I could almost smell it. ‘’We’ll find Scarecrow and put a bullet through his head, together’’ I revealed happily and I accepted the fact I sounded a little too excited. Before this I had planned to torture this girl near death, but I changed my mind. Maybe I could keep her around and see how quickly I could make her go coo coo.

‘’Fine’’ She whispered, not revealing any emotion. I looked at her closely. ‘’Would you like that?’’ I asked, hoping to catch any signs of happiness or sadness, anything really. Suddenly Y/N smiled a little and nodded. ‘’Now that’s a good girl’’ I chirped and decided to untie her. Little did she know I’d make a bad girl out of her.

And little did I know she’d make me a good boy, but just for her.