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Little Witch Academia is One Huge Homage to the Magical Girl Witch Genre

Himitsu No Akko-chan (1969)

  • Both have the same first name
  • Akko(1969) was an ordinary girl granted magical powers just Akko in LWA

Majokko Meg-chan (1974)

  • Feature rivalries between two witches
  • Amanda’s personalitiy is very similar to Meg’s

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  • Sucy’s personality is similar Non, both tend to be cold, but are really sweet when you get to know them

Ojamajo Doremi (1999)

  • Trio of witches in training
  • Both of Doremi and Akko are:
    • incompetent witches, who can’t control their magic and have a difficulty flying 
    • Enthusiastic about anything related to magic and witches
    • They’re bascially the same person

  • Hazuki and Lotte are both timid and soft-spoken
  • Onpu was praised in the Witch Land for her talent just like Diana

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The turtles are practically crushing on each other

Leo’s crush: A rebellious ninja that wears red makeup and has a bad girl streak. Raph

Raph’s crush: A blue alien that cares about honor, and is deadly with a sword. Leo

Donnie’s crush: A spunky, blue eyed redhead with freckles. Mikey

Mikey’s crush: Brown eyes, gappy teeth, tall, and carries around a staff. Donnie

deadredpens made this point already, but now that Mona is in the mix dis just had to be updated.