• Ginny: I don’t care.
  • Bill: You do care.
  • Ginny: You care, bitch.
  • Bill: Well, um, Charlie can you do me a favor? Hold her down, ‘cause I’m gonna hug her.
  • Ginny: No.
  • Bill: Yes.
  • Ginny: No, you cannot.
  • Bill: Oh, it’s coming. It’s happening! Peanut brother sandwich!
  • Bill and Charlie: [hugging Ginny between them] Peanut brother sandwich! Peanut brother sandwich!

James: Okay, if we stay dedicated, we can binge-watch every season of “Game of Thrones” in one night. Are you in?

Remus: That’s like 50 hours of television, Prongs.

James: You don’t think we can do it?

Remus: Change how time works? No. No, I don’t think we can.

Sirius, yelling from across the room: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.