o'malley cat

Yesterday was Day of the Dude, and here I am to tell you why I should be YOUR dude.

I’m O'Malley, and I’m one chill cat. Gorgeous, with eyes you could drown in, yet independent. Me and my catnip toys can entertain ourselves for hours, easy.

Currently I’m at Crossroads Animal Shelter in Buffalo, Minnesota, which is really no place for a dude. Totally un-chill, if you know what I mean.

And I think you do!

My needs are simple: a few toys, no other pets, and you. Or, you know, some reblogs would be cool. My digits are 763-684-1234, or email me at info@crossroadsshelter.org.

Dude out.


Today is the Birthday of One of my Top Favorite Graphic novel Artists, Mr. @radiomaru/Bryan Lee O'Malley, the Creator behind the ‘Scott Pilgrim’ series, as well as 'Lost at Sea’ & 'Seconds’. And here are his Creations Celebrating this Occasion, Raleigh and the Cat with Birthday Hats, Scott Pilgrim & Ramona Flowers all Fancied-up Holding a Delicious Birthday Cake, and Katie w/ a Gift, Hazel holding the Garlic Bread(cuz “Bread makes you Fat”), and Liz being Mysterious here. And for the Record, It was a Difficult Task Drawing the 'Seconds’ characters in my Style, and I don’t know how Bryan and the Fan-Artists do It here & the Book.
I’ll always Remember the Time I got my First Scott Pilgrim Graphic Novel back in 2012 at the Barnes & Nobel in the Monmouth Mall, and I bought the Rest of the Series at the Barnes & Nobel in Different Locations and then saw the live-Action movie on Thanksgiving Night in the same Year. And I Think the Best Place to Find your Favorite Graphic Novels, is at Barnes & Nobel!

So, Happy Birthday Bryan, and Keep Creating!!!


DISNEY ALPHABET MEME: First Letter » Movie - The Aristocats

“No, no, no, George. To my cats. To your cats? Yes. I just wish for the cats to inherit first. Then at the end of their life span, the entire estate reverts to Edgar.