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Emmet looked around the entire HQ for him, but Dante was nowhere to be found. He was supposed to be working here, right? Maybe he was in the wrong area... Emmet asked around, and eventually learned he was working on the roof. The ginger scurried up there as fast as he could, poking his head into the blocked off area. "D-D-Dante? Are you here?"

Dante had been hard at work, though he was quite ready to quit for the day. He wanted to do something much more fun… But he still worked hard on the shingles, lining them up and hammering them in. Moving on to the last row, he heard a voice call out to him. He looked around, not expecting anyone to be up on the roof with him… He perked up and looked around, seeing a fluffy red head come into view. “Emmet? Is that you?” Dante slid down to where his friend was, smiling. “Hey! What brings you up here?”