O'Grady is an animated series that aired on The N from 2004-2006. Centered around four high schoolers that live in a town afflicted by “The Weirdness” (an otherworldly phenomenon that causes strange occurrences like spontaneous cloning and talking animals), O'Grady is a cross between “Friends” and “The Twilight Zone.” The series was cancelled after less than two seasons. Most episodes are stand alone and they do not need to be watched in any particular order.


1.01 | 1.02 | 1.03 | 1.04 | 1.05 | 1.06 | 1.07 | 1.08 | 1.09 | 1.10 | 1.11 | 1.12 | 1.13


2.01 | 2.02 | 2.03 | 2.04 | 2.05 | 2.06 

Watch and Enjoy!

The most disappointing thing about O'Grady was that, even when it was on television, few people recognized it as worthwhile. I was able to talk about O'Grady with only a handful of my closest friends (perhaps because we shared similar taste, or perhaps because I would IM them on AIM and tell them to “GO WATCH O'GRADY!!!!!” before putting a quote from the show as my Away Message), but it wasn’t exactly what everyone in school was talking about the next day at lunch.

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Marking Their Territory (Revisited)

This is a repost from my fanfiction archives with some tweaks and additions to the original post. This one has about 1000 extra words than the original.

Pairings: Nick & Ty, Nick & Kelly

Length: 2,740 words

AU: Feels Like Home (Can be read as a standalone fic.)

Download: AO3

Description: Nick is brooding over his feelings for Ty when Kelly decides to cheer Nick up in his own special way.


September 1996

Location Undisclosed (Not Spain)

The days were filled with intense boredom, intense terror, and intense heat. Nick was sick and fucking tired of having sand in everything he owned and finding it in every crevice on his body. When this was all over he was taking the world’s longest shower, buying a damn boat and living on the water. If he never saw the desert again it would be too soon.

“What’s on your mind, Irish?” Ty asked as he flopped down on the chair next to Nick.

Nick watched as Ty used the bottom of his T-shirt to wipe the sweat from his brow. A jolt of heat ran up Nick’s spine as he caught a glimpse of his best friend’s toned and tanned stomach. When Nick finally lifted his eyes, Ty was staring back at him with a mischievous glimmer in his eye.

Ty raised an eyebrow at him but said nothing.

“Just can’t wait to get out of here.” Nick cleared his throat and shifted in his seat.

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