O'Grady is an animated series that aired on The N from 2004-2006. Centered around four high schoolers that live in a town afflicted by “The Weirdness” (an otherworldly phenomenon that causes strange occurrences like spontaneous cloning and talking animals), O'Grady is a cross between “Friends” and “The Twilight Zone.” The series was cancelled after less than two seasons. Most episodes are stand alone and they do not need to be watched in any particular order.


1.01 | 1.02 | 1.03 | 1.04 | 1.05 | 1.06 | 1.07 | 1.08 | 1.09 | 1.10 | 1.11 | 1.12 | 1.13


2.01 | 2.02 | 2.03 | 2.04 | 2.05 | 2.06 

Watch and Enjoy!

The most disappointing thing about O'Grady was that, even when it was on television, few people recognized it as worthwhile. I was able to talk about O'Grady with only a handful of my closest friends (perhaps because we shared similar taste, or perhaps because I would IM them on AIM and tell them to “GO WATCH O'GRADY!!!!!” before putting a quote from the show as my Away Message), but it wasn’t exactly what everyone in school was talking about the next day at lunch.

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