I’ve had an on-off relationship with Doctor Who over the past few years but the most recent two episodes have restored my faith and given me hope for the new series, as well as made me fall in love with the Endearing and Surprisingly Diverse Supporting Cast of the Week

I adored the Ghostbuster Squad and really wished they’d all got happy endings ;n; Hopefully I’ll colour some of these sketches/draw some more because all four of them are adorable and need some love (especially Lunn, bless you my son)


Please do me a favor and report these ifunny users. I am honestly so heart broken over these pictures. I can’t believe there are seriously people out there dedicate their lives to this kind of negativity. Dear owners of these accounts I sincerely say fuck you on behalf of everyone that has a heart.

It was 1980, maybe 1981. I was — 19, living at my dad’s home in Commack, Long Island. My neighbor was housing a relative from England for the summer. We were both gay newbies. There was only one gay club that we knew of. I think it was called Thunders. In French the word for lightning is éclair. How I remembered that from ninth grade French? No idea. I asked my dad if I could use the car to go out. “Where to?” he asked (at 10 p.m. on a Friday night). “The bakery,” I said, “to get éclairs.” Silence, and then, he said “O.K.” Peter and I drove the dented white Volare to the strip mall in Commack. We danced the night away — drinking Bud Light. I felt happy and free. On the way home we made sure to stop at the Candlelight diner — around 2 a.m. — to pick up éclairs. Dad was clueless. From that day on, “bakery” was our code word for gay bar.