Thisevening in guelph from 8-10pm, A Hip Hop jam in the square!

ATTENTION: A WORD FROM Noah23 Noah Raymond Brickley


Labour of Love Tour: Radical Hip-hop

Saturday September 1st, 2010
The Square | Print Shop & Social Centre
86 Wyndham St. N

(Beside the Post Office Downtown)

This will be the first day of our September Calendar where there is a
event everyday, sometimes twice a day, at The Square!! So come by to
kick off the start of the month, grab a calendar and listen to some rap.
Three of Ontario’s rebel hip-hop acts are joining forces to celebrate
workers struggles with lyrical class antagonism at it’s finest.

Featured Artists:

TEST THEIR LOGIK (Toronto/London) is made up of two revolutionary MC’s:
Testament and Illogik. Their music is a lyrical explosion in the face of
authority and oppression, a sonic boom in the ears of big brother, and a
no-holds-barred escape into rebellion. Ushering in a new era of
subversive anti-authoritarian hip-hop, Test Their Logik delivers clear
methodical rhymes alternating with rapid-fire lyrical assaults over dark
bass- and synth-heavy beats. They’ve toured North America from coast to
coast to coast, criss-crossed Europe, and rocked mics in international
hot-spots such as Oaxaca, Barcelona, Palestine, and Athens

O'B (Sudbury) is the front-man for the group KILL THE AUTOCRAT. He
released his first single “One Day Longer” in 2010 while on a year long
strike at Vale Inco in Sudbury. Within weeks the song became an anthem
for the United Steelworkers Union of America. And he was quickly being
flown to places such as Wisconsin to perform for massive Labour
convergences and actions. Taking the driving rhythmic pulse of rock
music and pushing it up against the fighting essence of traditional hip-hop.

LEE REED (Hamilton) scene. Best known as the incendiary mouthpiece for
the legendary Warsawpack, REED has been in the game for nearly 2 decades.

See yall out there!