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This shot was adorable and I wanted there to be a more Vision-y version.

Delta (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Pt. 7  A/B/O

A/N: ALRIGHTY YALL! This one gets a lil wild!  😭 But it was super fun to write! I hope you guys like it! ENJOY! - Delilah ❤️ By the way, I added in a hidden Marvel character, let’s see if you guys can find them! (;

Warnings: Angst. Swearing. Sex. Violence. NSFW.

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Ona Moya(1)

SUMMARY-  Alpha!Steve losing his soulmate and you ,an omega never able to find your alpha fall for each other working side by side as a part of the Avengers. But what happens when Alpha!Bucky and you meet at Wakanda during his treatment.


она моя - ONA MOYA - SHE IS MINE

PAIRING -  Alpha!Steve x Omega!Reader , Alpha!Bucky x Omega Reader

WARNING- Angst , fluff(maybe) , smut . A/B/O dynamics/Soulmate AU

A/N- This isn’t proof read so if any mistakes I am sorry ,feel free to correct me .

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Delta (Bucky Barnes x Reader) A/B/O Part 2!

A/N: Hey guys! Part 2 is finally here and it gets wild as heck lol. I had too much fun while writing this! I’m sorry for the super long update and I’ll be posting more stuff later! I’m on a roll today! I hope you guys like it! ENJOY! - Delilah ❤️

 Warnings: Angst. Mentions of sex. Everyone pretty much goes bonkers. 

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“Ms. Y/L/N,” Friday chimed.

With a small groan, you forced your eyes open. It was supposed to be your day off, meaning you could sleep as much as you wanted for as long as you wanted. Why was she calling you now?

“Yes, Friday?” you murmured. She always found a way to bother you, especially during nap time. Delta’s needed more rest than everyone else, but of course, nobody knew that but you. You hadn’t told anyone about your true status yet.

“Mr. Stark requests your presence in the common room.”

With a tired groan, you threw the covers from your body and sat up.

What could possibly be going on this time? Did Tony blow up another suit again? It took weeks to get the oil out of your nails, much less your skin. Did Peter run out of webs mid swing again? You loved the kid almost like a little brother, but the kid needed some kind of rockets in his shoes for safety. You made sure to scold Tony on that; he wasn’t exactly a responsible crime fighter. You understood now what Pepper went through.

You slipped on the nearest form of clothing you could find before making your way towards the common room.

The sounds of hushed whispering rung throughout your ears. Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Was Tony having guests over? Why didn’t Friday mention that to you? Looking down at your clothes, you felt a blush break out on your cheeks. You were nowhere near dressed for guests. It wasn’t anything near provocative, just an oversized sweater and leggings, but still. You didn’t like drawing attention to yourself and you strongly disliked strangers.

Entering the room, you spotted the entire Avengers assembly. Literally.

You recognized Thor, who stood taller than everyone else, speaking with Bruce Banner quietly. You spotted Vision and …were that Scarlett Witch? Jesus, she was even prettier in person. You may or may not have read her file religiously.

You saw Hawkeye standing next to the redheaded assassin herself, Black Widow. Immediately, you felt your instincts kick in slightly. She was a suitable alpha, no doubt. Her red hair made her pale skin seem almost vibrant and those eyes…god she was so perfect. With a subtle shake of your head, you pulled your mind out of the gutter. As nice as she was, you were still wary of the woman. She was extremely intimidating.

In the corner of the room, you spotted Falcon and Ant Man standing side by side. You could tell how nervous the two looked about the whole situation. You couldn’t blame them, from what you heard about the whole airport thing that happened in Germany, you’d be a bit nervous, too.

You smiled when you spotted Peter standing by himself, his hands in his tucked into his pockets casually. At least you knew him. Even though Peter was a newly legal Beta, he still remained one of your closest friends. He didn’t know about your whole…status problem yet, but he something told you he knew there was more to you than what you were telling him. But being the polite person he was, he decided not to push it, to your relief.

When Tony entered the room, everyone instantly got quiet. You had a feeling you’d be receiving some really bad news this evening.

“Alright, I’m sure you’re all wondering why I called you here,” he began, clapping his hands together. You could spot the subtle sweat beading across his forehead. Why was he so nervous? “I can assure you right now, I’m not dying!”

Everyone seemed to relax a little bit at the news. Jesus, he had a way of being the biggest drama kind on this earth.

As Tony continued, you felt someone’s eyes on you. Ignoring it, you kept your gaze on Tony.

“Why are we here, Tony?” Rhodey asked, crossing his arms over his chest. A cliché alpha mannerism. You snorted softly at the realization that your instincts hadn’t kicked in at the sight of him. Maybe he wasn’t as alpha as he thought he was. Alphas were so fragile underneath the whole macho exterior.

Again, you could feel someone’s eyes on you. And it was honestly irking the life out of you. You couldn’t possibly focus on Tony while whoever it was stared at you like that. With a causal turn of your head, you caught sight of Natasha glancing over at you. Her blue eyes were set on your body, trailing them up and down. Suddenly, you felt so small.

You felt the arousal slowly growing between your legs, making you blush. Before she could look back into your eyes, you looked away quickly. That wasn’t a very practical idea after all.

“We’re here because I’ve decided that I was a little bit hard on Rogers,” he admitted, avoiding everyone’s gaze. But when he looked up at everyone’s smirks, he sighed.

“Okay, maybe I was a bit dramatic about it.”

Someone let out a snort.

“What I’m trying to say is, I was wrong. Incredibly wrong about the entire situation. Rogers, although he can be a little shit sometimes, is a strong asset to this team. And without him, we’ve pretty much got nothing going for us.”

Everyone nodded in agreement, much to his dismay.

“Hey! I did pretty well those couple of ti- anyways,” he cleared his throat. “I’ve decided to try and make things right; for the sake of the team. I offered Cap a place back on the team.”

Everyone let out small approvals at the news. You even cracked a smile. This was so mature for Tony, you were so proud of him.

“He agreed to come back on one condition.” Everyone practically leaned in with anticipation. Peter even stood on the couch to get a better view.

“He’ll come back, but only if Barnes gets a place, too.”

You felt like one of those cartoon characters. Your jaw practically dropped straight to the floor. Peter instantly looked down at me with wide eyes. But Rhodey, though…he was not having it at all.

“Are you high?!” he shouted, clenching his fists in fury.

“I wish I was,” Tony said under his breath with a sigh. “No Rhodey, I’m just trying to fix things for once.”

“And by fixing, you mean letting the man who killed your parents live under your roof?”

That’s when shit hit the fan.

“Hey, Barnes was brainwashed!” Scott shouted. “He didn’t mean any of that!”  

“Oh yeah? Well, why didn’t he just walk away?” Rhodey retorted. “He could’ve at any point. He’s a damn master assassin!”

You glanced over at Peter, feeling a bit fearful. He gave you a reassuring smile, patting your shoulder gently. You absolutely hated confrontation. Especially when it involved your work.

“Tony!” Rhodey exclaimed. “At least think about this for a couple days!”

“Yeah, about that,” Tony said, glancing at his wristwatch. “I kinda already agreed to it. They should be here any minute.”

Your eyes nearly flew out of your head. You weren’t too sure about this. You knew Steve was a trustworthy man, but this Bucky guy…you were a bit wary of this. The only thing you knew about him was that he murdered a lot of innocent people, including Tony’s parents. Tony told you the entire thing personally after he’d nearly drank himself to death one night.

“Mr. Stark,” Friday chimed again. You all instantly went quiet. “Mr. Rogers and Mr. Barnes have arrived.”

“Oh, cool,” he sighed. “Send them in, I guess.”

The elevator chimed mechanically, opening swiftly.

That’s when you felt it.

Your vision instantly blurred, creating kaleidoscope like patterns. You placed a hand on whoever was near you for support. Whoever the person was, they placed their hands on your shoulders, steadying you. The next thing you know, you’re on the ground surrounded by everyone. You feel hands cupping your face, forcing you to look up. Natasha stared back at you, her blue eyes widened with worry.

The heat between your legs was unlike anything else you’ve ever felt. It was almost unbearable. You felt a wave of arousal hit you at full force, preventing you from thinking straight.

Natasha leaned in far too close, inhaling deeply. Her eyes snapped open, her eyes completely dilated.

“Delta.” She whispered, licking her lips hungrily.

“Delta.” Peter repeated, his eyes dilating as well.

“Delta!” Wanda gasped, prowling closer to you with matching dilated eyes.

“Delta.” Sam followed behind her, his nostrils flaring.

You looked over at the elevator, past all the people slowly crowding around you.

Bucky’s eyes were completely dilated, his breaths coming out in short puffs. He was the one. He was the perfect mate and you wanted his knot and you wanted it now. You didn’t care if everyone watched; you needed him more than anything. You didn’t care who was in the way of your alpha.

“WAIT WHAT?” Tony practically squeaked, staring at you with wide eyes. “What do you guys mean delta? She’s not…oh no.” he inhaled, catching your scent of wild berries and pine trees. Of course you were a delta. Jesus, he was so stupid not to notice. You had no scent up until now.

Natasha dipped her nose into your neck, inhaling harshly. You let out a small whine, gently trying to push yourself away from her. It was no use. She was an alpha, far too strong for you.

Bucky let out a growl, snapping everyone’s eyes from you to him. The gears in his metal arm shifted threateningly as he clenched his fist harder. Your eyes instantly went to his, begging silently for him to take you away.

Before anyone was able to touch you, Tony scurried past everyone and snatched you away from Natasha. Well, he tried to.

Natasha grabbed ahold of your legs as tight as she could, planting her feet onto the ground to prevent him from leaving. “God damn it, Romanoff!” he spat. “Get your shit together before I make Fury fire you!”

In a flash, Thor scooped the redheaded woman up from the ground and threw her over his shoulder despite her angry shouts.

“Ah, I remember my first encounter with a delta!” he laughed, snatching a kicking and screaming Wanda up as well with his other arm.

Tony began dragging you away as fast as he could, trying to dodge the crazed people that darted towards you.

Peter had managed to grab onto your arm, only to be snatched up by Clint and thrown into one of the coat closets. “Jesus,” Clint sighed, placing a chair in front of the door. “You guys are so embarrassing.”

You caught a glimpse of Bruce running out of the building, his body shifting inhumanly large. Oh god, he was hulking out. Vision and Sam were practically rolling on the floor as the android gathered the man into a headlock. “Let me go, you fucker!” Sam spat, wiggling in his grasp.

Suddenly, you felt a cold, metal arm grab onto your ankle, tearing you away from Tony’s grasp. You cried out with glee at the sight of Bucky practically dragging you through the hall, ignoring Tony’s shouts from afar. You jumped into his arms, wrapping your legs around his waist as he carried you away. Bucky raced down the hallway, zooming through the halls for any empty rooms. He didn’t care if it was a janitor closet, as long as he could get his knot inside you and fast.

You dipped your head into his neck, pressing small kisses along the warm flesh. He let out a growl, kneading the flesh of your behind. You let out a small squeak at his actions. Bucky smelled like heaven. His scent was a mixture of cinnamon and the ocean, your favorite two things combined into the perfect alpha. You tangled your fingers through his hair, breathing in his scent as if it were oxygen.

“Rogers!” Tony’s voice echoed from down the hall. “Get your friend before he impregnates my successor!”

Suddenly, you and Bucky were on the ground. Steve’s shield rattled against the ground beside the two of you. Bucky let out a string of curses as he stood. Before he could get to you, he was tackled to the ground by Steve. The two men wrestled on the ground, throwing punch after punch.

Not knowing what else to do, you crawled towards the men and pounced onto Steve’s back.

“What the hell? Get off Y/N!” he shouted, stumbling backwards. Before Bucky could get to his feet once again, you were snatched from Steve’s back and hauled away from him.

“What the hell is wrong with you two? You’re like rabid bunnies on Viagra!” Tony exclaimed, dragging you away with all his might.

You cried out as you got farther and farther away from Bucky. Your heat slowly became more and more intense the farther you were apart. You watched helplessly as Steve planted his shield on his friend’s back and sat on it, preventing him from following this time.

You reached out and grabbed onto one of the door handles and tried to pull yourself away from Tony, only to have him swat your hands away. Turning the corner, the last thing you saw was Bucky lying helplessly beneath Steve.

Tony practically threw you into the first bedroom he found.

Unfortunately, you completely missed the bed and landed on the floor with a loud thud. You picked yourself up and cradled your bruised arm, snarling at Tony. The older man let out a sigh of relief, plopping down onto the bed. It was a spare bedroom, but it would do for now. He just needed to rest a bit. He really did need to get back in shape soon. Gosh, Pepper would be cackling at him right now.

“You are such a handful, you know that?” he sighed, watching you intently.

You glared up at him, your eyes still dilated completely black. You were still in heat. Great.

Tony let out a small chuckle, staring out the small window. You let out a small growl.

“You know, I remember these days when I was a kid.” He recalled, watching the birds fly past the building. Your eyes widened. What was he talking about?

“You see,” he said softly. “My mom was a delta, too.”

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Dusk Till Dawn [Peter Parker]

Summary: You’re finally found after being kidnapped by hydra for 4 months, but with powers.

Words: 1050+

“We found her”

Those were the first and only words Peter needed to hear, he had initially tried to barge past Mr Stark, he wanted- no, needed to be near you after months of you being you being gone without a trace.

None of Tony’s advanced technology could track you, everyone had suspected you were dead until a month ago, they received a video from Hydra confirming that in fact, you were still breathing.

Tony gripped Peter’s wrist, preventing him from making what could possibly be a big mistake and barging into the room you were being held in.

“Look, Peter. She’s not the same girl she was when you last saw her, You saw what Hydra did to Bucky” He says “Y/N doesn’t remember me, there’s a large possibility she may not remember you and we can’t tell what’s going to happen if she freaks out"

“W-what did they do to her?” Peters antsy, he wants to hold you again, for the first time in months. “Does she have powers like Wanda, o-or Bucky?”

Tony shakes his head “We can’t tell just yet, she hasn’t shown any signs of supernatural ability”

Peter was overwhelmed with negative emotion, anger at the people who took you from him and harmed you, sadness thinking about the fact that you were most likely put through large amounts of pain and trials. But a part of him was feeling relief, you were back, even if it wasn’t fully the same girl that left 4 months ago.

“I need to see her, she’ll remember me"

Your eyes widened when he walked in the room, wearing a familiar gray sweater, which happened to be your favourite to steal and black skinny jeans you’d been dreaming about since you’d been taken.

Immediately your eyes began filling with tears and if you weren’t attached to so many wires and tubes you would’ve ran into his arms.

“Hey” He spoke softly, you noticed he wore large bags under his eyes, probably from lack of sleep. You were positive you were the same

Peter wasn’t sure what to do, should he hug you? Hold your hand?

“Hi” You reply, waiting a moment. “Don’t just stand there, i missed you”

Peter only takes a few small steps before he’s besides your bed. For a moment there’s no sounds besides the constant beeping of a heart monitor and if you weren’t so tired you would’ve thrown the nearest object at it.

You know that Tony and probably a few others are outside the door incase you turn all of a sudden and remind yourself to not become overwhelmed.

“You remember me?” Peter asks hesitantly, his voice shaking

“How could i forget the person that kept me sane for the last 4 months, They tried their best to make me hate you, when they realised that wasn’t working they just tried to erase my memory but neither worked” You laugh before wincing as a sharp pain struck your abdomen. “C'mere” You wiggle over, allowing Peter to sit next to you.

“I-i thought i lost you, w-we all thought you were dead” Peter feels himself falling apart, all of the emotion he’d been keeping in from Ned, Tony and whoever else that had asked if he was okay over the last few months was finally showing.

“Baby, I am right here” you take his hand, tracing his knuckles with your thumb. “Let me show you something, but you have to promise not to freak out, I learnt to get it under control”

Peter nods without hesitation and you lift your free hand, focusing on the spree of emotions you were feeling and holding your hand out straight, not even seconds later a blob of water is floating above your hand.

You were purposely trying to distract Peter from the realities of what happened at Hydra, the large amount of pain and torture you’d been put through was indescribable, it was something you never wanted to talk about.

“They gave you waterbending powers?” He asks, staring in amazement at the orb of water ahead of you. Peter thought the orb was beautiful and although he was angry at Hydra for giving you this without permission he couldn’t help but marvel at the beauty in front of him.

“I can do all the elements” In seconds the water is in an empty glass besides you and there’s a small flame playing on your fingertip.

At Hydra they tried to teach you how to use your powers for evil, for months you were forced to go to excessive lengths, doing exactly as they said fearing punishment.

You blow on the flame and it goes out like a light.

“Do you want this?” Peter asks, he hesitantly removes his hand from yours and brushes a strand of hair behind your ear.

You hesitate, thinking about your answer “I don’t know, but i do know that I don’t want to be alone again. I almost didn’t think i was going to see you again”

“You’ll never be alone, I’ll be with you from dusk till dawn” Peter doesn’t have to think twice about those words, he isn’t leaving your side unless it’s necessary

“You know, every night while i was there i would lay in bed and think of one memory i had of you a night” You begin “My favourite was our second date when you took my ice skating and i had to teach you how to skate” you laugh. The blankets rustle slightly underneath you.

“And i feel on my ass maybe four or five times” Peter’s face grows slightly red as he thinks about that night.

You nod, smiling genuinely for what feels like the first time in months “And at the end of the night you asked me to be your girlfriend”

That was also the night you two shared your first kiss. It wasn’t the perfect kiss, your noses may have bumped and your teeth may have clashed slightly but it was everything you could’ve asked for.

Pranks and Bruises - Avengers x reader x Wanda Maximoff

Request:  Can you write E,K, and O from the Wanda alphabet prompts? And add in all the avengers? ☺


E - “Even now, you’re so annoying!”

K - “Know thy enemy.”

O - “Oh, bite me.”

A/n: I hope this was alright, the bite me got taken literally but i do’t really understand hickeys so I tried - never dated anyone so…yeah… hope this was alright Anon (I only named some of the Avengers, but the originals + Sam Bucky and the twins were there too, Bruce is long-gone, Thor’s doing whatever is happening in Ragnarok). Enjoy! 

You sighed as you wandered around the tower, trying to avoid the one-going prank war between Tony’s team and Steve’s team, you refused to participate, but that didn’t mean they wouldn’t prank you.

Meanwhile, Natasha was watching you walk around, trying to avoid the pranks, she smirked as she thought to herself “know thy enemy.” before she lunged and grabbed you.

Clint held in his laughs as he watched Natasha basically kidnap you, dragging you into Wanda’s room before being tied to a chair. You gave her a terrified look before Wanda walked in, tilting her head to the side in confusion.

“Vhat are you doing to Y/n?” Wanda questioned before Natasha turned to her.

“Truce so we mess with the chicken?” Natasha questioned. You gulped and started to rock the chair, trying to break out of it. Nat glared at you, causing you to stop.

“Truce… vhat are we going to do?” Wanda questioned, circling you, fingers running over your shoulders.

“Make her our distraction to prank the others…” Natasha responded. You growled quietly, “oh, bite me.” you swore before squealing.

Wanda had moved the hair from your neck, her breath hitting your (skin colour) skin.

Both teams froze as they heard your squeal. “I thought Y/n wasn’t participating…” Steve questioned causing everyone else who wasn’t in the room with you to nod. “She’s not…” Sam replied, covering Bucky’s mouth with his hand as Bucky tried to answer.

Wanda smirked as she bite and suck on a piece your neck, leaving a bruise as you growled at her. “Stop it, I was being sarcastic-” You yelled before a moan slipped out. You kicked the chair over, breaking free before fleeing the room in embarrassment.

Natasha smirked. “Phrase one, distraction set.” 

You crashed into Sam and Bucky who screamed in response causing you to scream before all the other Avengers bar Natasha and Wanda to came over. 

Suddenly the lights went out causing Pietro to crash into the fridge whilst all the Avengers, even the ones considered the bravest screamed in fright.

Natasha and Wanda smirked as the lights flickered on, revealing them standing in the middle of the room.

“What happened to your neck Y/n?” Tony teased causing you to frown, placing your hand on your neck. You saw Wanda’s smirk although she was blushing.

Even now, you’re so annoying Tony, freaking hell ask me on a date first Wanda…” You whined, looking in the mirror at the purple bruise on your neck.

“Wanda did THAT!” Steve exclaimed causing Clint to smirk evilly.

“What? Never seen one before cap?” He teased, dancing around in laughter. Steve went pink in response.

“You have to admit, my sister is good…” Pietro stated, removing his head from the fridge. Peter went red in response as he realised what had happened.

“I’m gonna, go…do homework..yeah…at Ned’s…” Peter squeaked, fleeing the room and tower. Tony sighed in relief.

“So…it seems the ladies of the tower, minus Y/n who got a better deal than all of us, have won the prank war, for now…” Tony joked before running to the lab, running out of breath along the way.

“Game on Stark.” Natasha stated as Wanda walked over to you, looking at her mark she’d left. “Would you like to go to dinner with me tomorrow night?” She questioned, gently covering your neck with your hair.

You nodded, “just warn me if you’re gonna get rough with me, yeah?” you giggled, winking which caused Wanda to blush deeply in response.

Delta (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Pt. 9  A/B/O ❤️

A/N: Okay this ones gonna be emo to the extremo *bursts into tears* But its a good emo nonetheless! I hope you guys like it! ENJOY! - Delilah ❤️

Warnings: Angsty as heck. Swearing. 

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Part 3

An awesome anon requested:Heyyyyyy!!!! Can I request a Peter Parker imagine where you and Peter are dating but none of the avengers (particularly the one Ur related to) and Ur trying to keep it secret but ppl begin to find out! Could u possibly base it off of everyone in friends finding out about Monica and chandler? Just a small idea! U don’t have to do it if u have other ones or Ur too busy!!!! Ur amazing!!!!!” 

Pairing: Peter Parker x Fem!Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1, 368

Tags: @coltcas

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A/N: This will probably be the longest part in this mini series sorry I’ve been crap at updating lately. Posting this whilst I am away on vacation in LA I hope you like this part! *not proofread read at your own risk*

Originally posted by tomhollandhollaatme

You and Wanda hit it off from the first day. You bonded over your powers, helped each other control them,  and soon became best friends. The two of you complement each other perfectly, and you tell each other everything like any other pair of best friends.  Which is why it kills you not telling her this.

If you’re being perfectly honest with yourself, you had no idea what it was like to have a best friend until you Wanda became a part of your life. You had your uncle Scott, but that’s not exactly the same thing. Together, you felt like you could have happy moments of normalcy despite leading a lives of chaos whether it be as simple as sharing the same breakfast cereal in the morning at the kitchen counter or sharing your innermost thoughts over a late-night snack.

You knew she would find out sooner rather than later, but as your relationship with Peter progressed, and seeing as three people too many already knew, it just never seemed to be the right time to tell her. She had definitely noticed something off about you lately. However, when she asked you about it, you gave her lame excuses about being tired or having a tough time with the intensive home-schooling program Tony is putting you through.

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Delta (Bucky Barnes x Reader) Pt. 8  A/B/O

A/N: HEY GUYS! It’s finally here! This is definitely one of my favorite chapters. Hopefully I’ll be posting part 9 later on tonight (I live in the us so it’ll be a bit later for y'all lol) but I’ve made it halfway at least!! I hope you guys like it! ENJOY! - Delilah ❤

Warnings: Minor character death. Swearing. Hella angsty.

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I’d really like to make myself a some friends.

So hey peeps! 

I’m kinda ambiverted and I read a lot. I have a tendency to not text people first because i feel like i bore them.

Also a sucker for various genres of rock music.

And I support Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. I think Kaka and Thomas Muller are absolute sweethearts. I love the Blackcaps and Trent Boult,, Tim Southee and Adam Milne. and  the  INDIAN CRICKET TEAM.  I also like Liverpool. And I love Maria Sharapova and Andy Murray.

My ships are Malec, Klaroline, Destiel,  Percabeth, Naley,  Mia thermopolis and Michael Moscovitz, Solangelo, Adrian Ivashkov and Sydney Sage, Sizzy, Haleb, Spoby, Caskett, Katniss and Peeta, Wanda and Ian, Sussanah and Jesse,  and……. many more.

So, hi!

Sunday Six-ish

Because @anais-ninja-blog is craving some fairytales. ;)  Here’s a little (un-beta’ed, mind you) sneak preview of the upcoming Shieldshock beauty and the beast fic.


The will-o-the-wisp (Wanda, Darcy reminds herself.  The little flittering creature has a name, and a very human one at that, and she’s determined to use it) comes to Darcy’s chamber the next morning to bring her to breakfast.  She leads Darcy down a different hallway, a smaller, more narrow one, but after a few twists and turns and narrow creaking stairs it deposits them right in the kitchen.

The kitchen itself, tacked on to the back of the grand house with windows that look out on an overgrown, snow covered garden, is positively abuzz.  There are creatures manning stations laden with piles of raw red meat being divided up into piles by sentient kitchen tools, dishing and plating food for the castle’s inhabitants.  “Where does all the food come from?” Darcy asks Wanda, fighting back the nausea at the sight of all the bleeding meat and the indelicacy with why it’s being treated.

Wanda cocks her head to the side, little glittery trails escaping from her body, and she shrugs.  “We’ve learned not to question it,” she replies.  “It appears in the pantry, and it keeps us fed.  But there are some other options, if you’d like something a little lighter.”


The eggs are good, farm fresh possibly, though Darcy is a city girl and the only time she’s spent at a farm was a third grade class trip.  Halfway through the meal the falcon from the night before - Sam, she reminds herself - swoops in overhead, circles once, twice around, and alights on the table nearby Wanda.  Darcy looks down at her plate, then back up again, swallowing roughly.  “I’m not eating any of your relatives, am I?” she asks.

If a bird could laugh, the bobbing of Sam’s feathered head is probably the closest he can come to it.  “I can just about guarantee that those eggs aren’t mine,” he says.

“Good.”  Darcy nods, shoveling in another forkful of food to try and cover the sudden awkwardness she’s feeling.  “So are there any house rules here?” she asks.  “Like, don’t eat the poison apple or anything like that?”

Sam cocks his head to the side, glancing over at Wanda, who shrugs her glowing red shoulders.  “You can leave the grounds, but it won’t help,” Wanda says.  “You’ll just end up running in circles and finding yourself at the garden gate again.”

“There’s no place in the house that you technically can’t go,” Sam continues, fluffing up his feathers and pausing to preen one back into place.  “But some of the others can get nastily territorial.  So if anyone tries to start anything with you, come find me or Wanda or Cap and we’ll have your back.”

It’s still strange for Darcy to think of the giant wolf-like beast as having such a mundane name as ‘Cap’, but the more she thinks of them with names the easier it is to pretend that these are just some new wacky college roommates she’s got instead of prisoners in this place that’s set apart from time and space.

“Anything else you want to know?” Wanda asks, flittering about and landing by a pot of honey that she delicately dips one finger into.

There are hundreds of questions whirling through Darcy’s brain, but she’s not sure if she’s ready to deal with the answers to them.  So instead she just shakes her head, and tells them that when they come to mind, she’ll find them.

Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch - Mám strach, že stratím kontrol

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Wanda has been having nightmares for a while now. About her brother and about what happened in Nigeria. So, she turns to the only person she knows will help get her through this; you. You are more than willing to help Wanda through this, even if that means waking up in the early hours of the morning. One night when she comes to you, you decide to take her away from the tower for a little while to a place that you’ve never told anyone about. A place where you come to think. You just want her to know that she’s not alone and that you’re there for her. No matter what.

Pairing: Wanda x Reader

Characters: Reader, Wanda Maximoff. Pietro Maximoff, Ultron, Crossbones/Brock Rumlow (Mentioned)

Warning/s: Angst, mentions of nightmares, mentions of death

A/N: The Slovak is roughly translated from google so it might not be totally accurate. The title translates to I’m Scared to Lose Control.

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