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Danny is NOT the only Grump. Yes, I know I mainly post him and this is a blog mainly for him, but I respect the rest of the Grumps (and Holly). They are amazing and they are people too and could you imagine putting hard work into something and people commenting where your friend is, not giving a shit about what you did? That’s heart breaking and disrespectful. 

Seeing some of those comments made me feel terrible, and I can’t even imagine how everyone else felt. 

So, I’d like to take a moment and appreciate the rest of the crew. 


A soft and handsome boy who’s buff and has a passion for voice acting. Not to mention he’s an amazing animator, artist, and rapper! 


A precious cinnamon roll that must be protected! Seriously, there’s nothing wrong with Barry, not to mention he’s an AMAZING editor! 


A ninja with a PHD, who’s also a father. Need I say more? 


The boy who is working on his own animated series, which looks great so far! Yes, he may be a sadist, but aren’t we all? 


Arin’s beautiful wife who’s literally outfit and hair goals all the time. She even works hard to maintain her taxidermy shop and her work is gorgeous. 


(Yes, I know she’s not a Grump but she deserves some praise) Ross’s stunning wife, the ultimate bird mom, who’s very talented with cosplay. Also she has beautiful hair too.

Also sending love to: Matt, Ryan, and Vernon 

Just saying the things that should be said everyday. I love you, Grumps. 

That is so alright.

Brian: (Kinda nsfw) Brian understands what it’s like to have body insecurities. When he was younger, he had some confidence issues but eventually overcame it. He’s very supportive and kind to his S/O and showers them in affection/compliments. During sex, he enjoys kissing them in the places they find unattractive and tells them how much he loves them and how gorgeous they are. 

Joseph: Joseph would assure them that it’s alright, and would make sure they they’re not feeling down at all sometimes. He would try to be really nice and make sure that whenever he buys them gifts, they don’t make them uncomfortable in any way (like foods or clothing).

Mat: Mat would understand completely and make them feel good about themselves. He would compliment them a lot and makes sure they don’t feel insecure as often as they did before.

Craig: Craig would be really supportive of what they would want to do. He would tell them he loves them either way, and might even offer to help them work out if they wanted.

Hugo: Hugo would reassure them that he doesn’t mind the way they are, and he’ll love them all the same. He might do a little research that way he knows to make sure they’re okay with certain things. While most of it’s self explanatory, he just wants to make sure so that his precious signif isn’t ever insecure around him.

Robert: Robert loves them and thinks their body is cute. He likes to cuddle with them and lay his head on their lap/chest/tummy. He’s very reassuring and compliments them everyday. He told them that if anyone ever says anything negative about their weight/body, he’d hunt that person down and make them pay.

Damien: He doesn’t mind at all what size they are or how much they weigh. He just loves being around them, and making them happy. He’ll give them flowers and he’ll give them compliments everyday. He makes sure they’re happy and comfortable, cause he knows what it’s like to not have a body that your comfortable with. He supports them in any way he can, and never pushes them to change.

~Mod Hugo, Mod Robert, Mod Damien

anonymous asked:

The dads with an S/o who is obsessed with kisses?

Craig: He’s very into kisses and is glad to provide his S/O with as many smooches as they want. Cute pecks on the face are probably one of his favorites.

Brian: He’ll be glad to comply but he isn’t too into the whole PDA thing. Otherwise, in more private settings he’s a lot more affectionate in that sense.

Damien: Soft kisses galore, he’s shy about giving kisses and will probably be the one being kissed most of the time.

Hugo: Did someone say physical displays of love? Kisses and hugs you name it, Hugo loves to give his S/O a big kiss whenever he gets off of work. 

Mat: He’s very anxious about kisses and probably won’t comply to kisses in public, even pulling away if his S/O wishes to smooch him. 

Robert: Robert will be willing to kiss his S/O wherever and whenever, for the most part. He happens to be a big fan of sensual kissing. 

Joseph: Save room for Jesus. Joseph loves a good snuggle and kissing session, in the appropriate setting of course. He’s actually quite lovey-dovey about these things.