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Rubberbrian: Ross goes into heat again so he and Brian set up a signal for Brian to know when Ross needs to get fucked.

Ross/Brian: Heat verse 

Brian’s at his computer at the office, scrolling through Twitter and even after all this time he’s still a little amazed that he gets paid to be on social media for most of the day. He’s replying to an eager fan when he hears a distinct: tap, tap, tap.

Brian freezes up, strains his ears incase what he heard was a mistake. He waits, barely breathing to make sure he doesn’t miss it again.

Tap, tap, tap.

Three, distinct and rhythmic taps of a nail against wood. Brian calmly wheels his chair back from his desk and stands up, stretching a little. He doesn’t want to be too obvious, that would defeat the entire purpose of a secret signal.

As he pads towards the back of the office he hears it again. The tapping, quicker this time, maybe a little more urgent. Brian speeds up a fraction and he darts past Ryan’s desk, undoubtedly raising suspicions but it’s hard when his omega so clearly needs him.

Brian is thankful Ross has his own office now. He knocks twice on the door, two short raps, and then the door is creaking open and Brian is hit with a wall of scent. He slides inside quickly, allowing Ross to shut the door and wall the two of them inside. Ross’s office has become a hotbox of sorts, hosting all of Ross’s arousal, drenching every inch of the room, Brian can hardly breathe. How the smell hadn’t completely seeped out into the main part of the office Brian would never know.

“Need you,” Ross says, panting, eyes burning this brilliant blue, “Brian.”

Brian eases a growl out of his shaking body. He’s hard already and he reaches out to take Ross’s hand, bring him closer, kissing the soft skin of his wrist and then Ross’s mouth.

“Whatever you need from me, Ross. I just want to help you, my omega.”

Ross whines at the words and he leans in to kiss Brian.

“I need you to fuck me against the nearest surface,” Ross says.

“I can do that,” Brian mumbles against Ross’s lips.


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