have a flower prince to celebrate 1,000 followers !!- Nick

Shoutout to lovely people (who I don't talk to enough / want to talk more to / just deserve love and appreciation ! 💕)

Heyo! You might be confused why you were tagged here - maybe we haven’t even talked a lot / at all before? Well, I wanted to spread some positivity by listing out people/blogs who make me happy to hear from / see on my dash / make me smile on a regular basis / feel blessed to have gotten to know etc etc : Positive things!

It’s a very stressful time of the year, and everyone has their hands and arms full!This is just a simple shoutout to remind you there are people who love and appreciate you and who are so so happy to have gotten to know you / have you as part of their lives / just see you on their dash or notifications! Stay lovely, everyone! ✨💕✨

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And honestly, every single one of my followers and people I have interacted with even a little! I will be tagging more people as I remember them, as I’m 100% certain I have forgotten to add someone who should be here… so if you don’t see yourself on here yet, rest easy!! It’s 4 AM and my tired mind may’ve passed you by, and you’ll most likely be added once I’m chippery and awake again~!

In any case! I hope you a lovely and wonderful week and rest of the year~!! Stay lovely and wonderful, and please remember you make people happy by just being yourselves!