Girl’s Night ~ Isobel + Eve ~ High School AU

Eve groaned as she came back into Isobel’s room, slamming the door behind her. “Your brother stopped me in the hallway again.” She grumbled as she walked over to Isobel’s bed and flopped down on the bed. “He needs to stop. Or at least leave to go see Rylee.” 

I need to chill.
Hah I need to chill.
I need to find my fucking chill.

I need to stop telling my friends that it’s alright that I have it under control that things are working like they should. A smooth machine, well greased. I am not functioning well.

If I lie through my teeth enough they’ll believe it and I know that cause it’s easier and people like easy. It’s easier to text them and tell them that I couldn’t get up this morning cause haha I didn’t know what I am worth.

It’s easier to text things like that.

Haha don’t worry, I mean I’m still breathing.

Well I mean i haven’t felt normal in months but you know…

I’ll see you tomorrow, by the way disregard my post on tumblr tonight.

—  10:24// Wednesday

lilinabe asked:

Cam and Shamie for the ship post. :)

Thanks, lovey! :D

  • gives nose/forehead kisses: Cam/Shamie. Height difference ftw.
  • gets jealous the most: Cam. Part of him still doesn’t see how Shamie can be with him.
  • picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive: They don’t own a car. :P
  • takes care of on sick days: Both.
  • drags the other person out into the water on beach day: Cam.
  • gives unprompted massages: Shamie. Sweetie bear.
  • drives/rides shotgun: Still no car. (but they both know how to drive)
  • brings the other lunch at work: They’ve both done it.
  • has the better parental relationship: Shamie, since he’s close with both of his parents. (not that Cam doesn’t adore his Ma)
  • tries to start role-playing in bed: Shamie, he’s taught Cam a lot.
  • embarrassingly drunk dancer: Cam. His dancing is embarrassing sober, too.
  • still cries watching titanic: Cam, mostly. Shamie cries on the inside.
  • firmly believes in couples costumes: I think the closest either of them would get would be a piece of jewelry or something.
  • breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas: Both.
  • makes the other eat breakfast: Shamie, always. Even if he has to shove something in Cam’s mouth on his way way out the door. (…what?)
  • remembers anniversaries: Both.
  • brings up having kids: Both of them would eventually like some but it hasn’t been brought up, yet.