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161130 BTS Japan Official Fanmeeting VOL.3 in Tokyo D3 - Quiz Game

1. Q: If there’s a circumstance where Jin thinks “Well lucky for me I’m the eldest”? (1 point)

Taehyung: He can pick a fight with his dongsaengs…
Seokjin: Dingdongdeng~
Taehyung: You’re a bad person.
Hoseok: Hyung keeps getting more and more everyday. 

2. Q: Jin’s self-picked biggest charming point? (1 point)

Namjoon: Jin-ssi really loves himself so… Clearly it’s his face.
MC: Is it correct? Jin-ssi, how is it? He said it’s not. Anyone else?
Taehyung: Jin-ssi doesn’t have a charming point. 
Jungkook: His shoulders are plentiful.
MC: He said wide shoulders. Suga-ssi?
Yoongi: Eat a lot? 
Seokjin: Wrong!!
MC: Then Jimin-ssi.
Jimin: Jin-hyung really loves himself, so he thinks he’s cute. 
Seokjin: Dingdongdeng~ 
(does aegyo)

3. Q: The song that he often listens to before sleeping these days? (3 points)

Jimin: Me!
Seokjin: Please sing it.
Jimin: (sings “Lie”)
Seokjin: Nope.
Hoseok: The boy who met evils!!
Seokjin: Nope.
Taehyung: (sings “Stigma”)
Seokjin: Nope.
Yoongi: “Awake”.
Seokjin: Hint is “dark”.
Jimin: ‘Constantly pushing without rest within the harsh rainstorms’~ “Lost”! 
Namjoon: Doesn’t you like rain? Could it be… (sings “Rain”)
MC: Why do you listen to “Rain” and sleep?
Seokjin: “Rain” is a great song. 
MC: Does it make you sleep well?
Seokjin: Yes.
Yoongi: Wait, I’m Jin-hyung’s roommate. How come I never saw him listening to it?
Seokjin: I’m always listening to it in my heart.
Hoseok, Namjoon: Hyung, please sing it.
Seokjin: (sings “Rain”)
MC: It’s like a press conference… Please give him a big hand. The winner is Rapmon-ssi. Jin Master is Rapmon-ssi!

Taehyung: I present this certificate to you for your vast knowledge of Jin-hyung.
MC: Jin Master.
Namjoon: I really like Jin-hyung’s aegyo. Please show us the original version of “ARMYs are my everything.”
Seokjin: ARMYs are my everything~
Hoseok: Wow~
MC: You even know what song he sings in his heart.

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161214 BTS Japan Official Fanmeeting VOL.3 in Osaka D1

Taehyung: Finally, actor Kim Taehyung’s debut is coming next week!!!
MC: Hwarang’s broadcast is finally coming next week. How do you feel?
Taehyung: I had fun while filming, but about how it would come out… My heart is pounding. Everyone is looking forward to it too, right?
Seokjin: Wait a minute Furuya-ssi. I’m supporting V-gun’s debut too.
MC: Everyone’s supporting him. (laughs)
Seokjin: The OST for V’s drama, V and I! We sang it together.
MC: V Jin’s combination! It’s a duet.
Taehyung: Duet! It fits us perfectly!! (suddenly sings)
MC: I’m looking forward to both the drama and the song.
Taehyung: Looking forward to it.

Quiz Game: Bangtan Master - Suga

MC: How many points should the first question be?
Yoongi: 1 point.
MC: 1 point again? That’s quite low.
Taehyung: Raise it a little higher, about 10 points.
Yoongi: Then 2 points.

1. Q: When is Suga’s energy boosted? (2 points)

Taehyung: やさしい (Quite easy).
Jungkook: 易し 易し (Easy, easy).
Taehyung: It’s simple. Suga-ssi…
Hoseok: Hope Hope!!!
Taehyung: It’s hard.
Hoseok: When singing “Otsukare Song”.
Jungkook: Before sleeping.
Namjoon: I know this, really. The answer is when Suga-ssi speaks Japanese.
ARMYs: What~?
Namjoon: When he says “I’m Suga the genius”.
Taehyung: When things he’s interested in come out. ✔
MC: Correct.
Taehyung: Suga-hyung is… Actually, he’s kind of a quiet person, but when the topics he know come out, he’s really noisy.
Hoseok: Suga-hyung gets really excited when talking about music equipments. “This one’s good, this one”, “That one’s better than this one”.
MC: Which topic makes Suga-ssi excited the most?
Yoongi: I…
MC: Real estate??
Taehyung: He’s noisy when talking about real estate.
MC: That’s impressive. And music equipments too.
Yoongi: Yeah, music equipments.

MC: Suga-ssi, how many points for the next question?
Yoongi: 3 points.
Jimin: Hyungnim, raise it a little higher.
Yoongi: 4 points.

2. Q: Among BTS’ songs released in Japan, which song does Suga think has the most difficult Japanese? (4 points)

Hoseok: “Just One Day”.
MC: It’s not “Just One Day.”
Namjoon: The answer is, of course it’s our new song “Wishing On A Star”.
MC: Wrong.
Seokjin: “Boy In Luv”?
Taehyung: “Daijobu datte”? (“Good Day”)
Hoseok: What kind of title is “Daijobu datte”… “Good Day” (laughs)
MC: “Good Day” is correct!
Yoongi: It’s not “Daijobu datte” but “Good Day”!! Wrong!!
Taehyung: “Good Day”!  ✔
Yoongi: It’s “Good Day”. It’s a little hard. A difficult song.
Namjoon: Suga-hyung, please sing it. Show us.
Yoongi: (sings his part in “Good Day”)
Taehyung: Daijobu datte!!!! Oh yeah~

MC: How many points for the last question?
Yoongi: Ten thousand points. 10,000.

3. Q: In the cold winter when he doesn’t want to get up from bed, the secret that helps Suga get up is? (10,000 points)

Taehyung: Today’s main character is Suga-hyung. Please sit down.
Seokjin: When seeing ARMYs?
Taehyung: Suga-hyung, me me me!!
YoongI: V-ssi.
Taehyung: When having a schedule?
Jimin: Ah~ me!
Yoongi: Rapmon-ssi.
Namjoon: When telling Suga-hyung that I want to go to […] with him.
Jimin: Lamb skewers.
Jimin: When telling him “Let’s go grab something to eat!”
MC: It has nothing to do with food. Hint is “with ARMYs”…
Taehyung: Udon?
MC: V-ssi, I said it’s related to “with ARMYs”. You startled me. The hint is ARMYs.
Jungkook: When going to work, for ARMYs.
Taehyung: When being outside with ARMYs.
MC: And then eat udon?
Taehyung: You ought to eat udon first when going on a date.
Seokjin: When going to sing for ARMYs. Rap?
Taehyung: Ai!!!Gyo!!! (aegyo)
Jungkook: When going to write lyrics for ARMYs.
Taehyung: When going to rap for ARMYs.
MC: The promise with ARMYs!!
Namjoon: What promise?
Yoongi: Concert.
Taehyung: No. He’s a rapper.
MC: The promise he made at concert, when telling ARMYs to go together in the future right? And when eating udon? (laughs) With 10,006 points, the winner is V-ssi! Suga Master is V-ssi

(acceptance speech)

Taehyung: Luck came to my side.
Yoongi: So V-ssi knows me quite well!
MC: Suga-ssi, earlier when talking about waking up in the morning they mentioned udon, do you wake up earlier in the morning?
Seokjin: Nope.
Taehyung: Suga-hyung is slow.
Yoongi: I… Well… Yeah. I wake up really late in the morning.

Bonus: “Wearing pedometer and dancing” Game

Guest stars (8.6 seconds-bazooka): 130
Taehyung: 2
Yoongi: 435 (started moving even before starting)
Seokjin: 15
Jimin: 380
Namjoon: “I lost it. It fell while I was dancing.”
Jungkook: 201
Hoseok: 44

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