And I just won five bucks.

Sen. Ben Sasse responded after Judge Neil Gorsuch made an inadvertent slip of the tongue, using one of Trump’s favorite campaign phrases — “bigly” (or “big league,” as Trump has clarified one of his oft-used adverbs). 

Gorsuch tried to correct himself by saying “big and boldly,” but Sasse wasn’t about to let it pass, as the room burst into laughter.

ok so I know we're​ all really sold on the ‘neil and andrew learn russian’ headcanon, but I take that and raise you this: neil and andrew learn sign language

  • it totally makes sense ok
  • hear me out
  • they learn asl (or maybe pse just because its easier)
  • it works for times when they can’t speak
  • when neil has nightmares and can’t get his voice to work
  • or when they’d rather be quiet but still talk to each other
  • just signing yes and no without having to speak
  • but also
  • andreil would totally just use it to their advantage
  • signing to each other from long distances
  • or signing things like you okay? slyly so know one can see
  • andrew signing something like I’m gonna kill him when nicky starts rambling
  • neil just rolling his eyes and signing no without stopping the conversation with the rest of the foxes
  • neil making a risky shot during a game and turning to give andrew a smirk
  • andrew only replies with the sign for addict (i.e junky)
  • kevin really wanting to learn because he thinks it could be useful on the court
  • andrew teaches him the completely wrong signs for amusement
  • andrew would totally just sign rapidly at reporters when they ask him questions to confuse them and then walk away
  • trust me people get flustered if you start randomly signing at them
  • neil likes it because it improves his dexterity and hand-eye coordination
  • junky
  • andrew, in english: “shut up, josten”
  • neil, snarkily, in sign language: make me

a: a man can only have so many issues, it is just a key.
n: you’re a foster child. you know it isn’t. […]  i’ve never belonged anywhere or had the right to call anything my own. but coach gave me keys to the court, and you told me to stay. you gave me a key and called it home. i haven’t had a home since my parents died.
a: don’t look at me like that. i am not your answer and you sure as fuck aren’t mine.

Next on Halloween at Eden’s: Neil and Matt compete in a couples costume contest, get into a horse costume together, and Neil’s legs are too short to keep up with Matt’s stride, so they keep falling. Andrew is quoted wanting to shoot the “Lame horse.”