o yunho

anonymous asked:

top 5 hairstyles for Yunho? o:


1. Pink kitty hyung was a gift from above…

2. This whole look is Vogue-worthy A+++, but this undercut with hair swep back and sideways did wonders to his face and made him look so sophisticated and so soo fuckable ;;3;;

3. Mooseok’s dark waves aka a wet dream of every fangirl back in the day…

4. Black and short, that were making him look so intimidating I was ready to commit more sins just to be scolded by him

5. This hazelnut-goldish colour was beautiful and made his skin glow and just…ugh /heart-eyes/

So, to sum things up - Jung Yunho can rock every single hairstyle and i’m a sucker for Yunho with his hair up.❤❤❤