o yesss

some piko hcs !

those are real neat !! here are some of mine !

• doesn’t like Len too much bc he kinda feels like if his append didn’t come out maybe he’d have a v4 voice bank?

• has sleepovers with mayu,vy2,nana and miki and lots of times it ends up with everybody getting their nails painted !!

• kinda wants to cry a lot because wow…even yuki and gachapoid are getting v4 updates…where is His….

• his USB tail is sensitive and he hates it?

• is somewhat jealous of IA because her voice can be tuned to sound like his and when that happens that’s…a Big Blow….ouch..

• acts like the best because boy is be aware the he is……Not Good Enough for a v4……

• drowns his sorrows in tea w/ mayu who’s kinda like a mother to him

• self esteem issues…..thanks sony……

In which Paul asks Drew for flirting advice (and isn’t nearly as smooth)….

Happy Ikarishipping Day! <3


@myrobotlandlord replied to your post “right, so out of nowhere i got the irresistible…”


@myrobotlandlord​ replied to your post “right, so out of nowhere i got the irresistible…”

this is my favourite black hat wow best black hat ive seen Im NNNNOT even in the fandom but this makes me want to be , ohno

the best?? omg thank you, jelly!! ;o; ALSO YESSS JOIN ME, YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO 

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I heard ur a good pigeon catcher, is this true? I see pigeons with string on them all the time and want to help but never can catch them? Any tips for a fellow vulture and bird lover? Thank u (*^o^*)

Hello!! Yesss I have caught a fair few pidges. It can be tough to get the hang of it, but once you do it’s much easier - really it’s mostly about having the confidence and not hesitating, and making sure you don’t grab them by their tail/wing feathers or head. I’m no expert at it but I can confidently catch a pigeon now!

What I do is attract a bunch of pigeons over with some seed/peanuts, depending on how brave they are I’ll either throw it directly at my feet or gradually lure them closer, and I’ll crouch, kneel down or bend slowly over them. I keep an eye on the one I plan to catch. I move quite slowly and try not to spook them, and then shoot one hand out and pin it against the ground (but not squashing it, kind of like trapping it in a cage under my fingers) and quickly scoop it with both hands and fold the wings against the body. Don’t worry if a few little body feathers fall out, they probably will as pigeons are very prone to it and it doesn’t effect them at all.

My friend @bonemonger is even better at catching pigeons, a proper expert - she uses two hands, a different method than me but I struggle to do it two handed! I use the one-hand method a lot at work to grab pigeons from their rehab boxes so it comes more natural for me to do it that way. Here’s a wee video of bonemonger catching a pigeon effortlessly, and making it look as easy as pie (she’s also being a pigeon hero here, and freed the pidge from string and quickly released it after)


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there was no b.i in weekly idol, there was only hanbin our pabo leader :') so cute,,, so fluffy,,, so s o f t


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My crush who I thought was straight is on this website and she reblogged something that implies she's gay and now I'm re-reading all our conversations in a diff light I think she might like me o h m y g o d


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"I love you. It’s time to stop this for your own good." was he talking about Flint? :o

yesss, yes he was! he was trying to dig in to silver’s mindset in the forest scene. he says silver was trying to get flint to understand, “you’re on a path of destruction for you and everyone around you, i’m stepping away, and i’m trying to tell you that there is a way to step away.” because flint has become “an agent of chaos, that will not stop himself.”

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back to the future is The Best :o this episode was so great, much fuzzy feelings ;O; thankyousomuch

YESSS well done for guessing correctly :D i love that film so damn much

and YAY so glad you enjoyed this update!!!!