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Do you have any information on Ampharos, or the Mareep line for that matter? o:

The wool on Mareep and Flaaffy is actually not used for clothing, but rather as materials in electric cables. The wool is too conductive to be used in things like knitting or sweaters, and as such, the shed fleece is instead drawn out into cables and put into wiring systems.

As for Ampharos, there was a commonly believed urban myth for a long time in Johto that the light that Ampharos emits will clear your skin and make you look younger. This is completely untrue, of course, but many Johtoese teenagers will still seek out an Ampharos in an attempt to cure their acne.

i see that Ex-Arishok: The Giant Grumpy Lamb Of Skyhold post got picked up by the tumblr reblog machine

it’s actually a bit out of date, since I’ve made more progress on the model since last tumblr update. I posted additional updates on twitter but they’re all like

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