o well whatev





WHEEZES that was a lotta work on my hand tbh but I’m glad I did it

I guess edea doesn’t get nekkid jack tonight.

I’ll make it up to her and give her a nekkid jack soon since she seemed so thirsty for it, U THIRSTY GURL DONT DENY

but kuja was the thirstiest of them all



Using only song names from one artist, cleverly answer these questions. Then pass it on to 10 people.

I was tagged by @n-i-r-v-a-n-a-h thanks

Band/artist: Nirvana
What is your gender?: About a Girl
Describe yourself: Dumb
How do you feel?: Sappy
Describe where you live: Something in the way
If you could go anywhere, where would you go?: School
Favorite mode of transportation?: On a plain
Your best friends: Polly
Favorite time of day: Where did you sleep last night
If your life was a tv show, what would it be called? Scentless Apprentice
What is life to you?: I hate myself and i want to die
Relationship status?: Negative creep
Your fear: Turnaround

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Nocturne is heavily associated with the colour PURPLE. Her attire and even her hair are variants of purple, and this is chosen for a reason! Purples, especially richer, darker versions, are associated with the COSMOS – with dark blue and dark purples being used to symbolize the vibrant colours of the universe. Not only that, but with purple being connected to royalty – and Nocturne herself being extremely high up ( or at least, once was ) in the siren hierarchy – it fits her role within the siren community as well.

Among many cultures, purple symbolizes DEATH or mourning. The emotional effect it has on the body is that it ( usually ) brings a sense of the otherworldly, encourages creativity and soothes – this is related to Nocturne’s position among her friends and companions: one of encouragement and peace, even if she herself is not calm, or is demotivated.

A last note – when it comes to stained glass, purple or violets being used symbolizes uniting the wisdom of blue, and the love of red.

irl friends who know my address: please dont call the police or anything. you knw what happened last time and how i feel about the police oming. you knwo how dissapointed my parents will be. pleas ondt do this

anonymous asked:

Why is everyone hating on Camila??

because she’s racist and its been proven over n over countless of times and it makes some people hella uncomfortable to see her on their dash or on their tl that’s why most people want her on the banned list of fcs including me but people are still gonna use her as a mascot , or as a muse so its just nasty but whatever o well

Woke up with my mom at six am way too excited to sleep or maybe I’m getting insomnia again o well whatever getting dressed I’ve got my outfit all picked out already I should probably switch my cd to something other than muse but no it’s just as exciting as I feel fuck who cares I need to get money together to go see my girl I’d do anything to make it happen honestly break into the old house take entire coin jar thank u based god for providing me with stolen money get to the mcdonalds to get maps she’s excited too good
Bus rides are so long I don’t even care I’ll get lost a million times in the sun to see my girl if that’s what it takes finally done I’m not lost I made it where is she I found the gate there she is hello hello hello /bounces up and down hello I love you hello hugs I love her hugs so much I can feel how much she missed me and I missed her too I hope she knows
Very nervous to see her niece I hope nothing happens yeah it’s awkward but o well better than it coulda been
Love lazing around with her and doing nothing it feels so nice to relax we are such sleepy people lmao
Very excited to go and eat and meet Erika’s people there they are o no I’m awkward it’s okay it’s expected I’ll be fine after I sit and listen for a while and they relax more around me and I was right everything was ok after a while they are very fun people and I love being with Erika she’s the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen those eyeeees diggedy
I feel bad about her spending money on me but I will return the favor
—  memories of our love