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Doods of wolf shifter Kiri and veterinarian Bakugou? I wonder how come the non-human one is always Kirishima when I draw this sort of AUs…


a soft and beautiful man and the sharp asshole that lives in his house

i may or may not have totally tweaked her face lol shh


Can you believe I actually sat down and lined this personally I can’t

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music ayyy

No one has tagged me in this, but imma put my Spotify on shuffle and list the first 10 songs and my favourite lyrics from each of them and then tag a load of people bc I’m bored and need friends okay lets go

- Don’t damn me - Guns ‘n’ Roses

silence isn’t golden when I’m holding it inside

- No surprises - Radiohead

a handshake of carbon monoxide 

- 20 dollar nose bleed - Fall out Boy

only one book really matters, the rest of the proof is on the television

- Helpless - Hamilton soundtrack 

Then you walked in and my heart went “Boom!”

- Eraser - Ed Sheeran 

Wembley stadium crowds, two hundred and forty thou.  I may have grown up but I hope that Damian’s proud

- Nearly Witches [ever since we met] - Panic! at the disco

Here I am, composing a burlesque, out of where they rest their necks.

- Go Robot - Red hot chili peppers

She cried so hard, you know she looked like Alice Cooper

- City of Ocala - A day to remember

This is what made us who we became. Where they know me, not just my name.

- Care - Bry

I will appreciate your beauty, you’ll doubt you ever even knew me
Oh I just want to make you happy

- Carvel - John Frusciante

Up and down, that’s how energy stays alive, and I wouldn’t want it any other way

(Low-key got this idea from seeing @mad-gear do it on their blog so shoutout to them I guess lol)

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'Love hotel scene with Shuichi and s/o'

I don’t know if this has been requested before, but is it okay if i ask for a Shuichi love hotel sequence, since there isn’t one in the game?

I really love these love hotel scenes so I took this. Enjoy!

S/o: …
Shuichi: …
S/o: (Every time I come here, I play the role of their “Ideal”. Like some sort of shared fantasy)
S/o: (I wonder what kind of fantasy Shuichi has…)
Shuichi: I’m sorry, s/o… I understand if you want to leave…
S/o: Wh-What? Why would I want that?!
Shuichi: Well, I just spend so much of my time working or reading that we don’t really have time to bond…You know, as a couple…
S/o: (Isn’t this a fantasy? Why is Shuichi fantasizing about something so sad?!)
S/o: (Well, whatever the reason, I need to comfort him so he doesn’t wake up feeling awful.)
S/o: I don’t want to leave, Shuichi. It’s not your fault you have so much work.
Shuichi: S/o…
S/o: (Instead of responding, I gripped his hand firmly. He stared at me with wide eyes.)
Shuichi: Why? Why are you so forgiving? Why don’t you hate me?!
S/o: Because you didn’t do anything wro-
Shuichi: Yes, I did! I chose to keep working over coming home early for you some nights and I don’t deserve this kindness!
S/o: …
S/o: …But that’s in the past isn’t it?
Shuichi: Huh?
S/o: If you’re sorry, then that means you recognized that you messed up.
S/o: Tell me something, Shuichi, putting aside everything, do you really want me to go?
Shuichi: Of course not, but…
S/o: But nothing. If you don’t want me to go and I don’t want to go, what reason is there left?
Shuichi: I guess…I guess you’re right…
S/o: I don’t want to leave you because of something so trivial. S/o: So, please, smile more. Stop apologizing. You’re very handsome when you smile.
S/o: (A small blush had appeared on his cheeks and he smiled softly.)
Shuichi: Thank you, s/o.
S/o: (Without a verbal response, I returned his smile and we left the room.)

- Mod Maki