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CAN I JUST SAY THAT I SPENT THREE HOURS GOING THROUGH YOUR ASKS AND ART AND YOU SEEM LIKE THE NICEST PERSON EVER and then i met this one person in rl and she was following you and we bonded and it was very nice ily and your art so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhh

This is honestly surreal for me oh my g o d - I’m glad I could??? help you make a new friend??? Holy shit I don’t know how to answer this uHHHHH!!!!!!!! thank you??? yes, tHANK YOU!!!! that’s definitely the most important part, I’m super happy you like my stuff!!!! <3<3<3

Anon said: i would like to say that I really really love your art and it inspires me so sooo much and yeah, thanks for sharing your art with the world

Gosh!!!!! Thank you!!!!!! And I don’t kind what kind of inspired you mean but whichever it is I’m happy I can make you feel like that!!! Oh boy!!!!!

Anon said: Is it okay to use your art as a phone background? I’m asking bc i saw your no reposting post and I was wondering if using it for phone bgs etc is allowed?

Sure!! As long as it’s for private use I don’t mind at all!!!!

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bellarke + 'I originally followed you on Instagram bc you’re hot and I’m thirsty but now I’ve developed actual feelings for you bc you’re a genuinely good person’ HAPPY FUTURE HOLIDAYS!!! and thanks 🙈

Clarke’s original reasons for following Octavia’s brother were far from pure, but she thinks it would be hard for anyone to figure that out. After all, she found out about his Instagram because Octavia posted a picture of the two of them with the caption: Finally got my dork brother on Instagram (and in Boston!!), everyone follow @theblakemistake.

If anyone asked, she was just following orders. It was not at all that he was really, really hot. No one could prove otherwise.

Especially when she keeps following him through the rocky first weeks of his Instagramming. Given how Bellamy Blake looked–broad shoulders, tan skin, toothpaste-commercial smile, artfully mussed hair, topped off with a pair of black hipster frames and a generous sprinkling of freckles–she assumed Octavia’s descriptor of “my dork brother” was just a little sister teasing.

But Bellamy’s inaugural Instagram post is a picture of a plant Clarke can’t identify with a truly dorky caption:

Things @octaviathefirst (am I doing that right) made me get today:

1. Instagram account
2. Plant

I figure I might as well use the first to monitor the second and see which one dies first.

And then he actually lists information about the plant. Like how many leaves it has and its color and the dampness of the soil. It is not at all what Clarke was expecting, but she finds herself actually kind of looking forward to his daily plant updates. His captions are fun, and he is really worried about his ability to keep the thing alive, which is really endearing.

After a week and a half of that, he finally posts another picture of himself, wearing pajamas and holding an orange kitten. Which is exactly the content Clarke was looking for. That’s what she’s about.

So, it’s come to my attention (s/o to @octaviathefirst) that I’m “doing it wrong” and just posting pictures of my plant is “boring and sad.” So I guess people on Instagram like cats? That’s what I’m getting. Anyway, this is Hermes, he’s an asshole.

PS: I’m still doing the plant updates.

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Now it’s time for ½ of the Busan princes, Park Jimin and the adventures of the Parks

  • All of the father related posts are here
  • Father of one, a lil girl
  • The most precious chubby cheeked, puppy dog eyed, pouty lipped angel
  • Basically is a girl version of him in a really small form 
  • He totally cries when she’s born
  • Like when he first holds her, he realizes “oh my god, she’s real” and he’d waited so long for her to be here and now she was finally in his arms and he was just so happy
  • He spent the first night in the hospital holding her while you slept, sitting by the window and pointing out all the things he saw to her bc she was sleeping just as peacefully as you were
  • He l o v e s kissing her
  • Anywhere, her cheeks, forehead, her lil nose, her hands
  • He never actually puts her down and she grows used to the feeling of her father’s arms around her and it’s really hard to convince him to put her down bc “I just got her, you held her for nine months now it’s my turn”
  • He’s s o in love with her
  • If his actions towards her weren’t enough, the look of love and adoration in his eyes gives it away
  • He stares at her like she’s his whole world and she stares at him with a sense of wonder and it’s actually really precious
  • When she first starts figuring out how to stand up, he’s right behind her with his hands hovering around her in case she falls bc he’s not about to let his angel get hurt nope
  • Her first word is undoubtedly “appa” and he just smiles so wide and he brags about it to everyone, especially Tae bc “did you hear that? I’m appa, she’s saying appa, did you hear it?”
  • He lets her get away with basically everything
  • Like she can play with his hair, she can squish his cheeks, she can tug on his necklace, anything she wants bc the look of fascination on her face is enough for him to completely melt
  • She also loves playing with his hands
  • She likes sitting in his lap and just toying with his fingers and her hand is so lil next to his and his are so warm
  • C U D D L E S
  • So much cuddling
  • Whether she’s a few months old or a few years, she’s in his arms every night for at least an hour and it feels weird to both of them when they don’t have their daily cuddles
  • Like he goes away on tour when she’s three and it’s his first time away from her and he doesn’t like it at all
  • They Skype each other every night and he always breaks into the widest smile when your faces appear on the screen and he’s immediately asking if his two girls are doing okay
  • She’s talking at that point and tells him about her day and she never fails to add in a “I miss you, appa, when do you come back?”
  • And he always tells her how many days are left and he sees her smile fall bc she was hoping he’d say he’s coming back tomorrow 
  • He’s immediately doing everything he has to in order to get her smiling again
  • Like “look, appa can make a weird face” and “angel, smile for appa, he wants to see your dimples” and “what if I go get uncle Hoseok and we dance your favorite girl group dances for you?”
  • Okay but you know how chim has this really soft speaking voice like it’s gentle and sweet, well imagine that only in a lil bby form
  • No one can resist her lil voice like she just says “please?” in her soft voice that reminds everyone of chim and she immediately has whatever she wants
  • We all know Yoongi has a bit of a soft spot for Chim but he’s even more of a sucker for a lil Park
  • Whenever chim is recording his parts for the album, she’s just chilling in yoon’s lap and playing with his scarf
  • Jimin sings to her every night
  • He’s always the one to put her to bed bc he’s the only one who knows how
  • He sits on her bed with her and she just lays her head in his lap and he rubs her back and plays with her hair while he sings her favorite song
  • Sometimes that isn’t enough and she needs the sound of his heartbeat to fall asleep to so he has to lay down with her and let her rest her head just above his heart
  • He normally ends up falling asleep with her when that happens bc he always stays behind a few minutes after she falls asleep just to make sure that she’s actually asleep and doesn’t need him to continue
  • She’s the sweetest, politest lil girl
  • She’s so grateful for everything and he feels so proud bc that’s his angel
  • She follows him around like a lil puppy and it’s honestly really cute bc every now and again, he looks back to make sure she’s still there and she’s just right behind him with a lil smile on her face
  • Seeing her smile at him makes him actually melt bc she got his eye smile and she just loves her father so much and he loves just as much and they’re best friends and I’m :)
Uni Headcanons

- before parting ways for uni, oikawa gets iwaizumi godzilla-themed stationery and school supplies (and iwa tries to hide his happiness)

- iwa decorated oikawa’s side of the room with perfectly arranged constellations when he moved into his dorm

- hanamaki and matsukawa /somehow/ get into the same college as iwaizumi

- oikawa is roommates with bokuto, and next dorm neighbors with suga
》since oikawa has a habit of shortening people’s names and adding ’-chan’, whenever suga hangs out in their dorm and oikawa says “kou-chan”, both he and bokuto turn around bc they have the same nickname
》but when bokuto has akaashi and tsukishima visit and oikawa goes “kei-chan” they somehow know which is which and it creeps bokuto out

- oikawa loves gardening. as a result, his and bokuto’s dorm is full of potted plants (“you’ll thank me for the fresh air one day, kou-chan!”)
》as an april fools’ joke, kuroo, bokuto, makki, and mattsun teamed up and drew ushijima’s face on all of the clay pots and they could hear oikawa screaming at 5 in the morning
》after that incident, bokuto got kicked out of the dorm for a month

- oikawa was barely in his dorm for the last week of May because he was planning iwaizumi’s surprise birthday party
》iwaizumi knows all about this ‘surprise’ party

-iwa’s roommates with daichi, and found out about the party via suga
》he and daichi have a very good dynamic and it makes oikawa jealous
》sometimes they invite either karasuno or seijou over to their college to play volleyball together and everyone is in an especially good mood
》oikawa and suga see post-game pictures and they are not happy

- daichi and iwaizumi are fucken bffs
》they go to the gym together (“bench-press buddies”, as mattsun would say)
》whenever they walk through the dorm hall in muscle tees and gym shorts everybody stops and stares because
》daichi helped iwaizumi turn his car into a 'space ship’ so he could kidnap oikawa and take him stargazing for his birthday
》iwaizumi became buff cupid for daichi and suga’s third anniversary (“how did you get iwaizumi-san to be cupid???”)

- makki and mattsun send iwa dank memes to wake him up and piss him off first thing in the morning

-being dorm neighbors with makki and mattsun don’t guarantee a good night’s sleep either- they play mario kart until 2:56 AM
》2:56 AM because it takes them three minutes to turn off the game and shut down the console and one minute to run to their beds before the 'witching hour’ starts
》iwamama has scolded them more than once to sleep early since they have 7 am classes

- daichi has awkwardly walked in on makki and mattsun making out more than once

- karasuno gave daichi a surprise visit for Christmas, and when they were about to leave they spent a good 2 hours trying to pry a crying hinata away from daichi

-iwaizumi punched an oikawa-shaped santa claus on the nose while he was hovering over his half-asleep self (“ouch, iwa-chan! so violent!” “don’t just hover over me like that, trashykawa!”)
》they spent a good thirty minutes bickering before iwaizumi finally got into his own santa costume and they began the yearly tradition of sneaking into their seijou teammates’ chimneys and giving them christmas gifts from “santa”
》oikawa reluctantly agreed to giving kageyama a gift every year as well after they saw their kouhai 'sleeping like an angel’
》oikawa strictly enforces the rule that they give out gifts according to their team’s jersey numbers so they don’t mess anything up
》one time iwaizumi left oikawa behind in kyoutani’s house because he took too long (“I wanted to make sure Kyouken-chan got the amount of coal he deserved! So mean, Iwa-chan.” “Look who’s talking.”)

- at the end of the day, Mr. and Mr. Claus drink eggnogg on the roof of oikawa’s dorm until sugamama comes up and tells them to get inside before the snow starts piling and they both catch a cold

- suga made them all handmade knit sweaters and chocolate chip cookies

- bokuto still believes in santa, and he mysteriously gets a big ass gift from santa every year but oikawa and suga know it’s akaashi’s doing

- bokuto invested in a tachibana makoto dakimakura to give kuroo for his birthday (since kuroo and makoto have the same birthday)
》kenma does not approve of this and neither did akaashi when he found it hiding under bokuto’s bed when he came to visit

- by their second year, kuroo and bokuto set iwaizumi and oikawa up on a date
》they were really surprised to hear that the two weren’t dating yet (“they’re really dense,” mattsun says. “even if they cross boundaries to them it’s still platonic”)
》in the bokuroo bro book, platonically crossing boundaries was highly unacceptable
》this time daichi agreed to be buff cupid

- in their final year in college, they all spent sleepless nights together in the same coffee shop just to finish their thesis
》makki’s thesis almost didn’t get approved, so they all helped him to make sure they all graduate at the same time

- their graduation days were only a day apart so they went to each others’ ceremonies
》oikawa and bokuto cried

-after oikawa, bokuto, and suga’s graduation ceremonies (which was the second day), they all played volleyball together for the first and the last time as college buddies

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HEY THANK YOU FOR DOING THAT LEGAL PARTNERS FANART. Because of you, I have spent the last 48 hours reading all of it. My life was dedicated to that beautiful piece of ace attorney fan fiction (oh the tears). Ps I love your art and pps if you have any other wrightworth reccomendations I will love u forever!!

GOOD I love that fic so much I’ve probably reread it like 4 times by now?? totally fine

ANYWAY **rubs my grubby little fic hoarding hands together** list of some of my fave p/e fics under the cut

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Love You Forever

This is trash bc I am terrible with writing baby things
I tried my best though lol
S/O to buckyscrotch for requesting this
Hope it’s okay!

Title: Love You Forever
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Summary: “Having your first baby boy with Bucky (post-WS) imagine, please? ((:”
Word Count: 862
Warnings: Babies and stuff. Reader is assumed to be female.

Your name: submit What is this?

          "Bucky?” you called, peering into the living room.

         He stood up and walked over, and immediately placed a hand on your pregnant stomach. It was almost a habit for him now. He was just too excited to finally have your first kid. Little did he know, he didn’t have to wait much longer.

         "We need to go to the hospital,“ you told him. "Now.”

         His eyes widened.

         "Now?“ he asked.


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Street Racer!Jungkook

And last but certainly not least is the second half of the Busan line, our beloved golden maknae who’s actually a total softie honestly the fact that he tears up when the other boys cry is just so sweet and innocent like he’s such a bub, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie 

  • This is gonna feature a hint of college/photographer!kook (here)
  • Visuals are up first bc I have a plan for this I’ve been so ready to write this post 
  • Fire!kook was actual fire that was such a good look on him the whole fluffy black hair look is just such a blessing
  • But also blonde!kook is still my favorite and probably always will be bc wow what a loOK
  • For this AU I am gonna go with the fire!kook hair bc that was the first thing I thought of when I thought of this post
  • Okay but tbh the fire mv is pretty much street racer!kook
  • Like the clothing he had on in that video is h i m so we got some legit visuals here
  • The look that he has on in the dance scenes, with the whole white t-shirt jeans and that lil thigh garter thing that we’re just gonna ignore bc rude who asked for that, is day time!kook when he’s at college
  • But then the look that he has on when they’re in that empty pool, the all black with the green camo jacket, that is street racer!kook at night
  • Side note kook with his shirt tucked in is so nice plus the belt is just yES bless whoever styled that look
  • I have this head canon that street racer!kook has a few tattoos here and there like he doesn’t have a sleeve yet or even a half sleeve, he’s only got like ten tattoos so far
  • He’s got a couple on his right arm, one on his left, a few on his sides and back and one on his finger (plus the bantan one)
  • So all of the boys have matching tattoos to represent Bangtan, they all have a lil “B” somewhere on their body (tae has his on the back of his neck, Namjoon and Jin have theirs on their fingers, etc.)
  • Jungkook’s is on the side of his hand
  • It’s pretty much always on display, especially since he’s into photography and his tattoo is on his dominant hand so everyone can see it but he doesn’t really care
  • He’s got zero shame but also nobody outside of the street racing community knows what the B stands for and even if he tells them it stands for Bangtan, they don’t know what that is so he doesn’t have to worry much about his professors catching onto anything
  • And when he’s racing it’s very much so on display and he wears it proudly bc just by seeing that lil tattoo people are lining up to see this shit go down
  • Okay but I have no idea why this came to mind but I got this mental image of like body paint plus street racing like kook having these really pretty designs all over his arms and his neck and face and then when he’s racing, the lights shine off of the paint like idk how practical that is but it just sounds so nice to me
  • So I already know exactly what kookie’s specialty is bc I’ve literally had this planned since the Jin post
  • He does the drifting along with being the second mechanic of the group
  • Whenever any of the boys need any help with their cars, they go to either kook or yoon
  • He and Yoongi are the two people that k n o w cars and head canon that kook meets yoongi when he’s really young so Yoongi just takes him under his wing and shows him everything he knows
  • Just take a second to imagine that, a tiny!kook just wanting to take pictures of yoon’s nice ass car but then gets really interested in it all like how did he do that
  • At first kook is only really interested in the engine of the car but then he sees yoon race and yoon starts taking him to more of the races with him so he can get cooler pictures and that’s when kook is just siGN ME UP
  • He’s super quick to fall in love with drifting Yoongi doesn’t even have time to figure out what he should focus on kook’s already got it figured out
  • I mentioned before in Tae’s post that he does a lot of the windy courses where there are gonna be a shit ton of turns but he only does a bit of drifting and the reason for that is bc Jungkook handles the courses that will require drifting
  • Really sharp turns, small spaces, getting inches away from a curb/wall type of shit, the stuff that makes you hold your breath and pray for the best
  • We’ve all seen how quickly Jungkook can learn to do something, the kid can watch someone do something and then just do it instantly so he would be a super quick learner when it came to racing
  • Yoongi doesn’t even really need to train him too much before he’s ready to start racing
  • You and Jungkook are already dating when he starts racing but he waits to tell you bc he wants to make sure he actually likes it and is gonna continue doing it
  • You know he has a love for cars, you know he hangs around Yoongi a lot and you know that Yoongi does street racing so once Jungkook starts spending Saturday nights with Yoongi, you’re pretty quick to put two and two together
  • Jungkook is super stubborn so you already know that trying to get him out of it won’t work very well, if anything it’s gonna make him want to do it even more
  • It’ll just be like that one time you told him he couldn’t cook so he took five cooking classes and made you a restaurant quality three course meal and was super extra about it he went out and bought those silver trays with the lids so he could be dramatic and lift the lid when he served the food
  • So you figure you might as well just make sure he’s being safe about it and that he takes you with him when he races
  • “I still think is a horrible idea but if it makes you happy, I’ll deal with it”
  • “What if I let you honk the horn at Yoongi, will you be on board with it then?”
  • “The last time you honked at Yoongi, you two ended up meeting in a parking garage at one in the morning to ‘duel it out’ and spent four hours racing bc neither of you wanted to lose”
  • “…is that a no?”
Danganronpa Episode 5 Analysis
  • Spoilers Ahead!
  • I’m tagging these posts with #danganronpaspoilers so if you want to avoid them blacklist that tag!
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    Tagging: @sun-wukong-rwby
  • Check out all of them here!

Again, more heart ache. (sorry for the late post I was at work orz)

We start off with the most adorable flash back with my OTP3 right? What struck me as off was the way Yoi was acting with Ruruka. Although it doesn’t seem strange currently, back when they were kids I wonder what made him act the way he did. 

But back to the previous episode in the Despair Arc, when everyone was calling Ruruka a “bitch” (lack of better word, I don’t think anyone really called her this but im tired and yeah) or “fake friend”, we see here in the flash back that their relationship did start off pure and kind, like I predicted. Plus, it was Seiko saying she would offer Ruruka anything as long as she couldn’t eat her sweets, so when Ruruka mentions that Seiko “still can’t eat her sweets”, I think she was hoping that one day she would refuse her, and try what she made, because she wanted Seiko to enjoy them as much as Yoi does. 

Ruruka just wanted Seiko to appreciate what she could do, because in her eyes Seiko could do so much more. Not saying she went about it in the right form of fashion, but she never outright hated Seiko or the latter. If anything, she just wanted her to recognize how good she was at baking.

BUT what I really want to focus on is the conversation with Tengan and Kyosuke––or more importantly the flashback.

Here we see wounded Tengan, presumably down for the count (or at least bed ridden) but the flashback makes it seem that he was up and ready to face the FF moments, maybe hours later. This is why I don’t believe in his death.

But before that, I wanna touch base on something. Tengan admitted that he wasn’t a remnant of despair, but he didn’t answer any questions regarding killing Yukizome and GG. He didn’t answer to being a traitor. Being a traitor and a remnant of despair are two different things. Look at Sakura, our best example, she was a traitor but not part of the despairs. Something to think about. 

Oh also did I mention that Tengan can’t lie when asked a question? Yeah, thats his rule violation thingy.

If anything, I wonder what Tengan told Kyosuke when he said he knew who the traitor was. My only possible guesses could be:

  1. He admitted that he killed Yukizome and GG
  2. Could say that he witnesses Kyosuke do it bc he was “possessed” when he woke up to kill someone.
  3. Could reveal the truth about Miaya/Monaca.
  4. Yukizome being the traitor.

But again, we don’t know. I am leaning towards maybe the first or second one, maybe even the fourth one, something along the lines of Yukizome, bc Kyosuke states saying, “You think that is going to make me waver” meaning maybe revealing Yukizome’s murderer/she’s the traitor would cause him to spare Tengans life? Again, who knows…

But what I want to state is that Tengan in the FF could possibly be a fake. We see with Miaya that the real one could be captive, could be dead. But she is replaced with a robot. Having a body double, maybe the ultimate impersonator, impersonate Tengan and manipulate the game on the inside wouldn’t be a long shot.  I know it’s funny to think of Twogami being Tengan, but he is the Ultimate Impersonator, so he could do it. We also see that Twogami has incredible physical strengths as well. Just thoughts though….

also want to note that Kyosuke had a “cure all drug” from Seiko because Seiko gave it to him bc she truly loved and cared for him. I bet everyone in the FF that she cared about has one, or at least Kyosuke, bc she valued him the most. Case closed on that one. Kyosuke didn’t murder Seiko or Yoi. dont make me panic about my bby yoi now plz

But finally, we have what I thought of as truly tragic, Seiko dies.

Her final moments (or maybe not bc in this anime anyone can still be alive) are truly sad. Her final thoughts are of Ruruka, her closest friend. I can only imagine how Ruruka will react. 

Now I wanted to pull together some pieces from each murder.

Yukizome was hung atop a chandelier, GG was hung by wires, Seiko stabbed and hung onto a wall & even Tengan was impaled onto a wall in his final hours. The only thing I am certain is that the killer is leaving a pattern, a calling card if you will. 

I saw some other blogs point this one out too, so I KNOW I ain’t the only person thinking of this. But, I have more to elaborte about it than anyone else has so far or at least let me ramble hehe

Another thing I noticed was from D2:GD gameplay and the parallels with this and the earlier episodes. When Mikan “got infected” with the despair disease, she killed Ibuki and Hiyoko. How? If you don’t remember, Ibuki was hanged and Hiyoko was tied to a pillar, elevated. When Nagito killed himself, he tied himself up, using ropes. Now the second killing game was broadcasted live, and I bet the FF watched (knowing of Makoto’s actions) and I bet the traitor watched and maybe is trying to emulate these actions in some manner, following patters? We know that danganronpa is a series that loves to follow patterns, foreshadow and the like. It could be a long shot, but whoever shows the most knowledge about the despairs and maybe had the best connection with them could be part of the despairs. 

Also, wouldn’t it be a kicker if Yukizome was the traitor.

(gifs taken from @uriekuki post)

  1. We can tell that in front of someone is Junko Enoshima. But who is behind her? I am assuming Yukizome, as in the next gif it shows Yukizome in the front, this time overcoming Junko Enoshima, her hair cascading over Junko and putting her in her shadow. Maybe Yukizome was following Junko, being her pawn and killing for her, forcing Nagito to graduate with the other students of the 78th class and bringing them into despair. She was working with her all along, and thus, when Junko died, Monaca and Yukizome took over. Yukizome entered the FF and helped Monaca get in by kidnapping/killing Miaya.
  2. Although it could also be argued that the girl isn’t Junko, it is in fact Mukuro because of the head pieces, mirroring “Junko” that wasn’t really Junko, and thus the girl behind her is the real Mukuro, holding the knives and wearing the gloves, plus the what could be short hair. Again, we don’t know. Because that could be the real Junko, and what she looked like during her time at HPA, which, is the builing she could be holding. 

(photo set via @shsl-shipper-gamer-fangirl post)

  1. O K  N A G I T O  K O M A E D A  (all im gonna say)
  2. Like ok no but listen and hear me out on this long ass theory. 
    So Nagito was already pretty fucked up before entering HPA, or just about. What if Nagito read the despair book. Remember, the book mentioned in D2:GD & Danganronpa: Togami? The book that if anyone reads it they fall into despair? Well what if Nagito read it and stopped maybe half way, or at some point? During his time at HPA Yukizome tired to understand him, and he offered her the book to read and understand his ideals. She followed suit, read about half way or so then stopped. This would explain her being able to “blend” into the FF, her comments here, and her affiliation with Junko. Because if she fell into step with Nagito, then meeting Junko and falling into despair seems likely to me. 

It wouldn’t be weird for her to die first then. Junko pulled the same stunt, and then played puppet master. If she was working with Monaca, then she could go around at night and kill FF members, whereas Miaya/Monaca could interact and influence them within the game. Also, it would assure her “survival” within the final killing game and offer her the best chances and opportunities. After all, Yukizome spent the most time with the despairs, understood them the most, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to see her fall into despair, to reveal their hideout to the despairs. She cared for them, still does, and I don’t think she would follow Kyosuke in killing them all. She would pull the Ultimate Junko and that would be glorious. 

Also, when Tengan told Kyosuke something that was muted out, it could have been that Yukizome was the killer. That would also explain Kyosuke’s reaction to what he heard + Tengan being a fake and therefore knowing who was the “traitor”, because he isn’t the real Tengan. Then, Kyosuke saying “you think that will make me spare you” makes even more sense, bc he is addressing the fact that he is a fake, but still going to kill him and about Yukizome, which he believes her to be his own Ultimate Hope. Again, just theories, but if my main boy Tengan ain’t the killer, I guess my heart is gonna go after the next SHSL sweetheart imo. (* ˚᷄ 艸 ˚᷅ *)


This is a screenshot of the panel where the FF are having like a meeting or whatever, but these seem to be the leaders of the FF right?

From left to right: Daisuke, GG, Tengan, Kyosuke, Yukizome.

The hope of the FF. But who has died? All 4 expect Kyosuke.

+ where is Juzo? On another mission? Regardless, this doesn’t seem by chance to me…

tfa thoughts, finally

I HAVE A LOT OF THOUGHTS and im finally writing them down, and this is really incoherent and i meant to finish this ages ago but whoops, the point is: here goes

I’m deliberately sticking with all of the GOOD, because I’ve seen so many criticisms and while criticisms can be and are valid, they’re all grinding my gears because they completely seem to dismiss the revolutionary nature of this film and


This is really incoherent, kind of unstructured, and full of loud yelling, but

Let’s roll

(NOTE: THIS IS FULL OF TFA SPOILERS. MAJOR SPOILERS. DON’T READ IF YOU’VE NOT SEEN THE FILM. Tagging @cogito-ergo-dumb  and @mlder bc i explicitly remember them yelling at me to let them know when I post this, and rn I’m in a lot of pain and don’t have the energy to scour through my inbox to find everyone else who requested they be tagged. I’m so, so sorry. I’ll come back and add u to this later, peeps. anyway, here goes:)

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