o well gotta love her songs

NY Auditions #1

Impavido? Okay. Kaylee Millis. So that’s the name of my new favorite. I just really like her style and attitude. I wish she had picked any other song to audition to since I hate this song, but oh well. For once, I don’t think the standing O was exagerrated. I really, really loved that. I felt the performance in everything she did. That might be one of my favorite contemporary auditions ever. Like, the little movements were so amazing in this. The little things she did with her hands and feet, her expressions. I love her.

Ana Sanchez: Man, how long has it been since we saw a good salsa on this show? That was a lot of fun! I gotta say, that dude must be incredibly strong because not once did those lifts look difficult. I’m not well versed enough in salsa to tell the difference between what they did and traditional salsa, but I loved the fast footwork I saw here. I don’t have much confidence that she can do other styles, but I hope she does well in Not-Vegas.

Koine Iwasaki: First of all, she’s stunning. Okay, so at first I wasn’t terribly impressed because she seemed too much like a competition dancer, but some of the stuff she did from the middle onward made my breath catch in my throat. Like when she grabbed her ankles in the backbend? Her control is a little bit absurd. I think if someone like Sonya gets her hands on her, it could be transcendent. So New York was hiding all the impressive contemporary dancers.

Joseph Carella and Huwer Marche Jr.: I love when we get new types of hip-hop in auditions (since we all know they’ll never get on the show -eye roll-). I’ve legit never seen some of the stuff they were doing, like when Joseph was moving forward while pretending his body was a jump rope? How the hell do you even do that? I’d like to see a longer performance by them. I don’t disagree with Nigel when he said that they’re geniuses with their movement and how they interpret music.

Chaz Wolcott: He seems like a sweetheart. He reminds me of Evan from season 5 a bit. It was hard not to smile during that. This show has taught me that I’m a sucker for tap, and I think Gaby paved the way for more to come on the show (if it continues). I don’t know how believable he’d be in other styles, but I could watch him tap all day.

Darrius Reed: …huh. Okay.This is gonna be interesting. He’s definitely hilarious, I’ll give him that. And holy shit, I was…expecting something, but I’m not sure it was that. I’m crying laughing omg. When he threw off the coat and the shoes, I was done. The runs in his stockings, I cannot. You keep doing you, Darrius lmao. I can’t believe he’s really salty about this pffffff

Hey, we’ve seen Cristina Moya-Palacios before, yeah? Was it season 11 or 12? I feel like she came really close to top 20 whichever season it happened to be.She was the one who stood out the most in that montage, though I also peeped the pointe girl. 

Ryan Bailey: So his song choice was a little. Odd. I can’t say I really um…get this style, but I give him all the credit in the world for doing his own thing enough to become a teacher of it. Thing is, he’s actually a really legit dancer. For once, I agreed with everything Nigel said. This dude said a motif, though. Lmao okay.