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Oh, nice! I bought the new Dark Brotherhood story chapters for TES: Legends with in-game gold since I just happened to have so much of it left (for playing the game pretty much since last July or so), and apparently I just got myself a new mount:

I honestly thought that this reward was only for people who pre-ordered the new story, but hey, no complaints from me!

I think I’ll give the big bad wolf to my murder Bosmer for now… they match. :B

Hello again everyone ! As we mentioned last post, there are a few things we need to take care of / clean up ooc before we can properly get back to the story. One of these being the cast and masterlist in general. As such, THE MASTERLIST HAS BEEN WIPED CLEAN. 

This is mostly for our own sanity, as from our last time of activity a lot of blogs on there have been moved, deleted, and so on, and tracking them all down would cause us a very high workload in comparison to simply starting fresh.

We ask all the muns for the muses who are already a part of this verse to RE-SUBMIT THEIR APPS ( don’t worry, you are still very much still accepted into the verse, this is to help us more than anything. ) AND this also means that WE ARE ONCE AGAIN ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS FOR FABRICATED WORLD. 

The app can be found on THIS POST but we will also repost it below: 

Name/Age: (this can be anywhere from a child to an adult. No restrictions!)
Brief explanation as to why they were at the Guertena exhibit: (employee? visitor? etc?)
Rose color: (check here for colors && here to see if your color is claimed)
Painting or Prisoner?: (Paintings hold a loyalty to Mary, and CANNOT participate in the murder game. However, they ARE capable of interacting with other prisoners at other points in time. Prisoners cannot tell the difference between other prisoners and the paintings.)
Weaknesses: (things that would MAKE them want to kill, for example. What is so important to them they want to go so far to escape?)
Strengths: (what would keep them from killing another prisoner?)
Important People to your muse: (mother/father/siblings/friends/pets/beloved uncle jerry….etc…. Incl: name/relation!)
Would you be willing to play the role of a murderer?:
Would you be willing to play the role of a victim?: 
Triggers?: (ie: suicide, cannibalism, etc. a list will be kept to ensure the murders don’t include things like this, but please do expect some sort of dark touch to this story && all. It is a death game after all.) 

Once again, we thank you for your patience & continued interest !

well! (O    v O) <3 this is the OTP i was talking about in >this< post earlier… heheh… (^   3 ^);; at the outset of this piece i was feeling really down, and thought it might turn out quite depressing… but (o    w  o) it was actually really cathartic <3 and i think it ended up kind of bittersweet (^    v ^) so~ i’m feeling oddly peaceful now. i… i really just want the angry boy and the sweet boy to be happy… *so much sighs* i’m being facetious of course~ lol ~ but i do hope at least some of you enjoy this. it makes me think a lot about the people i value and how much i hope they know i love them <3

hi!! i havent got on here for a while cause i got sick; wrist injuries + flu and i went to a trip.. but i’m back now!! hopefully to catch up w/ work backlog and art trades nice and easy ToT it’s taking a while to get back to drawing but i’m getting here! i had a very good weekend nevertheless. i recently bought an aki mini fig! he’s currently at my friend’s place because i’m gonna move anytime soon.. it’ll probably take a couple more months but im so happy and excited to get him!!! i’ve wanted him for soooo long TTvTT 

3 attempts at drawing something actually substantial later i end up at a shitty doodle (⊙︿⊙✿)

at least they’re cute

yooo i get my own room here so that means that i can stay up until like 12 o clock writing stuff

The Malec Network: Team Bane

Challenge two: Malec AU: soulmate au. 

ok but im trash for soulmate aus so here we go 

  • soulmate au with a clock that counts down and magnus in the 1800′s looking at his and having so many hours, so many years, before meeting his soulmate. he lives his life, however, but can’t help but wonder who this stranger who will be right for him in the future will be. 
  • soulmate au + all human au where one stops aging until they meet their soulmate. magnus being kind of chill with being without his soulmate, because hey, he’s young, but after a while it gets hearbreakingly lonely, because everyone around him seem to age, and he is stuck
  • alec turning 18 with magnus and after a year realising that they both have aged. 
  • soulmate au where soulmates have eachother’s names on their bodies. alec waking up with the name magnus bane written on his wrist, and he’s twelve and doesn’t know shit, and he is so scared. alec wearing long sleeved shirts and bracelets and borrowing izzy’s makeup to cover it up. alec, when he learns that his soulmate is not only a man but also the high warlock of fkn broOKLYN, almost breaking down.
  • alec, knowing that his soulmate is on that party, still going in case his siblings and almost friends get in trouble (and we know that they always do, don’t they?) 
  • magnus with a blurry mark, letters that moves, but one night a hundred years before alec is born he sees the name lightwood on his wrist and he swears to god that he will kiss every lightworm to find the right one. (the next morning the letters are blurry again and he doesn’t know if what he saw was right, or nothing but a dream) 
  • and the best soulmate aus……… where those who are meant to be simply cannot have eachother…….. 
  • soulmate au where 
  • au where ppl die at the same day as their soulmate, and magnus doensn’t die. he has no soulmate. and then alec, with his beautiful soulmate comes along, and magnus finally believes that love is more than the soulmate bond. then, well, something happens
  • soulmate au where alec and magnus arent soulmates…… (bc hey, soulmates are more than romantic, the bond can be platonic as well and it is so much more than romance, it is about your existence) and society is created for soulmates.
  • the aging soulmate au where they aren’t soulmates and they live together, young and immortal, for so many years, then alec sees a wrinkle in his skin and is terrified
  • soulmate au where soulmates have to kill each other…….
  • soulmate au where i can make malec really fkn sad and full of heartbreaks bc i love it >:)