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leave it to me.

yuuri: so, how was your date?

yurio: that’s not any of your business, pig

victor [whispering]: leave it to me

victor: he’s right, yuuri. its not any of our business, besides i’d be pretty upset too if i had to cover up such a big hickey

yurio [running towards his room]: fuck!

yuuri [looking at victor]: i didn’t saw any hickey

victor [smirking at yuuri]: i think his date went just fine

forgot to post this because was busy trick or treating to each houses lol

i know what i said.

yurio: i can’t believe my dads got married



otabek: you just said-

yurio: i know what i said


a series of unlikely crossovers:

back in russia.

yurio [sighing]: it’d be a bummer to spend it all by myself back in russia

yurio [grimacing]: specially now that the pig moved in with us

yurio [groaning]: ugh, and victor’s birthday coming up? they’re gonna be all over each other

yurio [snorting]: well, more than usual

otabek [turning to yurio]:

otabek: i could go with you

yurio [finally internally screaming]:

more internal screaming.

yurio [watching victor and yuuri practicing pair skating]: look at them, gross

otabek [clearing his throat]: you think you can do better than them?

yurio [scolding]: what?

otabek [blushing]: like, pair skating?

yurio [turning to look at otabek]: i won gold last gpf i don’t need to prove anything to anyone

otabek [more internal screaming]: