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Science Project - Stiles Stilinski [SMUT]

Author: daddyobrienx

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Rating: NSFW

Warnings: Smut, Fingering, Public, Teasiing

Word count: 2,102

A/N: Hola hola, I decided to write more smut cuz y’all seemed to like it. Also, thanks to @obrosey-af and @twsmuts for looking this over. I now take requests and I’m working on more smut that was requested by someone, coming soon. Anyways, hope y’all enjoy!

Part two

My relationship with Isaac isn’t a very stable one. We’ve been dating for a long while now. I thought he was “The one”. Cliche, I know. It was until Lydia told me she saw Isaac with another girl, I broke up with him. Ever since then, he’s been saying he’s sorry and begging to give him another chance. And I, being the dumbass I am, gave him another chance. So now I guess we’re dating…again. Whoopty fuckin do.

“You’re back together with Isaac? Y/N, do you know how many times he’s cheated on you? He’s an asshole!” Stiles loudly whispers, flailing his hands all over the place and I roll my eyes at him.

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No Heart

Originally posted by velarix

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Characters: Reader, Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin, Natalie Martin, Malia Tate

Requested: Yes, by a nonny that asked 43 with Stiles 😍 

Prompt: “You make me feel like I’m not good enough.”

Warnings: Angst, Hurt character

A/N: I know you probably wanted something smutty, and I even started out that way, but the story decided against it.

Request a prompt from here

You and Stiles had been together for a while, even before Scott was bitten. You loved the dork with everything you had, no matter if you had to watch Star Wars a thousand times or if you had to deal with him leaving to help save the town. You were never worried about him when he was near Lydia or Allison, you knew he loved you as much as you loved him. It wasn’t until Malia showed up that you began having doubts.

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Doctor Who | On this day in 2008: ‘Forest of the Dead’

As the shadows rise and Donna is trapped in a parallel world with no memory of the Doctor, he forges an alliance with the mysterious River Song as they attempt to halt the advances of the deadly Vashta Nerada.

“Everyone knows that everyone dies. And nobody knows it like the doctor. But I do think that all the skies in all the worlds might just turn dark, if he ever accepts it.” - River Song

Scott: We have to get the others back
Stiles: The others? You mean Kira who’s currently bottling a homicidal fox spirit inside of her? Malia, who isn’t speaking to either one of us. Lydia, who’s stuck in Eichen House. And Liam who almost killed you
Scott: Also know as our best friends
—  Teen Wolf: Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski - 05x12 Damnatio Memoriae
Reaction To S/O Having Social Anxiety

Tate-Whenever you would go out with Tate he would always hold your hand. He would rub his thumb against your hand to try to make sure you stayed calm. Tate would try to take you to places when they weren’t very crowded. The beach would be your favorite spot because Tate could always find a place with few people.

Kit- Kit would find it cute. He would wrap one of his arms around you and pull you close to him. Most nights you would stay at home with the kids. The nights that you would go out would be a simple date like going out to eat or for a walk together.

Pre-death Kyle- Kyle would want you to go to frat parties with him and things like that. He understood that the would make you uncomfortable and he never let you out of his sight. The more crowded it got, the closer he made sure he was to you. Eventually, he would probably just sit down and pull you onto his lap. His other friends would sit around and chat with you guys while the rest of the party was going on.

Post-death Kyle- Kyle probably wouldn’t know exactly why it made you uncomfortable, but he would try his best to keep you calm. He just wants you to be and would always hold your hand.When more people came around he would take you somewhere less crowded.

Jimmy- Jimmy wouldn’t want to take you out of your comfort zone at all. Whenever he did, he would love hold your hand or having you wrap your arms around him and stay by his side. It allowed him to keep you safe and comforted and show everyone else that you were his.

James- James wouldn’t mind you being close to him in front of others. He would most likely always have his arm draped around your waist and rest his hand on your butt. He would also pull you close and kiss you when he would notice you getting super uncomfortable. If it got to bad, he would just order people to leave.

Rory- Rory would cuddle you back. He would stop in the middle of everything to wrap you in his embrace. He would kiss your head and rub your back until you felt better.

Edward- Edward wouldn’t really comfort you physically, but he would comfort you with words and take you away from the situation.