o soave fanciulla

so I went to my mum’s concert tonight - she’s in a choir, but there were a few soloists there too

and these two wonderful singers started singing a duet called ‘O soave fanciulla’ from La Boheme

now I’m not really familiar with opera at all, so as it started I was wondering 'Why…do I recognise this? Why is making me sad?’

then suddenly I realised

it’s the music playing in Giles’ house when he finds Jenny’s body

so then I was just sitting there for the whole thing like:

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Classics in Pop Culture Week!

O Soave Fanciulla

La Boheme - Giacomo Puccini

Jonas Kaufmann and Kristine Opolais (Ain’t they cuties?)

(Cue Rant.) BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. EPISODE ENTITLED “PASSIONS.” WHEN GILES WALKS INTO HIS APARTMENT EXPECTING TO FIND A VERY HAPPY AND ALIVE JENNY AND INSTEAD FINDS HER DEAD BODY. And Angel has left this little gem playing in the background on LP. I heard this playing, and I knew what was coming. (End rant. Cue tears.)

Is this even used anywhere else outside Joss Whedon’s messed up mind?