o soave fanciulla

Hands(like my Father's)

You didn’t ask where I got these scars
But I’ll tell you how I got them

This one on my right index finger
Is from breaking apart a tree stump
In my backyard without wearing gloves
Splinters broke off the hammer’s shaft
To penetrate my skin

I told my Dad years ago I wanted scars on my hands like him

I still can’t figure out the reason though
Perhaps I just want a story to tell at a party or I just like knowing I accomplished something

My scars are
a collection of gold medals
And I’m thinking
I have something to prove

I have three scars
Near my thumbs on each hand
I neglected to use pot holders
As I took food out of the oven
I’m still not very careful––

In the backyard again
And I’ve missed the tree
To graze my ankle
I’m persistent even after all the bruises

Its funny
I’m listening to opera
O Soave Fanciulla they sing
I think its about love, maybe
I don’t speak Italian

I tell my Dad,
After all my fresh cuts have healed,
About my new scars
And all the bruises
That are fading away

He listens,
Then starts telling me
Stories about his hands again
And how he can’t
Clench them into fists anymore

And now here I am,
Just like my Dad,
Telling a story to you

One day
I may not make strong fists
Of my scarred hands
But I hope
Some part of me remains soft

so I went to my mum’s concert tonight - she’s in a choir, but there were a few soloists there too

and these two wonderful singers started singing a duet called ‘O soave fanciulla’ from La Boheme

now I’m not really familiar with opera at all, so as it started I was wondering 'Why…do I recognise this? Why is making me sad?’

then suddenly I realised

it’s the music playing in Giles’ house when he finds Jenny’s body

so then I was just sitting there for the whole thing like:

Watch on la-madamina.tumblr.com

Classics in Pop Culture Week!

O Soave Fanciulla

La Boheme - Giacomo Puccini

Jonas Kaufmann and Kristine Opolais (Ain’t they cuties?)

(Cue Rant.) BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. EPISODE ENTITLED “PASSIONS.” WHEN GILES WALKS INTO HIS APARTMENT EXPECTING TO FIND A VERY HAPPY AND ALIVE JENNY AND INSTEAD FINDS HER DEAD BODY. And Angel has left this little gem playing in the background on LP. I heard this playing, and I knew what was coming. (End rant. Cue tears.)

Is this even used anywhere else outside Joss Whedon’s messed up mind?