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Bruises On Another (part one)

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Prompt: Steve doesn’t know where they come from, and he isn’t exactly sure why they’re there. All he knows is that his body is littered in bruises, and there’s something different about them. They aren’t just bruises, and they certainly didn’t come from a trip in a step or clumsiness. No, Steve knows there’s more behind the marks that litter his body. 

THIS IS A SERIES: one - two - three - four - five - six - seven - eight - finale

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warnings: marks, bruises, pain, physical abuse, etc.

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it. Send me a little comment in the ask section or leave it below on what you thought of this chapter. It doesn’t have to be long, I appreciate every single comment I receive and telling me just helps inspire me to write it more frequently. 

P.S. This a soulmate AU.

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His fingers danced over the marks that littered his skin, his brows furrowed in a questioning matter. Purple and blues dents in his skin, mainly on his upper arm and scratches along his chest. They didn’t hurt, rather they just existed and if Steve never looked, he’d never know they were there. This was new, Steve thought. He had no idea where these marks came from or even why they were there.

“Steve!” His father yelled and Steve was brought back to the reality of the world. Blinking, he let his eyes fall one final time on his bruised arm before standing up and slipping his backpack over his shoulders. He’s in his finale year of high school and the pressure is on more than it’d ever been before.

Sighing, Steve ran a hand through his hair before turning and exiting his room. He was met with the sight of his father at the bottom or the stairs, staring up at him with a shake of the head. “Aren’t you meant to pick up Nancy?” He asked, his hands on hips.

Steve nodded; “i’m heading there now.” 

With one final glance from his father, Steve made his way out the front door and towards his car. The bruises slipped to the back of his mind as he threw his keys in the air with pride, and caught them. Life was going great for Steve Harrington, and he couldn’t be more happy. After everything that had happened a year ago, he’d changed; for the better. And he had an amazing girlfriend to help him through the changes.

Steve had fallen in love with Nancy Wheeler, and there was no doubting that those who saw them thought they were meant to be. He was sure that she was the one and honestly, Steve felt like the luckiest man alive. 

With a wide grin, he opened the door to his car and slid in. His eyes fell to the rearview mirror for one final check on his hair and make sure it was at full volume length, and it was. With a satisfied click of his tongue, Steve pushed his keys into the ignition and turned them, hearing the satisfying hum of the car engine starting up. The drive to Nancy’s house took no time at all, and soon he found himself parked just before her driveway and the girl herself was walking down the steps with a smile on her lips.

Steve, being the gentleman he was, leaned over the passengers seat and opened the door up for his girlfriend. Nancy followed his lead, slipping into the car with her books in hand before setting them down on her lap. Steve expected her to say ‘good morning’ or something of the such, but the minute her eyes caught his, her smile turned into a frown.

Steve’s own face fell with confusion, furrowing his brows as one hand rested itself on top of his steering wheel. “Geez, good morning to you too, Nance.” Steve teased, still not quite sure what had caught her attention.

Though the girl only reached out one lithe arm and touched his face with a certain gentleness. Steve meant her eyes that were flooded with concern and snarled his lips in bafflement. “Really Nancy…” He started, reaching up to grasp her wrist gently. “What’s wrong?”

“Your face.” Nancy mumbled, her fingers dancing over Steve’s face, but specifically his left eye. “Your- Your eye, who did that to you?” 

Steve fumbled for a response before glancing back into his rearview mirror in question. What he found was definitely not what he expected, and now his own fingers danced over the new and fresh bruise marking his left eye. “What the…” He mumbled, scooting forward in his seat in utter bewilderment. Just like the marks on his arm, a purple and blue coating covered his left eye; somehow and somewhere he’d gotten a black eye.

He allowed his eyes to fall on Nancy for a moment, finding her just as concerned as he was but confused by his reaction.

Looking at the bruise one finale time, Steve blinked and leaned back; shaking his head. “O-Oh, that.” He tried to cover up his confusion, offering a small smile Nancy’s way. “When I was playing basketball… um, the ball came and hit me in the face. It was a stupid mistake, nothing to worry about.”

Nancy looked skeptical of his lie but let it slide; “well, just be more careful next time.” Steve nodded, situating himself back into his seat comfortably and turning back on the engine. Though his mood had shifted slightly from the particular mark now covering his eye, and he bit his lip in thought;

Where had that bruise come from?

“You can do this.” Your own eye met yours through the bathroom mirror, and you tried to swallow down the fear that consumed you. Eyeing your left eye, you glance at it one final time to make sure that it’d been fully covered by make up and let out a breath of relief when you found the marks underneath completely unnoticeable. “You can do this.”

With one final deep breath, you pushed yourself up from the bathroom sink and brushed down your hair. You met your own eye one last time before turning and heading for the exit. The second you opened the door, you stepped back in surprise when a flutter of kids your age walked by. Narrowly missing their bodies smacking your own, you tried to ignore the rapid beating of your heart.

“Room two-sixty-five. Room two-sixty-five.” You repeated in your head, glancing at the small sheet of paper the front office had given you. That was it, room two-sixty-five. Simple enough.

But as you stared at the littering figures of teenagers and the amount of classrooms with numbers a top of them, you knew that wasn’t true. Starting in a new high school was hard enough, but in the middle of your final year was even more difficult. 

Swallowing the lump in your throat, you pulled your sleeves further down your arm, nodding your head and begun walking. You must of walked around for a good ten minutes before a bell rung, which you could only assumed meant the beginning of class. You cursed yourself and the fact that you were so bad at directions, looking around the wall for any signal of room two-sixty-five. No such luck.

As kids ran past you and all headed to class, you were left alone in the middle of the hallway, lost. It wasn’t until mostly all of the kids were gone did you start walking again, and as you did you found the figure of another. A girl probably your age, maybe even younger, with brown short hair; she seemed nice enough. You glanced down at the sheet of paper that had done you no good but tell you which classroom you were meant to go to and the girl who stood by her locker. You needed to go to class, no matter how nervous you were and your best bet was asking the girl.

So ignoring the sick feeling you felt well within you, you stepped up to the girl cautiously. “Um- hello?”

The girl spun in response to your voice, her brows furrowing in confusion. “Yes?”

“I’m new… and I was wondering if you could tell me where this room is?” Your voice was quiet, and you were sure the girl had noticed by her curious glances. And you saw her eyes flitter down your attire, every inch of your body except your hands and face were covered by a piece of clothing and it wasn’t particularly cold out. But despite that, she still accepted the piece of paper you’d offered her and smiled.

“Of course.” She nodded, her eyes glancing over the paper before she clicked her tongue in realization. “It’s just down the hall there, the second door to the left. You can’t miss it.” You nodded, offering a small smile in response and mumbled a thank you. Before you could turn the other way though, the girls hand fell on your shoulder; “I’m Nancy, by the way. If you ever need help…”

You nodded; “thank you.”

Then before she could say anything you turned and walked in the direction she’d pointed. You let out a breath of relief when you finally found room two-sixty-five, your english class and paused for a moment. Your hand fell to your left eye, hoping everything was still covered before raising your hand to knock. Soon enough the door opened and a teacher stepped through. You worried for a moment he’d yell at you for being late, but instead he just smiled; “ah- you must be Y/N, our new student.”

With wide eyes, you nodded, not meeting his eye. “Come in, come in.” You followed him within the classroom, and you felt yourself petrified as everyones eyes fell on you and only you. You nearly missed the teacher start speaking as you felt yourself stuck. “Class, this is our new student; Y/N. Y/N, i’m Mr. Jones.” You nodded slowly, turning to him with a pale face. “There’s an empty seat at the back.”

You wasted no time making your way to the back of the class, desperate for everyones eyes to come off of you. And as you sat, you let out a breath of relief when everyone focused back on Mr. Jones. But as you gazed around, you found one pair of eyes on your own; a boys. You had no idea why he was staring at you, but your eye met his and it was almost like time slowed down.

His left eye… a bruise exactly like your own.

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I saw it and then I had to do it I HAD TO DO IT

It’s official now Benny can play piano I’m going to worm that into all of the oneshots I’ve written somEHOW

Bonus starstruck Ethan:


Delta (Bucky Barnes x Reader) A/B/O Series

A/N: HEY GUYS! I literally forgot that I made this a month ago but never posted it haha! :D I’ve always been a sucker for a/b/o fics and I wanted to shake things up a bit. (: Please excuse any misspellings as I get too excited when I write ENJOY! -Delilah ❤❤

Delta: Reader is a rare being in the a/b/o cycle and finds herself along side the Avengers. She manages to hide her true nature successfully until she catches the eye of a certain blue eyed super soldier. 

Warnings: Minor character death. Angst. 

Series Masterlist

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dear cass, what a BLOODY MASTERPIECE THAT LAST HATEFUCK!HARRY BLURB WAS :((( i hope you elaborate on.. what happens the morning after?

thank u!!! this is a continuation of this blurb here xx

When Harry wakes up the next morning, he’s surprised to see that you’ve cuddled into his chest. 

Also, you’re naked.

His eyes widen and his jaw drops, but then he remembers waking up sometime during the night to you shuffling around and whining under your breath. You were obviously still drunk, not having slept off the effects of the alcohol. Harry had watched as you kicked out your legs in frustration, before rolling off of the bed and standing on wobbly knees.

“’S wrong, love?” he’d grunted, cracking open one eye. It had taken a moment for his eyes to adjust to the dark room, but once they did, he saw you wrestling with the zipper at the side of your dress. Your fingers fumbled, but eventually you’d managed to pry the garment from your body, stepping out of the material as it pooled around your ankles. Harry lowered his gaze, thinking that would be the end of it.

He’d been wrong.

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sheev's plans for mpreg ruins-researcher!obiwan. #forcesuprise verse why does he want the child over obiwan? Simple power? is there something that will change his mind?

An apprentice raised from birth to be loyal, an apprentice just as powerful as Skywalker. It would take more time of course, would make Sheev older but he was patient, he had been more then patient before and he could be so again.


There were ways to extend ones life if you were willing.

Palpatine shifted in his seat and turned towards the window, staring out of it with a small smirk. “Oh dear Obi-Wan… your threats, while delightful, does not frighten me.” He chuckled quietly, shaking his head.

It would be to bad to kill him but if it could gain Palpatine some youth… well everyone served their purpose.

‘Its a pity I can’t convince him to work with me against the Jedi, his disdain of them were so… delightful.’ He licked his lips slowly.


“You need to breath Obi-Wan.” Plo held gently around the redhead as he helped him move. “I know this is painful but you need to take deep breaths.” He murmured out quietly.

“I am in labor, my back and pelvis hurts.” Obi-Wan hissed out through his teeth. “I want to murd-Ah!”

He whimpered a bit as another contraction hit but continued walking with Plo, the Kel Dor’s arm around his waist.

“I’m not sure this is HELPING.”

“Its not meant to directly help, its meant to distract you from the pain and hopefully quicken the labor. The faster is over, the faster you can no longer be in pain.” One healer said brightly as she rushed past him.

Yoda gave a low snort where he was sitting on a chair and Obi-Wan threw both a sever glare before crying out again. “And where the KARK is Skywalker!?!?”

By the time Skywalker came rushing into the Halls, it was all over.

Obi-Wan was gently stroking the tip of a button nose with a small smile as he held a green bundle in his arms.

“Before you as, her name is Satine. Figured her name sake would be honored since the Duchess was rather fond of me.” He offered, voice slightly raspy and sounding tired as Anakin stared at him.

“Contact her you should, tell her.” Yoda snorted, waving his cane at Obi-Wan before smiling. “Happy you seem. Happier.” He offered before eyeing Anakin for a long moment as the alpha slowly inched closer to the bed.

He narrowed his eyes slowly.

Anakin froze.

Obi-Wan quietly watched them.

And then Yoda snorted and waved his cane again. “Convince me you do not have to. Convince Mace you will have to.” He shrugged. “Retiring I am from my position, teach the Initiates I think its time for. Resign my position in the council perhaps.”

“Would give you more time. Perhaps its time to stop being the honorable one and instead being the fun one?” Obi-Wan hummed, nuzzling at his little pink babe.

“See we shall.” The green imp gave a smirk. “Amusing Mace face will be. Stay to watch him argue with Skywalker I might.”

Sitting down on Obi-Wan’s bedside slowly, Anakin gave the other Jedi a wary look. “I didn’t expect you of all people to give in so easily…”

“Bah, old I am. Hoped for Obi-Wan to take over for me one day I did. Threw him out despite my best efforts the others did.” Yoda sighed. “Meddle only so far I can… and no damsel or gentleman in distress Obi-Wan is. Kick your ass he can.” He jumped off his seat and smirked again. “Time to see the order shaken up a bit it is. Perhaps do so you will.”

The two watched the old man go before Anakin looked at Obi-Wan in question. Obi-Wan shrugged a bit. “You kind of have his blessings I guess, final decision is up to me after all.” He smirked at him before showing him the little babe.

Oh she was so pink but she was clean, eyes closed with a soft looking button nose and a tiny tuft of copper hair.

“She’s beautiful.” The knight grinned, looking at Obi-Wan for permission before reaching out and stroking her nose like he had seen Obi-Wan do.

The little one scrunched her nose up but didn’t open her eyes, only wiggled a bit in the swaddled hold she was in.

Obi-Wan hummed, eyes flashing a bit before smiling. “She is. And she’s mine. No one’s going to take her from me.” He offered lightly.

That almost sounded like a warning.

Anakin wondered for who.

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What about...Prompto and s/o are expecting (planned or accidental). Let's say they find out it's a boy, but Prompto seems nervous or changes the subject every time choosing a name comes up. S/o finally shakes it out of him, turns out he wants to name it after Noct but was nervous that s/o might hate the name (assume this is during 10-year-darkness or post-game?) (......I may or may not have just read the pregnancy scare one and am 100% sure Prompto would name a son after his best/first friend).

Here it is! Sequel to the pregnancy scare one shot from a while back. I guess this is technically part two? Either way, hope you enjoy. This is under 1500 words so I’m gonna classify it as a drabble. Hooray for Prompto fluff!

Tagging @iinkpools and @ascensiontree for obvious reasons<3

You rose to your feet, exhaling loudly as your hands came to support your lower back. You were six months pregnant, and you felt like you were going to burst. How were you going to survive three more months of this?

You waddled your way into the kitchen to hunt for a snack. It was midday, the sun shone through the curtains into the dining area. Prompto was out and work, helping rebuild the Citadel after the light was restored to the kingdom.

After your first pregnancy scare so many years ago, the two of you wanted to make sure that you were ready before you decided to try for real. A few years back, while Noctis was still in the Crystal and darkness swallowed Eos, Prompto asked you to marry him. The ceremony was small, only a few friends present, but for what it was, it was perfect.

You knew that Prompto wanted kids right away, but you told him that you didn’t feel safe having a child while it was still so dangerous to just be outside. You’d lost so many people to the daemons lurking outside of Lestallum that you were scared to raise a child in that environment. Prompto agreed, and you decided to wait.

But nothing was ever foolproof, and sometimes the two of you were careless. There was one night where Prompto had returned from a rather harrowing battle coming back from Hammerhead. He was trying to help Cindy by gathering some materials for her, and got caught on his own between two Iron Giants. He had to use up all the potions he had on hand, and almost needed a phoenix down, but he made it out alive.

When he got home, he burst through the door and immediately latched his lips onto yours. He took you hard on the couch, the first flat surface he could find. He needed to make sure he was really still there, that he wasn’t just dead and dreaming. He devoured you until you were a screaming mess under his mouth with your legs over his shoulders, and then he took you to the bedroom where he had you begging for mercy under his hurried, rough movements. He hadn’t had the foresight to put on a condom, and spilled his seed inside of you twice, not that you minded in your haze of lust.

But about three weeks later, just as Prompto told you that he got a call from Talcott that Noctis had woken up and was out the door, you bit your tongue and decided not to tell Prompto about the positive pregnancy test at the bottom of the garbage pail.

You didn’t know if he was going to come back. You cried after the door shut behind him, not sure if you’d made the right decision in keeping it a secret. But you knew that if you told him about the pregnancy, he would stay with you. And Noctis needed him. The world needed him.

So you waited. You sat by the window, a hand over your stomach, and waited and waited and waited. Eventually, you fell asleep, your head against the cool glass, your breath creating small areas of fog with every exhale. And then suddenly…

You felt warm.

Your eyes shot open and you saw the sun rising up over the horizon. You covered your mouth with your hands and rubbed your eyes, pinching yourself a few times to make sure it wasn’t a dream.

A little while later, the front door opened and Prompto walked in, his shoulders slumped and his uniform covered in blood, but he was there. You ran to him and he collapsed in your arms, still in grief over the loss of his best friend. You stroked his hair and kissed his temple, letting him know that it was okay.

“Prompto,” you said shakily as he looked up at you with his big, blue eyes.

He sniffled, regarding you curiously. He didn’t say anything, but waited for you to speak.

Finally, you told him. “I’m pregnant.”

His arms tightened around you and he started crying again. Though this time, the tears were for a different reason.

That was six months ago. You couldn’t believe how drastically things could change, how good life could be and how nice it was for it all to just be…normal.

It was a few hours later that Prompto came home. He hung up his Crownsguard coat at the door and came over to kiss you, his hands coming up to cup your face as his lips lingered on yours. Then he leaned down and lifted your shirt to press a kiss to your stomach.

“Hey, little Chocobean,” he smiled, rubbing his hands along your swollen belly. “I can’t wait to meet you.”

You smiled and took Prompto’s hand. “Can we talk for a second, Prom?”

He nodded, and you led him over to the living room and sat with him on the couch.

“You know,” you stated, your hands coming to rest on your stomach. “We still haven’t picked a name yet.”

You could have sworn that Prompto’s face paled a little. His words came out in a rush. “Do we have to decide on that already? I mean, we just finished up the nursery, and I really think that there are some other things we need first, like I don’t know if the Chocobo plushie I got the other day is big enough, or what if the baby prefers Moogles, we haven’t planned for that—”

“Prompto,” you stopped him, bringing up a hand to his freckled cheek. Your eyes traced the constellations on his face, your fingers smoothing out the worry lines that were starting to form on his skin. “What’s the matter?”

“Dunno what you’re talking about,” he mumbled, though he leaned into your touch.


He looked away for just a second, but then nervously met your eyes. “It’s stupid.”

You took both his hands and placed them on your belly. “Prompto Argentum. This is your son. I know you’re nervous and that you’re scared. Hell, I am, too. But we can’t keep referring to the baby as Chocobean all the time, unless that’s the name you want to give him. This baby is real and he needs a name. And you’re his father, I’d like your opinion on what we should call him.”

Prompto sighed, rubbing small circles against your skin through your shirt. He looked down at his hands. “You’ll hate it.”

You tilted your head to the side. “How could I hate it?”

“I…” he paused, his hands stilling. “I want to name him Noctis.”

You couldn’t help but smile. “You want to name him Noctis?”

“It’s stupid, just forget it—”

“Prompto.” The sternness of your voice made him look up.

“You have the scary mom voice down pat, you know that?”

You laughed, shaking your head. “I think Noctis is a fine name for our son.”

Prompto’s eyes lit up, and he couldn’t keep the smile off his face. “You mean it?”

“Of course,” you leaned forward and pressed your forehead against his. “He saved us, Prompto. He saved the world. And he was your best friend. Why wouldn’t I want to name our son after one of the most important people in our lives?”

You felt wetness on your face, and realized after a beat that Prompto was crying. You kissed his tears away, and he brought his arms to wrap around you tightly.

“Noctis Solis Argentum,” you decided. “That’s our son’s name.”

The baby kicked, and Prompto laughed in amazement. “I think he agrees.”

You pulled your husband in for a kiss, and he melted into your touch. You closed your eyes and revelled in the warmth of his arms. You couldn’t wait for Baby Noctis to join your happy family.

Harsh Words Pt. 3

Requested By: Some people and I just wanted to make a part three oops

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Description: You and Peter had finally resolved things, only for you to be taken away too soon, leaving Peter distraught, not knowing if you’d come back to him or not.

Warnings: Just a big rollercoaster of emotions, swearing, and it’s a real tear jerker, I legit cried while writing it, I’m sO sorry omg..

Also, I listened to this song while writing it, so if you’d like to listen to it while reading, you may.

Word Count: 5,107 (my longest imagine ever written so far..)


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I hope I tagged everyone omg, sorry if I missed you!

A/N: WOWOWOWOW okay so, it means so much to me that everyone enjoyed this little series so much??? Like I never thought it’d get this huge and it has and I just feel so warm and bubbly asdlkfjfh. I’m so thankful for all of you that read it and commented and just overall enjoyed it so much! You are the amazing and I just love you so much. :)))))) Thank you for going on this emotional rollercoaster with me, and I hope you enjoy Harsh Words Pt. 3. this is also the last part, enjoy.

Part two

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Sirens engulfed New York, the sound blaring through Peter’s ears, the only thing he heard that night, before the lights of the police cars and fire and rescue crew arrived to the scene, Peter screamed out your name in frustration and sadness, it coming out in strangled sobs, his face flushed red in panic trying to find you.

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one punch tsuna 1/3

has this been done? if not, colored me surprised. 

co-written with @athanatosora!!! thanks for helping me back into khr. i can’t believe this is an au born out of another au. 

Tsuna is pretty sure that joining the boxing club was the worst mistake he’s ever made in his entire life.

He had originally joined in an attempt to catch Kyouko’s attention, considering that the President of the Boxing Club was Kyouko’s older brother. And, while it’s true that he did catch Kyouko’s attention, was it really worth the pain that came with it? Was it really worth the hellish bodybuilding routine that Ryouhei had given him, in which he had to do a hundred daily pushups, sit-ups and squats, plus a ten kilometre run?

The answer was no.

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The Robin and The Snake

Anti and Angelic both like Reader. Reader goes through a tough breakup(shocker) and while the boys were bickering(arguing and such) to each other over Reader, Reader becomes sick (from not eating properly+not sleeping) so they both stop to take care of her and admit feelings (at separate times or the same time, up to you) But I would prefer Anti to kinda “Win” reader over and Angelic is of course just happy that Reader is Happy

(Y/S/O/N)- Your Significant Other’s name

Originally posted by marielgum

Angeliceye noticed it first. 
He visited you daily, small visits to make sure you were happy or if you need a little cheering up. And today you definitely needed comfort. 
Angel found you on the couch, sniffling into a pillow, shoulders shaking from tears that made your whole body tremble. 
He crouched in front of you, his hands brushing against yours. 
“Little Robin, what happened?” He asked, his voice like a soft chime of bells. 
You jumped at the contact, not at all hearing Angel’s approach. You sniffled again, hurriedly wiping the tears from your face. 
“(Y/S/O/N) and I broke up.” You got about half way through the sentence before your voice cracked and you were sobbing again. 
Angel was sitting next to you within a second of those words leaving your lips. His arms cradled you against him as his wings circled around you. 
“Oh, (Y/N) I’m so sorry.” He cooed quietly. Angel combed his fingers through your hair, hushing your sobs with warm words of comfort. 
But his voice turned bitter as the TV sparked and static played through the speakers. 
“What did you do, pigeon-shit?” Anti’s enraged voice echoed through the house. Glitching in places as he appeared in front of you. Angel held you closer as Anti’s glowing eyes settled on your shaking form. 
“She broke up with (Y/S/O/N)” Angel said smoothly, irritation biting at his words. 
Anti beamed, his eyes losing their glow as he exclaimed. “That’s great!” 
“No, it is not.” Angel sighed. He looked back at you, wiping a tear from your cheek. “Little Robin, have you eaten? You shouldn’t let this get you down so much.” 
“Yeah! That loser never deserved ya.” Anti said with a wicked gleam in his eyes. “Yer better off without them! They were a pile of shit-” 
“Anti!” Angel cut his counterpart off with a glare. “You’re not helping.” 
Anti huffed and stormed off. Somewhere in the kitchen you could hear something crash and other loud noises could be heard. 
Angel ignored Anti’s tantrum and turned his attention back to you. The back of his knuckles brush against your cheek as he tried to sooth you. 
“You’ll be ok, Little Robin. You got me and Anti, we’ll look after you.” As he said this, Anti returned with a large plate of what looked to be tiny cut up sandwiches. 
“I ain’t very good at making shit, but fer you I’d at least try.” Anti said with a smile. He winked at Angel, whose wings bristled and took the plate to sit it in front of you. 
“Please, Little Robin, eat something. You’ll get sick.” 
“I’m sure they’re already sick of you, bird-brain.” Anti said with a roll of his eyes. “Yer smothering them.” 
Angel sighed and lowered the plate on your lap. Peeling himself away from you and disappeared into the house. 
Anti took the opportunity to take up the empty spot by your side. He cuddled close to you, trying to get you to eat something between your sobs. But then looked up with a glare as Angel returned with an armful of blankets and pillows. 
“What are ya doin’ now?” Anti asked with a raised eyebrow. 
“Making a pillow fort.” Angel replied stiffly. Flashing you a smile. “I can’t have my Little Robin feeling down. So I thought making a pillow fort would be a good way to take their mind of it.” 
Anti growled and stood, moving forward to yank a blanket from the winged man’s hands. 
“I bet I could make a better fort than you, chicken-shit.” 
Angel laughed and placed the blankets and pillows on the couch beside you. 
“You’re on, Antisepticeye.”  

And they were like this for pretty much the entirety of the two weeks they stayed with you. 
You were never left alone, always with one or the other. But the missing ego was never far away, and never left for too long. 
First it was the pillow forts; which failed miserably because Anti kept taking Angel’s blankets and started to fight with his other side when Angel pointed it out. 
Then it was soups. You weren’t eating, which worried them both. And they tried to out-do one another in making the best soup. Which turned into a giant mess of food and feathers everywhere when Angel “accidentally” spilled tomato over Anti’s shoes. And Anti “tripped” which resulted in melted butter and chopped vegetables to cover Angel’s left wing. It wasn’t pretty and resulted in a three hour long clean up. 
Then of course it was the sleep routine. Anti insisted you needed a cuddle buddy, but Angel was persistent that his advances would worsen if he over-stepped a boundary. 
They fought over that too. 
On and on it went, and they were so caught up with one another, they didn’t see how this break-up was effecting you. 
Your sleep pattern was none-existent. Even though your stomach was empty, you never filled it unless you felt dizzy and almost passed out. 
Moody and a constant lit fuse, the boys walked on eggshells to try and not upset you. 

Until one day, Anti discovered you in bed, pale and sweaty. A fever had set in and you barely had the energy to lift your hand. 
“(Y/N)?” Anti pressed his hand against your forehead and his eyes furrowed with concern. “Yer burning up, Sparky. What’s wrong?” 
“They’re ill.” Angel said as he entered your room. In his hands he carried medicine and water, even a bowl of cut up fruit in case you wanted something to eat. “Can you sit them up? I need to measure their dosage.” 
Anti nodded and sat beside you on the bed. He snaked his arms under your torso and helped you sit up. 
“I’m fine.” You said, voice hoarse from the illness. 
Angel gave you a soft, but firm look. “(Y/N) you’re burning up and you have a chest infection. You are not ok.” 
Angel proceeded to pour a sickly smelling liquid onto a table spoon. Both Angel and Anti curled their noses at the smell. 
“Ew, yer gonna feed them that?” Anti said with a disgusted twitch of his lips. 
“The man at the drug-store said this would help.” Angel confirmed, sitting beside you and offering you the spoon. When you turned your head away and shook your head, Anti rolled his eyes and pinched your nose. 
“Open up, butter-cup. Or else I’m force feeding you.” Anti said with a smile. 
You tried to hold your breath for as long as possible, but you had to breath. 
And as soon as your mouth opened, Angel shoved the spoon into your mouth. 
You gagged and shivered at the taste. Shaking your head in disgust. 
“Please don’t make me take that again.” You pleaded and Angel smiled sympathetically. 
“Sorry, Little Robin, you need too so you can get better.” 
Anti laid you back down, but neither made a move to leave your side. 
“Yer gonna sit there all day?” Anti snapped at Angel, who shot the entity a sour look. But his expression softened when he looked down at you. 
“(Y/N), do you want us to stay?” He asked and you blushed a little. Your eyes flickering over to Anti. 
“Angel, I…” You touched Anti’s hand, who turned his palm over so you could slide your fingers in between his. 
Anti beamed. His smile was wide and smug as he turned to Angel; who nodded. Understanding what you were trying to say. 
“It’s alright, Little Robin. I kinda guessed it. I’ll take my leave, get well soon.” Angel stood and went to the door, turning to hold Anti’s gaze for a moment. 
“Look after them.” The words laid heavy with a warning. One Anti took with a growl, but nodded. Turning back to you as his counter-part left. 
“How ‘bout some more soup?” He asked and you couldn’t help but chuckle. 




  • meet jung wooseok, apparently music major extraordinaire with hella tats and a rep for being a badboy
  • but you personally know him at that lowkey annoying kid who’s Always falling asleep n coming in late in ur creative writing class
  • y’all met that first day when he wandered in and he just tapped ur shoulder mid-exercise to ask what was goin’ on n although u could’ve been a jerk n not said anything u threw the kid a bone n somehow his piece still surpassed everyone else’s a few days afterwards
  • ofc you get it. it’s college so being tired from classes and prolly work is what’s getting him but the little green monster on ur shoulder doesn’t relent bc this is where u learn time management and well
  • you see you love creative writing - you live, breathe, and think it a lot and it’s ur major so why wouldn’t u enjoy the one class that actually specializes in ur own interest???? and you work rlly gosh diddly darn to do it too bc writing really isn’t that easy
  • you’re one of those people that takes ages to get a piece out but bc this is a creative writing class you have weekly assignments and some pieces are hits n some are misses but u deal with it bc part of it is for the grade and another part of it is trying to get more experience in the field
  • anyway, unlike u, wooseok doesn’t seem to rlly try,,, that hard,,, or rlly,,, at,, all n that’s what ticks u off
  • ur the the kind of person who not just hates slackers, u abhor them n u suppose he tries rlly hard with his major since who wouldn’t??? but he doesn’t w/ urs n when ur teacher an english TA named Hui was talking to him abt writing before class he said it was soOoOOOo easy n u were p resolved to disliking the kid immediately
  • u just find ur seat near the back with the 30+ students n out of all the ppl to sit by,,,, he sits by u n u jst don’t try to think abt how much u dislike him n his dumb face tht’s starting to fall asleep AGAIN
  • but ok u sneak a small peek n u have to admit,,,, he’s actually pretty cute like u kno that he seemed p intimidating when u first saw him bc at first glance he’s this flippin’ hulking giant at like 6′2″ with tats up to his neck and sleeve u only get a peek of bc he’s enveloped in a huge jacket 99.9% of the time n he usually has furrowed brows n his lips pulled into a straight line unless he’s talking to hui or some other dude in his large ass group of friends bUT
  • the peaceful look on his face is different than those times n u kinda make a mental note of it even tho u most certainly are Not comparing his eyelashes to fluttering dark angel wings or his peaceful face to something akin to a statue in a museum
  • nope
  • no u r not
  • n- ok fine maybe a little 

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If it's okay, could I request I request the SDR2 boys finding their S/O sleeping in the bath tub? Thank you! : D

Of course it’s okay! I hope you like it :D

SDR2 Boys finding S/O asleep in bathtub

Hajime Hinata:

- You told him you were going to have a bath

- He didn’t really think much of it as he was busy with gaming

- But after about 10 rounds he realised it was rather… Quiet

- “S/O?”

- Silence

- He started searching for you checking your room, kitchen, garden but no luck

- He then remembered you said something about a bath

- He knocked 3 times but when you didn’t answer he carefully opened the door to find…

- You fell asleep

- “Seriously?”

- He lets out a chuckle before coming over to you and kneeling by the bath

- “Oi, S/O, wake up”

- He gently shakes you and laughs as you turn a bright red colour from blushing

Kazuichi Soda:

- As usual he was covered in oil

- So you told him you were going to make a bath for the two of you

- “Soda - kun! Come on!”

- “Five more minutes S/O!”

- It turns out 5 minutes actually meant 30 minutes

- Once he finally got to the bathroom he just… Froze

- You managed to fall asleep, several rubber ducks floating all around you

- He just kinda stares for a while before finally stripping and jumping in causing water to splash onto your face

- “WHA-”

- “Woah chill, it’s just me!”

- As revenge, you start splashing water at him

- By the time your bath is over, the bathroom is soaked

Nagito Komaeda:

- He wasn’t really listening to you as he was so immersed in his book

- But he did hear the word ‘bath’

- Hm.. I could probably join… But one more chapter won’t hurt…

- Being the little book nerd he is, he actually manages to finish the whole book before finally snapping back to reality

- “S/O - san/kun?”

- He waited for some sort of response

- But he didn’t get one

- Oh that’s right! You said bath

- He makes his way over to the bathroom only to find that the door is cracked open

- Wait… Did my luck-

- Before he can finish his thought, he swings the door open

- And there you are, sleeping among a mountain of foam

- He smiles before walking over to you

- “Hey, S/O - san/kun… I’m here”

- He kisses your forehead and once you finally open your eyes he moves to your lips

Nekomaru Nidai:

- The two of you had a pretty intense work out

- So he suggested you should take a bath as a way of relaxing

- You happily agreed and went ahead to prepare everything

- He on the other hand got things such as oils and towels in order to give you a massage after

- He was literally gone for 2 minutes

- But when he entered the bathroom you were already happily snoozing, your cheek pressed to the edge of the bath

- “Bwahahahah I worked you a bit too hard ey S/O?”

- He pokes your forehead causing you to groan in disapproval

- “Alright alright, I’ll do everything now”

- He then proceeds to give you one of the most relaxing evenings of your life

Gundham Tanaka:

- He was worried

- You were in there for a rather long time

- Like, longer than the average bath time

- “S/O, what is taking you so long? Are you performing a ritual or something?!”

- He knocks for a solid 10 minutes before finally mustering the strength to open the door

- But as soon as he sees you, he turns bright red

- “Oh- I-”

- He stutters a few words before turning on his heel and slamming the door shut

- You are quite beautiful like that

- No wait, this isn’t the time to think about that!

- He just hides his tomato red face in his scarf 

Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu:

- What on Earth is taking you so Goddamn long?!

- He was getting kind of bored without you around him

- … But he can’t just…. Come in like that can he?

- He spends some quality time pondering

- If I go in they might hurry up

- But I might get slapped or splashed

- Heh, then again that doesn’t seem too bad

- He finally decided.

- He knocks continuously for 2 minutes

- Nothing

- Well… He tried

- He slowly opens the door and takes a quick peak

- You’re… Asleep?

- Fuck me you look so cute

Byakuya Twogami (Imposter):

- He was busy perfecting his disguises

- But he realised you’ve been gone for quite a while

- He does a quick check around the house

- Hm… Where did you go?

- There is one place he didn’t check…

- Well, the bathroom door isn’t locked so… It’s okay if he takes a quick look right?

- Purely to see if you’re there obviously

- He opens the door enough to stick his head through

- And oh boy was it worth it

- He takes mental notes of how you look


Teruteru Hanamura:

- The second you mentioned you were going to have a bath he already decided he was going to join

- He just needed to finish cooking of course

- “Hohoho I hope you’re rea-”

- You were… Sleeping?

- Geez how long did he take?

- Well no matter he’s here now 

- He quickly disposes of his clothes before carefully climbing on top of you

- “Wh- Huh? Hanamura - kun?”

- “Hey hey S/O - san/kun, want me to wash you?”

- He winks

Red dress (Elliot Alderson x Reader)

Request : Hi babe <3 Can I ask one elliot/reader in which they are dating and he invites her to his   apartment and she dress up very hot/sexy and elliot doesn’t know how to react or what to do, and wants to touch her and a lot of fluff and awkward elliot <3 thanks babe

“Hi babe.” The moment Elliot opened his front door, his heart stopped beating for a second. There you stood in front of him, wearing a fancy red dress that reached to your knees and outlined every curve of your body. Elliot didn’t know what to say. He was mesmerized by the way you looked. Beautiful. You looked utterly beautiful and hot.

You kissed his cheek gently, entering his apartment. “I’m sorry for being late. Had an important meeting at work.” You said, pulling off you black high heels that matched your dress perfectly. Massaging your aching feet, you sat down on his couch leaning back and relaxed.

“It’s okay.”Elliot mumbled. “Do you want something to drink?”

“Yes, please.” You sighed. He went to the kitchen to grab a bottle of water and two cups. Joining you, he poured some water into your cup. His eyes trailed down your body and he had his struggles to tear his gaze away. Especially your chest area was perfectly outlined by your red dress. He knew it was very impolite but he couldn’t help it. He was a man after all.

“Here.” He said, placing the cup in front of you. Immediately, you took a sip of the cold water, feeling it soothe your dry throat.

“So how was your day, El?” You asked, making eye contact with him. Elliot refused to look at you. He kind of felt overwhelmed by the way you were sitting right next to him. He didn’t see you quite often wearing fancy things. He fiddled with his fingers, his lips trying to form words.

“It was fine.” He responded with a quiet voice. “What about you?”

“It was very stressful. I had to attend a meeting which was boring as hell and also had to do lots of paperwork.” You leaned your head against his shoulder. His body stiffened at you touching his shoulder. Even though you were his girlfriend, he still had his problems when it came to body contact.

“I’m glad I’m with you now.” You mumbled, feeling slightly tired. Elliot nodded his head in agreement. He really appreciated the time he could be with you even though it seemed quite the opposite. You knew Elliot was not the guy for showing any emotions but deep down you knew that he cared for you and loved you. Otherwise, he wouldn’t give your relationship a chance.

“Babe?” You asked. He hummed as an answer. “Can you please help me getting out of this dress?”

His pulse increased its beat immediately, his voice shaking as he agreed. “O-okay.”

You stood up, looking at him with a smile on your lips. A smile that he began to love. His eyes observed your form, taking in every single part of your body. He wanted to touch you. Not in a sexual way, but in a loving and caring way. He wanted to feel your hips against his hands, he wanted to trail his hands down your arms, your back. He wanted to give you hugs so badly. But as fucked up as he is, he couldn’t.

“Elliot? What’s the matter?” You asked, as you caught him staring at you. Your gaze fell to his trembling fingers. “Are you okay, baby?” You asked worriedly.

“Mhm.” He responded. His fingers went to the zipper of your dress and zipped it open. His heart hammered in his chest as you freed yourself from your tight dress. There you stood in front of him, half naked in your sexy underwear. He raised his hand and his finger tips traced the outline of your shoulder bladders.

You closed your eyes, enjoying his soft touch on your skin. It happened rarely that Elliot put his hands on you and if that was the case, you really appreciated it. You wanted to feel him. You wanted him to feel comfortable around you.

“You’re beautiful, (Y/N).” You heard his raspy voice talking.

“Thank you.”

You turned around and faced him, laying your hands on his cheeks and leaning forward to kiss his lips. You felt Elliot tensing at first, something he always used to do when you kissed him, but relaxed afterwards. You smiled as he responded, wrapping your arms around his neck. The kiss was sweet and innocent, heavenly and passionate. Elliot elicited feelings in you that nobody had done before.

You backed away slightly, resting your forehead against his. His breath tickled your face and you giggled. Elliot grinned.

“I’ll go changing and then we can cuddle and watch Netflix. Is that okay with you?” You inquired.

He nodded his head in agreement. Watching movies with you and having you in his arms was everything he could dream of.

you take me by the heart when you take me by the hand (stenbrough)



this is a modern au so they have phones and dvds oOooOOo

Bill was going to kill Richie Tozier.

He just kept – touching him. Bill knew he was being stupid; Richie had Eddie, and he’s not that kind of guy. Eddie was even around to see it, for the most part - Stan being dragged into the bathroom at school by his shirtsleeve, leaving Bill with a “Richie’s got a, um – problem? I gotta go,” and Beverly and Eddie trailing after them. He didn’t want to intrude, but Stan didn’t like being touched, he could see he was uncomfortable – his eyes always flickered to Bill before he left. Whenever Bill built up the courage to barge into wherever they were and demand to be told what was going on, he would always see Richie quickly hiding something behind the lockers, or Beverly shoving a piece of paper into her pocket, or hear Stan hissing “He’s coming!” So, he left it. If Stan wanted to tell him, he would. He hoped.

After yet another incident of being mid-conversation with Stan and having him be dragged away by Trashmouth (and Ben this time? What the hell?), Bill took out his frustration on Mike.

“D-d-di-did I do something? I juh-just want to help Stan, o-o-or apologise, h-he gets so n-n-nervous around me n-now! And since wuh-w-when did he l-l-let Richie anywhere n-near him? I c-c-can’t even touch him – n-not that I want to! I’m not…M-Mike, did he s-s-say anything?” Bill’s face was flushed – he wasn’t jealous, Stan could be touched by whoever. Who cares.

Mike sighed and put his hand on Bill’s shoulder. “I really don’t think it’s my place to say, man. Stan’ll tell you when he’s ready.”

Bill nodded, expecting his response. “I guh-guess.”

At the end of the day, Stan rushed up to Bill, breathing heavily. He was twitching, and he was quickly stuffing something into his pocket - weird. “Bill! I just wondered if you maybe wanted to come over tonight? Richie told me about this really cool movie, and I found the DVD, and I thought- “

“Will Ri-R-Richie be t-there?” Bill interrupted.

Stan looked puzzled, and his small smile turned into a frown. “Do you want him to be? I can only really deal with him for 8 hours a day at most, but I could- “

“N-no!” He interrupted again. “Just us.”

“Just us,” Stan echoed. “Yeah.”

“I-I-I’ll see you l-later then?” Bill said, watching Richie swaggering towards them, grinning, Eddie smiling slightly at his side.

“Around seven?” Bill nodded.

“Billy boy! Ready for a cosy night in with Stan? Y’know, the movie I suggested gets pretty romantic, you and Stan might need to listen to a bit of music beforehand to set the mood.” Richie waggled his eyebrows, causing him to be punched in the arm by Eddie, which was accompanied by a “Shut it, asshole!”

Bill narrowed his eyes, and Stan laughed nervously. “We have to get home, we have to do that – thing, remember?” Eddie looked at Richie pointedly, and his face immediately switched to a failed attempt of seduction; “Tell me more, Kaspbrak, you know I’m up for anything.” Another punch in the arm for Richie. “Ouch, okay! I’m done! Bye, Bill. Use protection!”

Bill waved confusedly, and saw Richie put his arm around Stan, whispering into his ear and making weird hand gestures – it kind of looked like he was strumming a guitar, but he couldn’t tell. Stan was nodding along and repeating the gestures, while Eddie reached into his fanny pack and handed him something small and made of plastic.

Maybe Bill was only going to injure Richie slightly – if Eddie was involved, it can’t be too awful.

A few hours later, Bill dumped his bike outside Stan’s house. He hadn’t been alone with Stan for so long, he was too busy with the other losers. Probably had something to do with the whole thing he wasn’t involved in, he thought bitterly. Before he could knock, Stan had opened the door, looking at Bill with an odd mix of intensity and nervousness. His hair looked messy – but in a good way, like it had been styled that way. And he had on a new shirt, light blue, ironed perfectly – was he wearing pink lipstick? He’d seen that exact shade on Beverly before. Bill swallowed. Stan seemed to glow.

“Hi! I’ve got, um, everything set up already? So, come in.” He seemed scarily cheery, and he kept adjusting his collar and clearing his throat. Bill smiled, and stepped into the house - “H-h-have you lit c-c-candles?” There was a soft glow around the living room, and the smell of fresh linens surrounded him. Stan bit his lip, and his curls flopped into his eyes. “Is that okay? Stressful day, y’know?” Bill nodded – he knew that when Stan had a bad day he’d put on a soft oversized sweater and light candles while doing homework, or poring over the latest book Ben had recommended to him.

“A-a-are you stressed b-because of R-R-Richie? I k-k-know he’s been t-t-touching you a lot, and y-you don’t even let m-me do t-t-that.” Bill asked, and wow. He could hear the hurt in his own voice. “Actually, Richie has been helping me a lot recently, so I let that asshole do whatever, for some reason we can’t have a proper conversation for more than ten minutes without him prodding at me,” Stan rolled his eyes. “And I mean, you never try to touch me, so I guess you wouldn’t know if I liked it, you know? – I, wait, no, I didn’t mean, um. Water? D’you want water? People like water, I’ll just go get some.” He rambled, walking fast out of the room and tripping over the blankets laid out perfectly on the floor.

Bill watched him with suspicion as he walked up the stairs rather than into the kitchen. Walking quietly towards the staircase, he faintly heard the sound of muffled curses and a heavy object hitting the floor. “Oh fuck! Richie’s gonna kill me, oh no, please don’t be broken, shit!” Bill made his way over to the living room again, sitting on the sofa, repeating to himself he’ll tell you when he wants to, give him time. He wished he was as rational as Mike sometimes. When settling down with some blankets and frowning at the supposed “romantic” movie on the screen (do romance movies have tanks in them?), he heard a loud PING! Stan’s phone.

Trashmouth: Have you done it yet?

Trashmouth: I swear you better not have broken it

Trashmouth: I’ll have you know that took me a lot of paint and stickers to make it look as beautifully punk as that

Eddie: I took his phone away. Good luck! Love Bev, Ben, Mike and Eddie xoxo

Good luck? Bill frowned. What is going on?              

It was then that Stan crashed down the stairs. With a fucking guitar. On it there was obnoxiously bright lettering spelling out EDDIE

“Okay, so,” He was sitting down right in front of Bill, barely even looking at him, smoothing out a piece of crumpled paper. “Richie said this would be a good idea, and Ben tried writing me a poem but I didn’t feel like that would be sincere enough, and Beverly told me to kiss you without any warning, which is totally awful, and Mike was being way too logical and telling me to just spit it out but how could I do that like a normal, functioning person?” Stan breathed out slowly, looking at Bill pleadingly. “Please don’t hate me. Just hear me out?” Bill looked deep into Stan’s eyes, and nodded. He noticed that the paper had a bunch of chords on it, and in big block letters, B I L L Y.

Stan shakily began to strum a familiar tune, and his voice cracked as he began to sing –

Oh Billy

You’re so fine

You’re so fine you blow my mind

Hey Billy!

Hey Billy!

Oh Billy, what a pity

You don’t understand

You take me by the heart

When you take me by the hand

Oh Billy you’re so pretty

Can’t you understand

It’s guys like you Billy

Oh what you do Billy, do Billy

Don’t break my heart Billy!

The strumming stopped, and Stan’s blush mirrored Bill’s perfectly. “O-o-oh,” Bill stammered.

Stan got up abruptly, shaking his head. “I’m sorry, this was so stupid, I’ve just been trying to figure out how to tell you that I liked you, and I let fucking Richie tell me what I should do, like, how idiotic am I? You can leave if you want, I’m so sorry-“

Bill flung the blanket unceremoniously to the ground and stepped towards Stan until their noses were almost touching. “I l-l-l-like you too. I don’t t-t-think I r-r-realised how muh-muh-much until I s-s-saw you with Richie all the time.”

The curly-haired boy grinned. “Really?”

Bill somehow managed to step even closer, whispering a sincere “Yeah,” before crashing his lips against Stan’s.

Bill fucking loved Richie Tozier.


the end.

thankyou for reading! i hope you enjoyed!

also when i wrote the serenading part i was listening to toothpaste kisses by the maccabees so consider that the soundtrack for this fic

(eddie’s idea for helping stan to confess was faking an asthma attack and then saying to bill “you took my breath away” - richie is a bad influence)

anonymous asked:

What if reiners s/o already knew he was the armoured titan before he told them, and they just blurt it out when he was cuddling them to sleep?(bonus; s/o is just mad he didnt trust them, they always love him)

+ It would have been on his s/o’s mind for a while now.
+ They just wouldn’t know how to bring it up or how Reiner would react.
+ It would have been a pretty normal day but it had been weighing on his s/o’s much heavier than usual and they just decided that they were going to tell him that day but they just didn’t know when.
+ Nightfall would have came and Reiner’s s/o still didn’t tell him.
+ Reiner and his s/o would be in bed cuddling(he’s the big spoon) and Reiner would have confronted his s/o about their weird behavior that day.
+ “Is everything okay, babe? You seemed like something was on your mind.”
+ Word vomit from his s/o.
+ “I know you’re the armored titan!-”
+ Silence.
+ Reiner would have been fucking shook.
+ He would detach himself from his s/o’s waist to sit up and look at them with a terrified expression.
+ “Are-Are you mad at me?”
+ His s/o would turn over on their back to look at him.
+ “I’m more angry at the fact you didn’t trust me enough to tell me, you butthole.”
+ An even more shook Reiner.
+ “Aren’t you scared of me?” He asked.
+ His s/o would reach up and touch his cheek shaking their head ‘no.’
+ “I could never be scared of you, Reiner.”

anonymous asked:

Mayuzumi, Aomine, Kagami, Nijimura, Imayoshi, Haizaki when their s/o wakes up in the middle of the night shaking and crying because of a bad nightmare . I need some comfort 😭

There, there (⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃

Kagami: Since you were now awake, Kagami trudges himself to the kitchen to make you a warm cup of milk. It never really works on him when he needs to get back to sleep, but it’s a remedy that he hears works with a lot of people. Meanwhile, he’ll stay up with you until you do fall back asleep.

Aomine: He hadn’t been facing you when you woke suddenly from your nightmare, but after a few moments Aomine is rolled over. His eyes are still closed and you can clearly hear him snoring, but even in his sleep he’s snuggling a little closer to your side to give you some comfort.

Imayoshi: As you rant about your nightmare, Imayoshi sits next to you and draws invisible patterns into your skin with the tip of his finger. The rhythmic motion is soothing and, soon, you find your words slowly slurring as sleep once again overtakes you. Hopefully this time your dreams are better.

Mayuzumi: Asking whether you were okay or not was a little counterproductive — Mayuzumi could clearly see you crying — but he felt the need to verbally hear your answer as well. Tucking you safely against his side, he runs soothing circles down the length of your back until your breathing returns to normal.

Nijimura: Did you want to talk about it? Nijimura is sure discussing your nightmare might help you realize that it was only a bad dream. To coax you into talking, he tells you about some of his own, though most of them couldn’t really qualify as terrifying rather than annoying.

Haizaki: If you hadn’t been crying so audible, Haizaki was sure he would’ve just rolled over and gone back to sleep. Instead, he forced you back down into bed and pulled you a little closer. Maybe if he held onto your through the night, the nightmares wouldn’t come back.

anonymous asked:

Ndrv3 guys crying over something and their s/o comforts them and cuddles them?

Need me a S/O like that… Especially when I’m mourning the death of yet another one of my favourite characters T_T

This became a mixture of angst and some humour/fluff ones, hope you like it!

NDRV3 Boys crying over something and their S/O comforts and cuddles them

Shuuichi Saihara:

- You just found him curled up and sobbing on the sofa

- “Eh?! Saihara - kun, Saihara - kun! What is it?”

- You’ve never seen him crying before, it must be something serious

- You place your hand on his shoulder and gently shake him which causes him to look up

- “S/O - san…”

- “What happened?”

- You wrap your arms around him and he hugs you back, tightly

- “I… I thought…” His sobbing is getting more intense

- “Shh.. It’s okay… Take your time… I’m here for you… Shuuichi - kun..”

- He seems to stop for a second, did the use of his first name trigger him?

- “I… I was working on a case…”

- You stroke his hair as he chokes out an explanation

- “She… She looked like you… I.. I…”

- “It’s okay… I’m here aren’t I?” You smile at him and kiss his cheek

- “Don’t cry okay? It breaks my heart to see you cry”

- You wipe away his tears with your thumbs and keep reassuring him that everything is okay now

Kaito Momota:

- You were just sitting together, you were reading a book whilst he was just scrolling through his phone

- “NOOOO!”

- You literally drop your book and see Momota with tears in his eyes

- “M-Momota - kun… What’s wrong?”

- He just shows you the phone screen

- “Pluto is no longer considered a planet.”

- Oh no

- You quickly sit in his lap and hug him

- “Shhh… It’s okay Momota - kun… It’s all just a bunch of lies… Pluto will always be a planet…. Shhh”

- He nods and hugs you back

- “How can they insult Pluto like this”

- “I don’t know, who has the nerve to say things like that.”

- You kiss his forehead and tell him more reassuring words

- He seems to eventually calm down, he even flashes you a smile before hugging you tightly once more


- You didn’t even know robots could cry

- And yet here he was, tears making their way down his cheeks

- You walk up to him and cup his face, wiping each new tear with your thumb

- “What happened Kiibo - kun?”

- “S/O - san… Do you love me?”

- “Eh? What’s that all of a sudden? Of course I do”

- “I… I want to say the same but… I don’t really know what love is”

- “Awh Kiibo - kun..” You move your arms so that you’re hugging him tightly

- “Don’t cry okay? In my eyes you’re showing me as much love as you can… I’ll do my best to make you understand it, I promise”

- He just clings onto you, sobbing into your shoulder

- “It’s okay… It’s okay” You stroke his hair as you try and shush him

- After a while, he finally calms down 

- “S-Sorry.. S/O - san… I made your shoulder all wet…”

- You giggle and kiss his cheek “I don’t really mind, are you okay now?”

- He nods and gives you a small smile

Rantaro Amami:

- You were just doing a few basic chores such as dishes and dusting whilst he was playing a game

- When you walk past him you notice the controller on the table and his face is in his hands

- “Huh?… Amami - kun?”

- You kneel in front of him and take hold of his wrists gently pulling his hands away

- He’s crying

- You look up at him with a shocked expression, you’ve never seen someone as calm as Amami to cry

- “What happened? Why are you crying Amami - kun?”

- “The feels hit me hard”

- He points to the screen. You look over your shoulder and finally see what game he was playing

- Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

- Oh no… He got to that part…

- You stand up intending to hug him but instead he just ends up clinging to your knees

- “H-Hey…” You stroke his messy hair “It’s okay Amami - kun… I played this as well”

- You continue stroking his hair, occasionally you make stroke up and down his back until he calms down

Kokichi Ouma:

- Ouma sent you a message with nothing more than

- Come over now, please

- It was kind of late but nonetheless you made your way over to his house

- Before you could even ring the doorbell, the door swung open and Ouma pulled you inside

- “Woah! What’s up with you Ouma - kun?”

- He doesn’t say anything he just clings onto you

- Huh.. Is he… Crying?

 - “Ouma…Kun?”

- “You’re okay…”

- “Huh? Of course… Why wouldn’t I be?”

- He looks up at you, there is very limited light but you can see that his eyes are red

- He’s not faking it

- “I thought… Someone took you…”

- You kiss his forehead and stroke his cheek

- “Don’t cry Ouma - kun… You’re a Supreme Leader after all right?” 

- He smiles a little before burying his head in your chest

- The two of you stay like that for a while

Gonta Gokuhara:

- You were just napping in the garden until a scream woke you up

- You literally sprint towards the direction it came from and find Gonta on his knees crying

- “G-Gonta - kun! What happened?”

- He just turns towards you his face full of tears

- Your eyes travel down until they find the reason why he’s crying

- He’s holding an insect in his hand but it looks like it’s not moving anymore, upon closer inspection you find that it’s dead

- “Gonta found it” He then sobs some more “How can someone do that?”

- You place a hand on his arm and squeeze it gently

- “I don’t know Gonta - kun… But would you like to bury it?”

- He nods. You hand him a tissue and gently take the insect from him

- You let him wipe his face before you take his hand and find a nice place to bury the insect

- Once the two of you are done you hug him and gently rock from side to side

Korekiyo Shinguji:

- He barely ever showed his emotions (his mask also helped)

- That’s why when you found him with tears in his eyes you were majorly concerned

- You sit by him and put your hand on top of his

- “What’s wrong?…”

- He just shakes his head and squeezes your hand

- You don’t ask him again, you just shift so that you can hug him

- His sobs are muffled due to his mask so you gently lower it for him

- He cries into your chest whilst you stroke his hair and kiss the top of his head from time to time

- “Shinguji - kun… I don’t know what’s wrong but… I’m here for you, okay?”

- He nods

- You’re slightly concerned he might have a panic attack but you do your best to calm him down

- It takes a while but eventually his sobbing stops and you can just hear sniffling every now and then

- Once he can speak again, he tells you that from time to time he will have moments like these

- “Only… This time you were here to help me… Thank you…”

Ryoma Hoshi:

- From the stories Hoshi told you, you saw him as well a champion

- He was always winning tennis matches and he told you all about how he defeated a gang all by himself

- That’s why when you saw him curled up in a ball crying you honestly had no idea what to do

- You walked up to him and sat in front of him

- “Um… Hoshi - kun?”

- “Leave…”

- “Huh?”

- “Leave me… I… I don’t deserve someone like you”

- “What are you talking about?”

- He looks up at you then, eyes puffy from crying

- “I’m a killer S/O! You don’t deserve someone like me! You deserve much b-”

- You don’t let him finish, you just pull him into a hug and hug him tightly

- “Don’t ever say things like that. If I wanted someone else, I would be with them but I don’t all I want is you, and I want you to be happy!”

- He shakes a bit before returning your hug and sobbing into your chest

- He cries quite a lot which causes him to have a terrible headache

- “Hey… Let’s go have a nap okay?”

- He nods