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In terms of AU’s I’ve had this really odd one just floating around my mind space for a long time, and it is pretty darn weird..

Basically it is about a universe where everyone is aware of being an AU. It is like a dystopian world and U.A is a place youngsters go to get trained in “cleaning up” toxic or parasitic AUs that might spread over boarders and affect the ‘original’. They are pretty much told everyday that they are merely a copy of another story, they don’t have any reason for their existence, they barely even do exist. Although because of the strict rules of this world, likely causing Izuku and everyone else to be more stiff and on-edge, he still dreams of making their existence meaningful and give their world a purpose, since the only places you can go to are the areas that you’ve seen in the original. Everywhere else is merely a cheap and dull replacement as a way of filling in the blanks of their world. 

Everyone keeps their personalities, but is likely a more dulled version of it, because of their knowledge about only being a single copy between thousands of other copies of an original world and their upbringing. They can spectate other worlds and only slightly interfere with them. 

Time is practically non-existent. They do still use time though, but only for practical reasons. Everything in their world is an obvious copy. Like a cheap knock-off of an original product. The sky is fake, the weather is faked to make their world more realistic, the sun is fake, no one really knows how they popped into existence. I mean, they might, this is still just an idea.

I was thinking Midoriya often liked to spectate the other worlds, longing for either their ignorance or imperfect perfections. Longing to be a complete prober character. 

Bakugou is explosive as usual, but it’s more of a cover-up to disguise his growing discomfort over their awareness. He acts like a douche since he doesn’t even feel anything is real anymore.

Uraraka wishes to make their small existence woth while. She’s friendly and like appreciates Izuku’s optimism and hope of them having a reason.

Todoroki doesn’t even feel like existing. The person who brought light to his meaningless world was Izuku’s bright attitute towards him, even though he dismissed his optimism as foolish wish-thinking beforehand.

Iida wants to follow all the rules in hopes of being meaningful if he follows all the rules and desires of the higher-ups or what they are taught to do.

Kirishima admires everyones ability to cope with their situation, kind of like his look on peoples manliness. 

Idk man this sounds hella angsty but it’s a weird thing thats been on my mind. I’m not really sure how to insert the other characters, only foggy ideas for them, but not clear enough to be able to write down. I just really love the idea of optimistic, cheery Deku. A journey of discovering your self-worth. When you think about it, it can kind of be compared to the real world worries of not being good enough or having a reason. I don’t know, I’m not really sure where to send this either, lol.

It’s not really based on any fandom either. Just saw you tell people to shoot at you with the AU ideas. : >


I can see the h u g e potential for angst and whatnot but like??? I’ve never seen an AU like this before and this is HELLA COOL. D A M N N N I’D TOTALLY READ A FIC OF THIS IF YOU DECIDED TO WRITE ONE O M G


holy. shit.

so I was looking over the sheet music of the solo version of requiem

and there’s another fucking verse???

that isn’t in the musical?  but it was written by pasek and paul and is released to the public so like….. it’s canon?

what does this mean for zoe’s character??? for connor’s character???? WHY ISN’T ANYONE TALKING ABOUT THIS?????


My heart is pierced by Cupid;

I disdain all glittering gold.

There is nothing can console me

But my jolly sailor bold.

I’m trying to fight my art block and I received some lovely suggestions I’m going to draw.

Mer!Hanzo and Pirate!McCree was one of these.
@rebeza and @finchworks are my inspirations and I look up to their designs and AUs ‘cause wow.

Have you ever seen a prettier Hanzo?

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“Don’t you just hate when inanimate objects attack you?”