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From a friend who works directly with pro-choice groups RE: Women’s March


If you are planning any protests of the inauguration, please be aware that you may be a target of James O’Keefe operatives. If you have spoken to anyone from Breakthrough Development Group, this is an O’Keefe front. Here are some known aliases:

Allison Brandt, Angela Brandt, Allison Moss, Allison Maass, Alyssa Harris, Allison Holmes, Ashley Nichols, Charles Roth, Dan Sandini, Steve Packard, Christian Hartsock, Brittney Rivera, Bri Rivera, Bri Rivers, Mike Carlson, Victor Kesh, Thomas Gibson, Savannah Germain, Jess Koski, Laura Loomer, Jess Jones

If you are working with Disrupt J20 specifically, you are being targeted by O’Keefe. He is apparently trying to get progressives to incite violence.

There will be moles in your campaigns. PLEASE make sure to vet your volunteers. Please get in touch with me if you believe you have been contacted by one of his operatives.

Let me re-emphasize her point, DO NOT FILL OUT ANY SURVEYS! I’m re-emphasizing because I’ve seen a lot of people re-blogging that Women’s March survey. Don’t do it!!

Please make sure anyone you know who is planning to attend sees this!

Inmate #0801, [interrogation video]

Found in BL/ind archives, shows footage of 20-year-old Gerard Way, who would later turn into the infamous rebel leader known as Party Poison, interrogated after being taken into custody by S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W operatives for refusing to wear his BLI headphones at the appropriate times and levels. Way claimed that the daily broadcasts were “unnatural” as he continued to show disinterest and even laugh through the interrogation. Many experts say this is the event that sparked the rebellion that would make it’s mark on Battery City history.


All teams that are in the Resident Evil saga, from the classic to the newest.

Umbrella Corporation.

  • Hunk
  • William Birkin
  • Albert Wesker 

S.T.A.R.S.( Special Tactics and Rescue Service.)

  • Barry Burton 
  • Chris Redfield 
  • Jill Valentine 

R.P.D (  Raccoon Police Department.   ) 

  • Kevin Ryman
  • Marvin Branagh
  • Leon Scott Kennedy

F.B.C ( Federal Bioterrorism Commission.)

  • Morgan Lansdale 
  • Jessica Sherawat 
  • Raymond Vester


  • Excella Gionne
  • Albert Wesker
  • Ricardo Irving

Terra Save.

  • Moira Burton 
  • Claire Redfield 
  • Gina Foley

B.S.A.A( Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance.)

  • Jill Valentine 
  • Chris Redfield 
  • Barry Burton 

D.S.O ( Division of Security Operations.)

  • Sherry  Birkin
  • Leon Scott Kennedy 
  • Helena Harper 

La Vita Nuova.

  • Jake Muller

Neo Umbrella Corp.

  • Carla Radames
  • Alex Wesker
  • Derek Simmons

KND Relationships: Wally and Abby

Their relationship has to be one of my favorites in the series. Wally and Abby’s chemistry is so genuine and natural that one would think they were brother and sister. Abby acts like the responsible cool older sister while Wally acts like the dorky little brother most of the time but they balance each other out. My favorite episode with the two of them together is obviously Operation: D.O.G.H.O.U.S.E where we see how close they really are. Abby’s moment of weakness and Wally’s understanding and supportiveness shows the kind of sincere bond they have. Plus they are both the best fighters in their team and are shown throughout the series that they have the best teamwork when they go on missions together. 

I just realized that the KND ‘verse is actually pretty screwed up in terms of how they treat kids.

You ever think about it? Like super villains are everyday occurrences, and that’s normal for TV shows, but they literally arrest kids in “Operation P.O.P.” Arrest them.

The Kids Next Door wasn’t originally a group of troublemakers, and they still aren’t- they’re an elite rebellion force who were gathered to save children from slavery.

Kids go missing all the time in that universe- from being stuffed into pop bottles to being put in zoos. The Delightful Children NEVER CAME BACK, but nobody ever really thought to mention it, save for the KND honoring them and trying to find them.

A militant group of middle schoolers assign themselves numbers (NUMBERS) almost as though to disassociate themselves from the places they came from, the people they are, making it easier to lose and gather more, then march into battle with other NUMBERS. And weapons. Lot’s of weapons. They stay away from home for days on end, and their final battle is to face losing all they stand for and come out all the war and pain a complete stranger.

And they’re the good guys.

Someone save these kids from the timeline they live in.

|Operation: L.O.V.E.| (Sam Drake x Reader)

WARNING: This is NOT a following up chapter on my big Sam Drake x Reader!

So, while listening to the Mission Impossible soundtrack and playing through the epilogue of U4 (For the fifth time) I came up with this little story. 


You met Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher as their next door neighbor when they bought their house on the beach. You’ve spent time with them for as long as you can remember. You’re attracted to Nate’s brother, but wasn’t sure if he felt the same. During a game with toy guns, it was the girls against the boys. Your faith will be decided.

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KND Top 10 Favorite Episodes

1) Operation: P.O.O.L 

Operation: P.O.O.L is my all time favorite KND episode. It had action, plot twists, character development, and comedy all in one perfect episode. The episode began as a normal pool party until a mysterious figure kidnapped Lizzie under the pool where Numbuh 1 tries to rescue her and ends up in a parallel world. The concept and the world of the DNK (Destructively Nefarious Kids) was interesting see how it’s a complete upside down world to the KND. The negative counterparts of our known characters were awesome. My favorite counterparts are definitely the Delightful Children’s opposite (The Little Traitor Dudes For Children’s Defense). But my favorite part of this episode was that my favorite KND character Numbuh 4 gained character development. Instead of being labeled the “dumb one” throughout the episode, he discovered that his teammates were the DNK agents, singlehandedly beat them, outwitted his negative counterpart and finally learned how to swim. This would be anyone’s favorite episode if you’re Numbuh 4 fan. 

anonymous asked:

Man, Ezra pulling a Depa would actually be cool. It'd show how far Ezra was willing to go to resist the dark side and control himself. It'd show Maul as somehow both dangerous but not invincible as well as give both him and the Ghost crew a reason to go at each othe. It'd give Kanan flashbacks of Depa and wondering why he couldn't wake Ezra also. We'd see how the crew operates w/o Ezra. Oh wait, what if Maul captured a comatose Ezra to figure out how to both wake and turn him (through rituals)?-

P2- On the flipside we could have Ezra undergoing some serious Force usage while in a Coma. On some level he’d be aware of what’s going on through visions/dreams and perhaps still communicate w/force people occasionally. His mind/spirit could also undergo it’s own journey as he connects to the Force. Sounds Trippy but I could see it as his own way of looking for knowledge by asking the Force itself or just having his own weird Mortis plot, Rebels style.

man, anon, you GET me

i feel like the Ezra dies and/or goes Dark is really cut and dry, y’know? and while the Skywalker lineage and everything in the movies is very black-and-white in terms of storytelling, i think that the interquels of TCW and SWR have always been much more a gray area, more complex in their storytelling, so i kinda disagree with Ezra having such a one-or-the-other end. if we had an entire season dedicated to explicit Dark Side-y foreshadowing (a la Anakin in TCW) i’d be more willing to buy it, tho.

(also, yes, I do want to see Kanan cry over his padawan’s comatose body, :D thank you for asking.)

i think that watching Ezra go so far to resist the Dark Side would be GREAT characterization. it’s already been noted how closely Kanan and Ezra echo Obi-Wan and Anakin, which is great for meta on the Jedi Order and how things went wrong/could’ve gone better with Anakin, but this isn’t an if-Anakin-went-good story. it’s Ezra’s story and i think that this resistance would be awesome to distinguish Ezra’s character from Anakin’s. if Anakin had reason to, he never would have worked so hard to resist the Dark Side - conversely, if he did have reason to resist the Dark Side, he would work harder than literally anybody else, ever. but that’s Anakin’s characterization - he’s willing to sacrifice personal morals, personal anything, for the people he loves. that’s…not necessarily a good thing. if Ezra were to stand strong by his honor and moral code even under severe stress or the threat of his family’s death, it would be a real distinction from Anakin and it would demonstrate real character growth in Ezra.

Maul’s already shown that he flees death like a wanted man, mostly to a ridiculous extent. as viewers, we know Maul’s past, we saw what he did to Mandalore, what happened with Savage Opress. he’s already a threat to us and Ezra would probably only see him as another Darth Vader - which is just as horrible, if not worse. for Maul to be taken down a notch by a fifteen year old kid would not only be AWESOME, but it would serve to enhance the greater narrative theme, which is that this is the end of the Dark Times, not the beginning. things are getting better, but they’re still bad, and they still have to fight their way out - so it’s horrible they have to face Maul and Ezra comes very, very close to the Dark Side, but in the end, he pulls away - back to the Light.

Kanan and the Ghost crew and Maul, at each others’ throats?! YES, i very much do want to see Hera punch Darth Maul in the face

but the Ghost crew without Ezra? Kanan without Ezra?! this is good stuff, my friend!

  • let’s first go for the situation, where Maul’s defeated(ish) and the crew gets away with Ezra
    • they stay as long as they can on Phoenix Home, where Ezra’s immersed in the bacta tank, but at the end of a couple of weeks when he’s moved to a bed and monitored, Ezra’s showing no sign of improvement they have to keep moving
      • (just imagine the angst:
      • Kanan desperately pacing in front of the bacta tank, trying to understand why he can’t wake Ezra up, why their bond has gone dormant, and pleading with the Force for answers
      • it doesn’t work, and in the end Kanan spends long, agonized, sleepless nights clutching Ezra’s hand, but if everyone ventures too close, he pretends he’s meditating. no one buys it.
      • Zeb having one-sided conversations with Ezra, playing one-sided card games, with unwavering belief that Ezra will pull through this
      • Chopper updates once an hour on all the new medical records, even though nothing’s changed, so he ends up trying to download as many volumes of Imperial files on Jedi lore and Sith that he can get away with
      • Sabine quietly sketching every memory of her and Ezra she can remember, even the ones that annoy her to the core and even the ones that still frighten her, just a little - ones of Ezra facing Vader or Maul, ones that Kanan can’t even look at - if only because she can’t paint or draw or envision him as anything other than alive
      • (she did one sketch of him, ashen-faced and still on his hospital bed. she burned it because she couldn’t stand looking at him.)
      • Hera appears quietly next to the bed, but she doesn’t linger. in Kanan’s darkest moments she lays a hand on his shoulder and wraps an arm around his shoulder, thinking to Ezra, when you wake up, you are in so much trouble, young man, because it’s all she can do try to keep the crew on their feet, much less active.)
    • Hera finally, after much delaying, finally broaches the subject with Kanan - they’ve got to pull their weight, she explains, not full missions, but just simple supply runs
    • Ahsoka’s looking at him knowingly the whole time and while Kanan’s never hated the Rebellion (or the Empire) more than at this point, he begrudgingly agrees
    • the supply run is botched and messy and the crew all silently agrees that they’ve never had a worse run in their entire lives
      • Sabine waited a little too long to open the door, because she forgot that Ezra wasn’t there to do it for her
      • Zeb left a crate behind because he forgot that Ezra wasn’t there to grab it, as well
      • Kanan gets grazed by a blaster bolt because he left his left flank open, expecting Ezra to be there
      • Hera automatically asks, “You got Specter Six, too?”
      • Kanan storms off to his cabin to meditate and doesn’t sleep a wink 
        • (he simultaneously both hates and is grateful for the fact that there’s no alcohol on the Ghost)
      • it’s an absolute mess, and missions are just horrible there on afterwards
      • on practical matters, they miss Ezra’s expertise in cracking locks and getting into little places - they end up being swindled by some idiot smuggler that they all know would never have happened if Ezra had been there
        • (Kanan gets into a brawl with the guy and his crew later that night in a cantina. Hera doesn’t stop him.)
      • on more personal level, everything’s just so quiet now. there’s no one cracking jokes on missions, no one arguing with Zeb, no one complaining to Hera about Chopper, no longer the hushed voices of Kanan and Ezra at dawn or even earlier for Jedi lessons
      • it’s horrible and everyone prefers being with the main Rebellion, with Ezra, even Kanan who absolutely despised being on Phoenix Home
      • i don’t actually know how Ezra wakes up with this one, but it’s probably just something stupid. like, the Ghost’s having their crew family meeting around Ezra’s bed, even though it’s been six months, when he just suddenly sighs in his sleep, rolls over, and wakes up, sleepily asking what time it is
        • someone faints. it’s definitely Chopper
        • Zeb and Hera suddenly can’t speak Basic anymore, they’re so excited, while Sabine goes white and is totally speechless
        • Ezra has less than a second before Kanan crushes him to his chest and is sobbing all over him
        • “Okay, okay,” Ezra says, struggling to fight his way out of Kanan’s arms, “who died?”
        • he really, really regrets his choice of words when Hera hits him upside the head
  • or the second situation - Maul’s gets comatose Ezra, or maybe just always had him; their rescue mission failed
    • just imagine who has to nervously suggest to Kanan that they have to give up, that they can’t anymore, that it’s just too much a drain on resources
    • (that the person definitely had their nose broken. Kanan stands over the guy’s crumpled form, breathing heavily, fists clenched, and Hera puts a gentle hand on his shoulder. Ahsoka’s wide-eyed in the corner, because she didn’t know the Kanan Jarrus with the hair-trigger temper and a maybe drinking problem. all she knew was the almost-Jedi that she looked at with a wistful smile, thinking, this man was the kind of the Jedi that I miss.)
    • shaking himself, a little bit surprised by his own violence, he turns to Ahsoka.
      • “One last attempt,” he says quietly, pleading. “Just me.”
      • The rest of the Ghost crew interrupts loudly, but he ignores them, locking eyes with Ahsoka.
      • “No,” she corrects, “just you and me.”
    • (this would be some awesome character development for Ahsoka and Kanan - 
      • like, Ahsoka. it’s her first time (that we know of) having to face a credible threat, not a Sith acolyte with that of the Inquisitors, but an actual Sith, with no one to back her up. there’s no Master Obi-Wan, the Sith-slayer, no Anakin, no Yoda - it’s just her, the most trained, the highest ranking Light Side-user in the known galaxy.
      • and for Kanan? it’s his first battle as fully-fledged Jedi Knight against a fully-blown Sith, all for the life and soul of his padawan, who Kanan can only pray is alive. instead of a Dark!Ezra, we get to see Kanan battle the Dark inside of him, a battle with higher stakes than his knighting ceremony. we get to watch him confront the very depths of all evils he’s known in his life - the Clone Wars, the Sith through Maul, his own helplessness against his master’s death through his padawan’s capture, his master’s coma through his padwan’s - everything.
      • this is honestly everything to Kanan, it’s his day of reckoning, it’s where everything has come full circle. the stakes are higher than they’ve ever been, even in the Clone Wars
      • in many ways, Kanan knows deep down in his heart that how he deals with the Dark Side is how Ezra will deal with it, will learn from him. everything’s at stake for Kanan - Ezra’s at stake for Ezra.)
    • meanwhile Ezra? totally having a trippy, mind-bending experience
      • Maul’s trying every trick in the book to wake Ezra up, literally from cold water to shouting to using the Force to flat-out torture, but Ezra just. won’t wake up.
      • as he dreams, he first meets Depa Billaba, who smiles at him sadly and tells him how proud she is of him, how proud his master is of him, how proud she is of the both of them.
      • before Ezra can stammer out a question namely, who are you, he’s whisked away to come face-to-face with a laughing Caleb Dume
      • it’s weeks of seeing with excruciating clarity the slow slog of the Clone Wars - only with flickers of the Rebellion in between, but suddenly it changes 
      • he flip-flops between seeing Caleb Dume battle his way through the Clone Wars and Kanan Jarrus battle his way across Malachor, Ahsoka at his side
      • Malachor’s definitely like Mortis, and Kanan keeps passing all these Dark Side/Light Side tests by the skin of his teeth and Ezra keeps trying to shout out to him
      • sometimes he can see Kanan focus on him with deadly accuracy, but he always eventually looks away
      • and as Kanan finally faces Maul, Ezra’s trying to regain consciousness - in his dreams, he can see Kanan and Maul battle, Ahsoka there, too, he’s beginning to hear, as well, different noises and even smells and feelings (cold like steel and why does it feel like he’s bleeding?) struggle to the top
      • and as Ezra can hear the sound of lightsabers and the slam of the door opening, there’s a pause and he can feel Kanan’s eyes on him before it flickers away - it’s like a switch
      • Ezra opens his eyes to a blurry, badly lit chamber being illuminated only by the glow of lightsabers and the harsh lamp beating down on the durasteel table he’s strapped to
      • he’s in pain, he can barely think straight, let alone see straight but as there’s a fight rages, Ezra manages to summon his lightsaber
      • he snaps off one shot before Maul whips around, but it’s all that’s needed 
      • three lightsabers destroy Maul and he falls the ground in pieces, giving a full view of Ezra, mind half-addled with pain of half-healed wounds from torture he doesn’t even remember
      • “Hey,” he croaks, “Morning, Kanan.”
      • Kanan’s caught between sobbing and trying to restrain himself from slapping Ezra upside the head

this was probably a really crappy ending to Maul-capturing-Ezra, but wow, anon, thanks for talking, uwu. i’m glad you liked it! i’m sure whatever happens, we’ll all be equally crying over Kanan and his son padawan

Quantum Physics

Operators in quantum mechanics

Cont’d from “Dirac notation: Analogy with Cartesian vectors”, see “Dirac notation: Introduction

Throughout mathematics, an operator is defined as:

“A mapping of a function to produce a new function.”

A common example of a regular operator is the differential operator.

Quantum operators are defined by the first postulate of quantum mechanics:

”For any well-defined physical quantity (such as momentum or energy), there exists a quantum mechanical operator (called an “observable”) that yields a value which is an eigenvalue of the function the operator acts upon.”

In quantum physics, operators are written using a “hat”, above the symbol.

Therefore, an observable Ô acting of a function ψ yields a measurement o, which is an eigenvalue of ψ. This is given by the equation

or in Dirac notation

Operators in matrix form

In a discrete QM system, an operator is defined to be a Hermitian matrix which has an eigenstate vector.

Hermitian matrices

In matrix mechanics, a Hermitian matrix is one which has its conjugate transpose equal to the original matrix.

Thus, it must be a square matrix with symmetric elements with equal real parts but oppositely-signed imaginary parts. Thus a general c × c Hermitian matrix ℍ is

where h ∈ ℂ. More explicitly this is

Common operators

Some common operators in quantum mechanics are:


Linear momentum:

where = (/x, /y, /z) is the del (or nabla) operator, i is the imaginary unit and ℏ = h∕2π is the reduced Planck’s constant. Alternatively, in 1-dimension this is

where /x is the x-component of the del operator.

Kinetic energy:

Using the momentum operator we defined previously,

and since i2 ≡-1, the kinetic energy operator becomes

where ∇2 = (2/x2 + 2/y2 + 2/z2) is the Laplacian operator (derived from finding the divergence of del).

Rainbow Six Siege: After Operator Jackal, Ubisoft unveils second character – Mira

After revealing the first character, Jackal, for Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft has now unveiled the second character, Mira or Elena Maria Alvarez, for the upcoming Velvet Shell update.

Read: Rainbow Six Siege to get new character – Jackal

The Velvet Shell update will be released on February 7, 2017. It would see these two G.E.O. Operators join Team Rainbow. As revealed earlier, the update will get a free map, “Coastline,” which is set in Ibiza, Spain.

More from IBTimes India: Sunny Wayne announces his next with Second Show director Srinath Rajendran

Mira holds experience in the field of physical defence and residential security. She has previously provided security for high profile ministers, visiting heads of state and heads of government.

Farah Brixi, the scriptwriter of the Rainbow Six Siege, revealed that she has a rival in one of the Operators, Eliza Cohen, whom she met during Operation Blue Orion. Since that operation, both Maria and Cohen have been “brutal rivals.”

Maria will sport Vector .45 ACP and ITA12L as primary weapons, and ITA12S and USP 40 as secondary weapons.

More from IBTimes India: India news LIVE updates: PM Narendra Modi addresses nation after presentation of Budget 2017 in Parliament

A teaser video reveals Mira involved in breaching walls and loading up to attack a facility.

The G.E.O. is thought to be the last front for Spanish police force and is considered the most lethal weapon. It was created following Spain’s tumultuous transition to a democratic government, said the official blog post.

Ubisoft will be giving out more information during the upcoming Six Invitational in Montreal on February 3. The event will also reveal a Year 2 Roadmap, Operation Velvet Shell live demo, Dev panels, and intense Pro League competition.

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exelea  asked:

Travie Johnson, for the playlist thing xxx

t - take care by Florence & the machine
r - rainbow by modestep
a - alright by supergrass
v - vroom vroom by charli xcx
i - idfc by blackbear
e - elle by sophie

j - jumpin’, jumpin’ by destiny’s child
o - only friend by oscar
h - hand in glove by the smiths
n - no sleep by twin atlantic
s - swear jar (again) by milk teeth
o - operator (he doesn’t call me) by läpsley
n - not over by no frills twins


anonymous asked:

Hey! I don't know if this blog is still active but I'll ask anyway. 274 and 362 weren't shown to interact much in the series even if they're both in Global Command. What do you think their relationship is like?

I am still active! Just a little slow because I’m facin’ some awful artist’s block. I totally dig questions like this though! Anyway.

There’s only a couple times 274 and 362 appear on screen together — and to top it off, they’re with 100. Wondering when this is? It’s during Kuki’s induction to the Kids Next Door during her flashbacks in OPERATION: H.O.M.E., since My First Rainbow Monkey was with her and during OPERATION: MAURICE, when they’re still very, very little. ( Edit: Also in OPERATION: FUGITIVE, where he’s seen as… very afraid of an angry 362, which I’m pretty sure, even though he’s Supreme Leader, he sees a lot directed towards him. ) 

Due to Chad’s speech back in OPERATION: E.N.D., I’d like to assume he didn’t really fully lead the Kids Next Door for five years, instead holding a co-op leadership with Numbuh 100. This being — Numbuh 362 is/was top spy during most of her time in the Kids Next Door and it’s likewise Numbuh 274 was a desk officer or something of the like.

I want to assume Numbuh 100 took on several progeny, hence the swarm of younger cadets during OPERATION: MAURICE, to train them to become potential Supreme Leaders. ( And we later found out who made the cut, and who didn’t. ) He has a keen eye for cadets, I think, seeing as though a lot of the reoccurring characters he had ( sans Numbuh 12, oops. ) went on to hold higher positions. 

Aaaaaaaanyway I got severely off topic here.

If anything, I want to assume they either had no relationship, or had a minor one due to their shared time under Numbuh 100… If they had any form of relationship I could see it as platonic, an overachieving older brother wanting nothing more than to ridicule and tease his little sister, or they could be great friends.

There’s also a possibility of it being romantic. Seeing as though they are kids. ( Nigel had a girlfriend and he was ten. ) I’d like to assume Numbuh 362 is about the age of 12 when Chad turns 13 - 14, so there’s not much of an age difference. ( Don’t bash me for the possibility of shipping the kids and teens, I look for those age gaps. )

For me, I usually go with the platonic route — they’d be sparring partners, Numbuh 274 always dumping his paperwork on Numbuh 362 because he wants to go out on missions instead. Her getting mad at him for doing so, etc. Uuuuh, at the end of the day, I still call them friends.

( Most kids think they’re related anyway, with how much they look alike and act alike… oops! Pretty sure The Steve calls Numbuh 362 a ‘ Mini - Chad ’ at the Diplomat Meetings. It does not go over well. )