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Anonymous said: Hello Badger-chan has a request on all the boys… may i have one of all boys sleeping in with their s/o (^9v9^) please?

Bonjour Badger-chan! Yes, you may :D

Aoba: You watched as Aoba sat up in bed, then turn to look at you softly as he brushed a piece of hair out of your face. 

“I guess we should get moving, hey _____”

 You hummed for a moment, thinking it over.  The bed was rather lovely this morning…

“Or we could just stay here for a bit longer.” Your sleepy voice mumbled out

He smile brightly, laying back down beside you.  Lacing a hand with your own and kissing your forehead in agreement.

Koujaku: Beep, beep, beep. The alarm clock buzzed annoyingly, trying to do it’s job in waking the two of you up.  You groaned rolling over to burry your face into Koujaku’s chest as he reached overtop of you to try and shut the determined little clock off.  

The sound gone, he collapsed back down beside you, wrapping his arms around your frame and pulling you closer to his body.  It was clearly going to be a slow morning, not that you minded much.       

Noiz: Swinging your legs over the side of the bed, you stretched with a great sigh.  Before you could actually stand however, you felt arms wrap around your waist, pulling you back down to the bed.

“Where do you think your going?” he asked as he somewhat rested on top of you, keeping you pinned their.  His thumb rubbing soft circles into the bare skin of your hip.  

Clear: You knew that Clear had already been awake for much longer then you, when he came softly into the bedroom.  You attempted to hide further under the covers, signalling that you were not ready to face the day. 

You felt the bed dip as Clear sat down on the edge.  “____-chan, It’s time to get up”

Your hand reached up to guide him down beside you, “let’s not for now”

It didn’t take much to convince him to stay and cuddle with you for the majority of the morning. 

Mink: You watched the sunlight shine through the small gap in your bedroom curtains.  Mink arm loosely layed across your side, however, when you tried to move, his grip tensed.  

“stay” he asked softly.

That was all you needed to hear to lay back down beside your loving partner.    


I’ve always felt this misery
I guess something is broken deep inside of me
And I am feeling so alone
I’m afraid I will never find my healing

I am the Monster - Elvenking

Every time I’m listening to that song I can’t help but think of Noiz. (well not musically-wise, more about the lyrics xD)
I wanted to add the song on the video but since I don’t own it I thought it’d be safer to just give the link. >w<”

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scenario in which the s/o of aoba, koujaku, clear, noiz, mizuki, virus, trip and theo tells them that they can show them the world. perplexed they ask how on earth would they do that/. s/o pulls up a mirror showing it to them. they look into the mirror, sporting a confused face. s/o then says " why do you look so confused? dont you know you mean the world to me? " ///what are their reactions to this cute gesture?

Aoba: He’d probably just laugh and say “That’s cute.” Although if his s/o were really paying attention, they might be able to catch the tiniest blush on his cheeks.

Koujaku: He would shake his head at his s/o, but there would be a smile on his face as he did so. “Adorable.” He’d say, kissing them on the cheek.

Clear: Clear would probably appreciate it the most, to be honest. He’d be an absolute sucker for things like this, and right after his s/o told him what he did, he would be beaming brighter than the sun and hugging his partner.

Noiz: The first words out of his mouth would probably be something along the lines of “That’s so cheesy, ___.” He would kinda think it was cute, though.

Mizuki: He’d smile as soon as he heard it, asking “You come up with that yourself, ___?” He’d then ruffle his s/o’s hair a bit.

Virus: A smirk would form on his face when his s/o said what they did. “Well, isn’t that adorable.” he’d say before kissing them softly on the lips.

Trip: He’d laugh a little and come closer to his partner, kissing them on top of the forehead and saying, “How sweet.”

Theo: Because of how nervous Theo tends to get, this gesture would get him a bit flustered. Really, he would just laugh awkwardly as he struggled to figure out how to respond to that. “I… you… that’s… that’s really cute, __.”

No but imagine Aoba and Noiz’s love child walking in on them while they have sex

Baby: mm…Daddy…?

Aoba: O-Oh, my god!

Noiz: Shit- 

Baby: …What’s going on?

Noiz: …

Aoba: …

Noiz: I was-

Aoba: No. Stop right there. 

Baby: …


Teacher: I’m sorry, sirs, but your son must be suspended. 

Aoba: Why?

Teacher: He was grinding against another boy, saying some vulgar things. Why would he be doing this?




Noiz: *smirks*

Merfolk!Noiz and their loyal servant Midori ^o^~

Noiz’ parents are sea royalty in an ocean far away from Aoba’s. Long ago, a sorceress cursed them to have their first offspring lack feeling - a sentence that almost definitely promises early death in an environment as dangerous as the sea.

The sorceress’ close ones were victims to Noiz’ parents’ greed for money and power. Grieving and in pain she placed all her remaining force into the spell, disappearing into sparkling foam, at last being reunited with the people she had lost.

And so, as Noiz grows up his parents lock them up and have them under watch constantly; out of fear someone might find out about their failure of a child and use that to ridicule them and undermine their power.

During one of the seemingly endless nights in his prison Noiz discovers a small sea slug (yes I’ve seen the recently discovered adorable bunny sea slug). Out of sheer loneliness Noiz begins to speak to it and cautiously takes care of it. Unbeknownst to the child, as his parents’ had forbidden any teachings of magic, all merfolk carry a spark in them - and many months later Noiz’ spark combines with his wish for a companion and grants Midori a merfolk body.

Midori, grateful for their new mobility and having grown very fond of the lonely child, promises to always be by Noiz’ side. Noiz quickly learns that Midori is an easily excitable, cheerful individual and a force to be reckoned with. 

Noiz acts annoyed a lot but they love their companion dearly. It’s the first time they actually feel alive, with someone to talk to, someone to listen, someone to acknowledge them.

After many years imprisoned Noiz has enough and escapes together with Midori. By now they know that Noiz is cursed, that Noiz’ parents are selfish monsters, that Noiz needs to leave if they want to really live.

And so, they begin their voyage to the unknown. Noiz isn’t just thankful for Midori’s presence - they know that without Midori they’d be dead before they knew it. Midori can sense things, can feels things and in such is an extension of what Noiz is lacking.

The two travel in search of a way to lift the curse. Is the solution as far away as they think? Before coming anywhere close to Aoba’s ocean, they make it a habit to gather information, anything they might need, anything that might give them a lead to solving this puzzle.

And then, one day, as Noiz swims above the surface and Midori is diving underneath them to stay on the lookout for danger, Noiz sees it - the most brilliant azure locks, billowing in the soft sea breeze.

please imagine koujaku and noiz meeting each other through the internet, becoming friends, noiz realizing he has a crush on koujaku and he makes these vague posts about his crush and how great they are and koujaku’s like “who is it who is it :O" 

noiz finally confessing his feelings and they start a very long distance relationship and whenever they get to see each other, they take cute selfies and koujaku posts them with corny captions like "look at how cute my bf is" 

wow bye