o o p.

why do people think that such excuses like “It is difficult to find the original creator” and “If you see something that belongs to you, please let me know so I can credit you!” actually make it okay to post other people’s work without credit/permission?

if you don’t have credit + permission to post it…… d o n ’ t  p o s t  i t ? ? ?

p.s. running a popular blog doesn’t make you exempt from this basic rule of decency and respecting other people’s creations.


People who compare John’s freckles to the stars are the best kind of people

More of this AU

  • Victor: Yuri?
  • Yuri: Yeah?
  • Victor: *Kisses Yuri's Cheek*
  • Yurio: *laying his head down on Otabek's lap* Wtf guys you are so disgusting
  • Yuri: Literally not even five minutes ago you were literally staring into Otabeks eyes like he was the best pork cutlet bowl on earth
  • Yurio: *Looks at Otabek*
  • Otabek: *Nods*
  • Yurio: You're still disgusting

just when u thought it can’t get any worse than their easyyyy phase