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Two things here: lying about Lance (they mimicked Keith and Lance insulting each other on the other’s stockings, like how Lance did in the official VLD handbook)
And also threatening violence against any shaladin who responds
Also spamming tags

I’m low-key scared that I might have a crush on someone right now why can’t I just be a heartless bastard and never feel an emotion again

Mochi!Alfred: Look, Vanya, you should try this one at least. Please?

Mochi!Ivan:Fedya, how can you even stand eating these things? They’re terribly unhealthy.

Mochi!Alfred: Hey, at least we didn’t end up in Mickey D’s for our date this time around. C’mon, man.Try it? At least take a bite outta my Four-Cheese Whopper… you can’t seriously be just eating that salad!

Mochi!Ivan: It is a miracle this place even HAS a salad available, you know. Why not try eating something healthy for a change?

Mochi!Alfred *muttering* You’re not my mom.

Mochi!Ivan: Fedya, at least try to eat something healthier next time…? How can you even survive with so much grease in your system is a miracle in itself.

I made a small little compilation thingy of all the funny lil’ text bits in mark’s new video because why not I was bored-

Hope u appreciate this thing that took me like- half an hour? ‘S poorly made, but I really found it fu nny so why not