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Raise the Roof with Sutton Foster, Steven Pasquale & the Cast of The Wild Party in Rehearsal

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college! Oikawa breaking up with his fem s/o bc he's moving overseas to play volleyball. S/o is actually preggers but doesn't tell him cuz she doesn't want to hold him back from his dream but he finds out somehow the day he leaves Idk it's long srry

This drabble got too long… I seriously wanted to go a lot further with this. IF YOU GIVE ME OIKAWA I WILL WRITE FOR DAYS MAN.

“I was accepted!” Oikawa looked at his letter and smiled brightly. You immediately felt a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. You knew what this meant, you two had been talking about this day for awhile. Oikawa was so excited about the letter, he completely forgot.. that is, until he looked at you. “Oh, right.”

“I’m happy for you, truly!” You lied. Sure, a part of you was certainly happy for him, but this meant that he was moving… And that you two were going to break up. You had both agreed that long distance was too much to handle. Oikawa wrapped his arms around you and placed a kiss on your lips. After you said goodbye, you left to let him pack. He was leaving the next morning so he didn’t have time to spend one more day with you.

“I think I have everything..” Oikawa looked at Iwaizumi, who was helping him to the airport. Iwaizumi opened one of your drawers and picked up a pink stick. His eyes widened and he looked at Oikawa. Oikawa tilted his head and frowned. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“She’s pregnant, and your still leaving?!” Oikawa dropped his luggage and took the test out of his hands to look at it. Sure enough, it was a positive test. Iwaizumi realized that Oikawa had no idea. “What are you going to do?” Oikawa put the test back into the drawer and looked away. He picked up his things and walked to the door.

“She didn’t tell me for a reason. She must not want me to know.. Nothing’s changed.”

“So you’re going to leave your baby behind?”

“This is a once in a life time opportunity! I know how selfish I sound… Please Iwa-chan…” Iwaizumi narrowed his eyes. Picking up a few bags and pushing past Oikawa to his car out front. Oikawa let out a shaky breath and followed after him. 

Once they got to the airport, Iwaizumi helped him to the luggage station. He grabbed Oikawa’s arm and looked into his eyes. His expression full of anger, and slight resentment.

“Don’t worry about her, I’ll make sure she is well taken care of. So go have fun, just don’t expect to be apart of the babies life in the future.” He let Oikawa go and walked back to his car. Oikawa stared blankly at the ground. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and stared at his background screen. The picture was of you, it was always of you.

Your phone started to ring, you looked over and saw the caller ID. You smiled slightly and picked up the phone. You were about to speak, however before you could finish saying hello, he interrupted you.

“I’m going to be there for you. Even if that means dropping everything. I won’t let you raise this child alone.” You felt your eyes water, tears streaming down your face,

“Hajime.. How did you-”

“We found the test… Oikawa is gone, but I’m still here. I’ll be the best uncle this kid could ever hope for. I care about you a lot, and I won’t let shittykawa ruin this kids life before it’s even born.” You started crying audibly over the speaker. You wished it was Oikawa..

moving on is hard
simply because we are stuck
in the same routine

of forcing ourselves
to forget a part of us—
a part that has loved

too much to forget
as easily as breathing.
we are still in love

and that’s the problem.
you can’t stop loving someone
overnight, asleep.

it takes time to stop
breathing, surviving, being
without the other.

and even when you
finally learn to exist

you will never stop
loving. deep down, a part of
you will never stop.

they become a part
of your whole anatomy,
your whole existence.

you just learn, with time:
some things are not meant to be.
but a better one

will soon come along.
so take your time moving on.
it’s okay for you

to take time and be
stuck. if only to breathe
and collect the parts

of yourself you have
given away loving them.
take time to move on.
—  you won’t appreciate this the first time you read it (a broken haiku on moving on) ; ruth