o neil

I can't believe I only just realised this

Riko is Japanese

Yet he ignored superstition and inked Neil with the number four

The word for four in Japanese sounds like the word for death, so it’s generally avoided (((just like Neil’s death was avoided after Lola burned the number off his face HOLD UP)))

And Neil literally convinced Ichirou to get rid of Riko

Number four brought Riko’s death


i made davids shirt just…idk for fun! but i like it!! so.. here

today is the day that the second skin of lies on neil shed away, him becoming real and truly given a home to go back to by his family (“you aren’t going anywhere”). today is the day that andrew realizes that he has already fallen too far, there is no returning from this point, but he is never letting go ever again (“i don’t trust them to give you back”). today is the day andrew and neil came back to each other when they thought they wouldn’t.