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Valentine's Day OverWatch Imagines

(This involves Genji, McCree, Hanzo, Reaper, Solider 76, Junkrat, Roadhog, Reinhardt, Lúcio, and Zenyatta)



•He goes out of his way to use his ninja skills to surprise you with quick kisses and small little candies

•He sneaks up on you, and pops into rooms, stealing a quick kiss, leaving his s/o flustered and speechless.

•Those events lead up to a big romantic dinner that Zenyatta helped Genji put together.

•Genji pulled out all the stops, three coarse meal, roses, chocolate, and of course a present for his adorable s/o.

•He bought is s/o a beautiful necklace with a emerald dragon charm.


•McCree used really corny pick up lines on his s/o, making them laugh uncontrollably.

•He’s constantly hitting on his s/o, calling you “darlin’” every chance he gets.

•McCree takes their s/o to a very nice restaurant, and treats them to a very romantic dinner.

•He then takes their s/o out to the movies to watch that really bad romcom, but he just makes out with his s/o instead of watching.


•He isn’t very emotional person, but he tries a bit harder.

•Hanzo wants to have a special night in with his s/o, and sets up his room at the base with candles and sakura peddles.

•It was a night full of romance and delicious Japanese food made by Hanzo himself. He made it with extra love just for his s/o.

•Hanzo then did something pretty far from his normal personality, he snuggled his s/o. He snuggled his s/o all night. And it was perfect.


•Despite being the really emo and edge-lord he normally is, today he was completely different. Well only for his s/o.

•He insisted he do EVERYTHING for his s/o, including making breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And he is an extremely good chef.

•Dinner is extra special, and romantic. Reaper covered the table with rose peddles, and even played violin music.

•After dinner, Reaper has a special bubble bath for him and his s/o, and it’s nothing short of completely romantic.

Soldier 76:

•Soldier 76 may be a little gruff, but he knows how to kick up the romance. He happily spoils his s/o all day.

•All his attention is on his s/o. No one else.

•He treats his s/o out to a movie and dinner, which he lets his s/o pick the movie.

•At the end of the night, he tops it off with a diamond necklace for his s/o.


•Not really a romantic, but more of a very passionate lover. An EXPLOSIVE lover.

•Knows how much his s/o likes bath bombs from Lush, and buys a bunch for his s/o. (He makes a few too, but those aren’t really… safe)

•Junkrat takes his s/o to their favorite cafe to grab some Boba Tea, and snack on some little cakes and such. It’s a secret, but Junkrat does love his Boba Tea and sweets.

•He rushes his s/o home so he can have an all out cuddle fest!


•He bought a bunch of plushies and sweets for his s/o, since he knows how much he and his s/I LOVE adorable things.

•Roadhog makes breakfast in bed for his s/o, which he made 100% with love.

•Creates the perfect movie night, with tons of blankets and pillows, and snacks all around. It’s the perfect way to spend the night with his s/o.

•Lets his s/o snuggle up on his belly, as they fall asleep. He loves to watch his s/o peacefully sleep.


•Extremely excited to spend all day with his lovely s/o. And when he says all day, he means all day.

•He spoils his s/o rotten. Making sure they don’t have to lift a finger all day. Including carrying them all around their house.

•Buys his s/o amazing German chocolate, which he really did get from Germany. And damn was it yummy.

•Feeds his s/o chocolate while they enjoy talking to one another about little things, just enjoying each other’s company.


•Makes a special mixtape for his s/o of all original songs that he wrote just for them.

•Plays another sexy music mix, and sets up a very romantic breakfast for his s/o. He sets the mood perfectly.

•After the very romantic breakfast, Lúcio takes his s/o to his Valentine’s Concert, and then surprises his s/o by taking them up on stage and serenade them.

•After the concert, he takes his s/o to a five star hotel, and rents out their biggest sweet, so they can have a rooftop view as they snuggle in the hot tub.


•Never really understood the holiday, but was happy to celebrate it for his s/o.

•He attempts to be romantic, but just ends up being adorable in every way, making his s/o giggle and cuddle their omnic lover.

•Tries to use cheesy pick up lines that Genji told him to say, making his s/o laugh a lot then kiss his metal forehead.

•Cuddles all night with his s/o, enjoying making them happy on this human holiday of love.


 PART I - Lorde’s lyrics inside artists frames

‘’(…) Only bad people live to see their likeness set in stone.’’ - Still Sane (Pure Heroine - Lorde).

Portraits of Vincent van Gogh - (1853–1890).


‘’And the scars that mark my body, they’re silver and gold’’ - Flicker (Hunger Games - Lorde and Kanye West Rework)

Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird - Frida Kahlo - (1940)

Me and My Parrots - Frida Kahlo (1941)

Me: “I must admit, that’s a really great picture of Yuu and Guren together *.* But wait a sec…Where did I see Guren’s necklace before…?”

Me: “Okay, why are Guren and Mika wearing the same necklace? O.o I mean…Did Mika found it or was it a gift? But for what? A ‘Hereby I declare you worthy enough for being the boyfriend of my son’ kind of gift?”

received from: Morgoth

[12:34:56PM] If you insist on tailing me on my walks outside the fortress
[12:35:25PM] you could at least take something besides wolf shape.
[12:35:47PM] You know how I feel about your mutts.

sent to: Morgoth

[12:35:57PM] my “mutts” have a higher kill rate than most of your soldiers
[12:36:02PM] besides, why would you even think that was me?

received from: Morgoth

[12:37:18PM] You forgot to take your necklace off, O Lord of Stealth.
[12:37:31PM] I could’ve seen that gaudy thing glinting in your fur for miles.

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I love that sweet good moon girl so much, I've got a sick blade of the darkmoon necklace, gotta rep that devotion

big mood she is my favorite i adore her so much she’s the best character also im so jealous of that i need a blade of the darkmoon necklace :O

Mafumafu @ Sutapura Sapporo (080115)

Mafumafu: “Uu uuu u- uuu (The wish I wrote for today’s Tanabata tree)”

@uni_mafumafu: スタプラお疲れ様でした! 本当に楽しかった!話したいことあるけど、まず今日来てくれた方々ありがとうございました! 帰るときは夜道に気をつけてね…! 今日は自分で星のネックレス持ってきたぞん٩(*˙O˙*)و 

Mafumafu: “Thanks for everyone’s hard work at Sutapura! It was really fun! There are many things I want to say, but first of all, thank you to everyone that came to today’s concert! Please be careful walking on the streets at night, alright…! Today I brought my own star necklace ٩(*˙O˙*)و”

Mafumafu: “Since I tried my best singing Justistia & the like, I can’t even move 1 millimeter after coming out of the bath. I can’t get up ٩( ´◡` )( ´◡` )۶
Thank you for so many replies and (concert) reflections! I’ll take my time reading them when we’re commuting tomorrow, alright! 
Now, we have to wake up at 4:30 am tomorrow huh… Eh”

Soraru: “Today was a fuuuun day, good night”

Mafumafu: “My room’s next to yours so I’ll keep knocking on your wall, ok”

Soraru: “I probably have to wake up earlier than you…”

Mafumafu: “No, I meant that I’ll continue knocking for the entire night so you can’t sleep.”


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