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If Jamie and Claire (and Young Ian) could Text: post "Daddy incident" edition {{VOYAGER SPOILERS}}
  • Young Ian: Auntie?
  • {{{5 minutes}}}
  • Young Ian: Auntie claire?
  • {{{3 minutes}}}
  • Young Ian: Auntie claire?
  • {{{1 minute}}}
  • Young Ian: Auntie claire?
  • Young Ian: Auntie claire?
  • Young Ian: Auntie claire?
  • Claire: I'm not interested in anything Jamie has to say, even through you
  • Claire: goodbye Ian
  • Young Ian: but auntie Claire
  • Young Ian: ye have to hear what I've got to say
  • Young Ian: something happened with
  • Claire: !?!?!?!
  • Young Ian: what is it auntie claire
  • Claire: what the actual bloody hell Ian???
  • Claire: I keep trying to turn off notifications/block your number/put on silent/ turn off the goddamned phone
  • Claire: but I get a pop up saying 'this action is restricted'
  • Young Ian: oh aye that happens to my mam all the time
  • Young Ian: nothin to be ashamed of
  • Young Ian: if ye come back to the house I'd be happy to show ye how to
  • Claire: oh don't you dare try to gaslight me you little rat
  • Claire: you changed my bloody settings didn't you???
  • Young Ian: I wouldna dream of doing such a thing auntie claire
  • Young Ian: putting on all the parental restrictions with a brutal 16 digit password would be a terrible invasion of privacy
  • Young Ian: but now that we're talking
  • Young Ian: just as ye say
  • Young Ian: now that we're not talking
  • Young Ian: ye HAVE to hear what happened after ye left
  • {{{marked as "read"}}}
  • {{{5 minutes}}}
  • Young Ian: auntie claire?
  • {{{marked as "read"}}}
  • {{{5 minutes}}}
  • Young Ian: auntie Leghair shot uncle Jamie
  • Young Ian: *Laoghaire whoops force o habit
  • {{{10 mins}}}
  • {{{marked as "read"}}}
  • Claire: SHE WHAT?????
  • Young Ian: shot him
  • Young Ian: with a gun
  • Claire: no
  • Claire: absolutely not
  • Ian: fraid so
  • Claire: you devious little SHIT Ian Murray
  • Claire: to tell aN AWFUL tale like that to manipulate me into
  • Young Ian: NO!!!!
  • Young Ian: it's not a tale honest!!!!!!!
  • Young Ian: she shot him in the arm bc he was telling her how he wouldna give you up!!!!
  • Young Ian: I started takin a video but mam screamed at me to get over and help staunch the bleeding so nothing to show
  • Claire: is he
  • Young Ian: he's alive
  • Young Ian: but he's got a terrible fever
  • Young Ian: he willna last long without you auntie
  • {{{5 minutes}}}
  • Claire: if I believed you WHICH I DONT
  • Claire: AND if I were able to get there in time AND save Jamie WHICH I MIGHT NOT
  • Claire: why the bloody hell is it any of your damn business whether Jamie and I work this nonsense out?
  • Young Ian: because I've seen Uncle Jamie alive for the first time these last few weeks
  • Young Ian: because he lights up when he looks at you
  • Young Ian: because your face goes all radiant when you look back at him
  • {{{10 minutes}}}
  • Claire: very well
  • Young Ian: YYAAAASSSSS 🎉💞🎉💞🎉💞🎉💞🎉💞🎉😍🎉💞
  • Claire: SHUT IT
  • Young Ian: yep sorry shutting it
  • Claire: meddling manipulative little
  • Young Ian: right after I send you the Spotify playlist I've worked on all night for your frantic ride back to him
  • Claire: for fcks SAKE
  • Young Ian: nonono youre going to love it
  • Claire: I don't even use Spotify you execrable
  • Young Ian: o nay bother I'll just send the tracks one by one
  • Claire: OH PLEASE DONT
  • --incoming files--> [Working_My_Way_back_to_you_babe.mp3]
  • [Aint_no_mountain_high_enough.mp3]
  • [Cant_live_ if_living_is_without_you.mp3]
  • Claire: 🙄
  • [this_will_be_an_everlasting_love.mp3]
  • [Moulin_Rouge_Elephant_love_medley.mp3]
  • [Your_body_is_a_wonderland.mp3]
  • [Let's_get_it_on.mp3]
  • Claire: 🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️

Best Albums of 2016:

1. Chance the Rapper’s “Coloring Book”

May 13, 2016.
Singles: “Angels,” “No Problem,” “Summer Friends”
Leave it up to Chance to change the game. Fans anticipated Chance the Rapper’s third mixtape and his unique brand of goofy and experimental hip hop, but what we received blew expectations out of the water. Chance’s mixtape is critically acclaimed and has hit many accomplishments, including being the first streaming-only album to ever receive a Grammy nomination (and most likely, a win).

2. Solange’s “A Seat at the Table”

September 30, 2016. Saint Records & Columbia Records.
Singles: “Cranes in the Sky”
Solange is many things all at once: a trendsetter, innovator, activist, eloquent, unique and daring. Nothing illustrates these points better than her third studio album. A Seat at the Table is bold in showcasing the many facets of being a black woman in today’s society. She moves through a range of emotions - anger, despair, empowerment - in time with a range of musical styles - funk, neo soul, R&B. It’s both classic and modern in a way that only Solange could ever get away with.

3. Beyoncé’s “Lemonade”

April 23, 2016. Parkwood Entertainment & Columbia Records.
Singles: “Formation,” “Sorry,” “Hold Up,” “Freedom,” “Daddy Lessons,” “All Night”
When life hands you lemons, you kick the world in the teeth while it’s asleep. At least that’s what you do when you’re Beyoncé. Everyone is aware that Mrs. Knowles-Carter can do exactly what she wants, when she wants. For example: release not one, but two, full visual concept albums without anyone’s knowledge. Beyoncé’s sixth studio album, and second visual album, has been lauded for being a raw and honest look at the intricacies of rebuilding trust after betrayal - in more ways than one. It’s heartfelt, introspective, infectious and just plain good.

4. “The Hamilton Mixtape”

December 2, 2016. Atlantic Records.
Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Broadway musical Hamilton has swept the nation, but Miranda long intended for a mixtape of selected songs from the musical to be released. We waited, he delivered. Various artists - from The Roots and Nas to Sia and Regina Spektor - collaborated to bring another perspective to an already larger than life phenomenon.

5.  Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman”

May 20, 2016. Republic Records.
Singles: “Dangerous Woman,” “Into You,” “Side to Side”
With an incredible voice and a penchant for creating pop perfection, Ariana Grande’s third studio album was exactly what radio needed. A big chorus and an even bigger voice can cure anything during those summer months, and Grande delivers just that. She stuns with her variance in styles, from the Old Hollywood feel of “Dangerous Woman” to Future’s trap influences on “Everyday.” This album shows how she’s experimenting and maturing in terms of sound, but still feels so much like the same Ari. 

6. BANKS’ “The Altar”

September 30, 2016. Harvest Records.
Singles: “Fuck with Myself,” “Gemini Feed,” “Mind Games,” “To the Hilt”
Jillian Banks is back with a vengeance in her sophomore album, a confident and unapologetic take on her battles with love and personal growth. Banks’ knows her craft well, seamlessly flowing across her genre with sultry vocals and large choruses that dare you not to sing along. 

7. The 1975′s “I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it”

February 26, 2016. Dirty Hit, Interscope Records, Polydor Records, Vagrant Records.
Singles: “Love Me,” “UGH!,” “Somebody Else,” “The Sound,” “A Chance of Heart,” “She’s American”
The 1975 sure does know how to make some fucking weird pop brilliance. After a bit of social media induced panic, fans of The 1975 just wanted the second album they could get high and cry to. What they got was only partially that. I Like It When You Sleep… is youthful and reflective in the same way their debut album was, but with a lot more funk and tumblr aesthetics. It’s young love with lots of gang vocals and self-deprecating humor. It’s 2016 - odd and beautiful.

8. Rihanna’s “ANTI”

January 28, 2016. Westbury Road & Roc Nation.
Singles: “Work,” “Kiss It Better,” “Needed Me,” “Love on the Brain”
Rihanna has a trend of releasing albums one right after another, so when the wait for her eighth studio album spanned almost four years, no one really knew what to expect. ANTI provides the radio-ready hits that we know and love, but also ventures into belting ballads and melodic string-led waltzes. It’s edgy and adventurous in true Rihanna fashion and keeps you on the edge of your toes (and the middle of the dance floor).

9. NAO’s “For All We Know”

July 29, 2016. Little Tokyo Recordings.
Singles: “Bad Blood,” “Fool to Love,” “Girlfriend”
Let’s start here: “Nay-O.” There’s your pronunciation, now let’s get into the nitty gritty. The wave of synth/electropop and alternative R&B musicians has been big, but just when you think you’ve heard it all, there’s always a newcomer who takes your breath away. Enter NAO. She’s featured on other artists’ albums, such as Disclosure and Mura Masa, but it was time for her to astonish with her own creations. The album is a soothing feel good vibe that invokes a dreamy state of mind. For All We Know takes you to several different places, but you’re always happy to be along for the ride.

10. Little Mix’s “Glory Days”

November 18, 2016. Syco Records & Columbia Records.
Singles: “Shout Out to My Ex,” “Touch”
I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: GIRL BANDS DESERVE MORE CREDIT. And with their fourth studio album, Little Mix are demanding it. Every trend that music has seen over the past year or two, Little Mix has somehow incorporated into this ambitious work that should have debuted at Coachella or something. As always, their vocals game is on point. The girls manage to swing from Motown to club bangers to girl power anthems without breaking a sweat. I don’t know how else to say it except: where is their Grammy?


oshiete oshiete yo sono shikumi o boku no naka ni dare ga iru no
kowareta kowareta yo kono sekai de kimi ga warau nani mo mie zu ni
kowareta boku nante sa iki o tomete
hodokenai mou hodokenai yo shinjitsu sae freeze
kowaseru kowasenai kurueru kuruenai
anata o mitsukete yureta
yuganda sekai ni dandan boku wa sukitōtte mienakunatte
mitsukenaide boku no koto o mitsumenaide
dareka ga egaita sekai no naka de anata o kizutsuketaku wa nai yo
oboeteite boku no koto o azayakana mama
mugen ni hirogaru kodoku ga karamaru mujaki ni waratta kioku ga sasatte
ugokenai ugokenai ugokenai ugokenai ugokenai ugokenai yo
kawatteshimatta kaerarenakatta
futatsu ga karamaru futari ga horobiru
kowaseru kowasenai kurueru kuruenai
anata o kegasenaiyo yureta
yuganda sekai ni dandan boku wa sukitōtte mienakunatte
mitsukenaide boku no koto wo mitsumenaide
dareka ga shikunda kodokuna wana ni mirai ga hodokete shimau mae ni
omoidashite boku no koto o azayakana mama
wasurenaide wasurenaide wasurenaide wasurenaide
kawatteshimatta koto ni paralyze
kaerarenai koto darake no paradise
oboeteite boku no koto o
oshiete oshiete boku no naka ni dare ga iru no

Unravel- Tk from ling tosite sigure

Nay but, O man, who art thou that repliest against God? Shall the thing formed say to him that formed it, Why hast thou made me thus?
—  Romans 9:20, KJV.

                                                Jayden Thorne

✕››Edad: 23 años
✕››Cumpleaños/Signo: 20 de Mayo/Tauro
✕››Lugar de nacimiento: LA, California.
✕››Tipo/Raza: Humano
✕››Ocupación: Corredor de automóviles

♥›› Multiship: ✓✓✓
♥›› Preferencia: Bisexual
♥›› Interés/Relación: León ( @matriozhka ), Derek ( @myxcriminal )

››[ H i s t o r i a ]

Jayden nació y creció en un entorno por demás de enriquecido. Desde muy pequeño y gracias a que tenía dos hermanos mayores –familia a la cual vendría a sumarse un cuatro hijo un par de años después–, se le comenzó a inmiscuir rápidamente en los negocios del conglomerado al cual era partidariamente heredero. Nunca tuvo faltas de dinero, tampoco de real afecto por parte de todos los involucrados en su grande familia. Por ende, podía considerarse una persona por demás de afortunada.

El real avance de sus gustos y preferencias nació gracias a su tío Ernest, el cual le inmiscuyó en el mundo de los automóviles desde que Jayden puede tener memoria. Su padre, Harrison, manejaba grandes negocios con fábricas extranjeras con respecto a la producción de automóviles de alta tecnología, sin embargo su tío quien se encargaba más de las cosas técnicas y no del dinero, fue quien despertó de lleno su pasión por “ensuciarse” las manos con el aceite y las partes de aquellas fieras maquinas.

Viendo el gran interés que Jayden tenía en esas cosas, su padre decidió obsequiarle su primer automóvil de carreras cuando apenas y tenía 13 años de edad. El plazo de volverse un real corredor clandestino –carreras que su padre, igualmente financiaba– fue de tres años, tendría que trabajar en el automóvil y hacerlo una real fiera que destruyera a cualquiera a su paso. Cosa que sucedió en menos de un pestañeo.

Antes de siquiera tener 18 años de edad, Jayden ya controlaba una gran porción de las áreas de carreras clandestinas en Los Ángeles. Para nadie fue un disgusto el saber que desertaría como ingeniero mecánico y se involucraría ciento por ciento en aquel nuevo negocio familiar que crecía a pasos agigantados. Gracias a que pasaba más tiempo en las calles y en el taller, su padre decidió brindarle un segundo regalo, comenzando a inmiscuir sus manos en ciertos bares que se dedicaban  a vender bebidas y otro tipo de sustancias recreativas a los corredores, tanto amigos como enemigos. De cierta forma, los bares les protegían y les brindaban prestigio, evitando así la policía.

Ahora y con 23 años de edad, el tercer hijo de los Thorne controla prácticamente toda el área en cuanto a carreras se trata, solo con los mejores corredores bajo su comando. Los “Quicksilver” son conocidos por ser sujetos hambrientos por la victoria cuando se trata de encender un automóvil y hacerle rechistar en contra del asfalto. Sencillas no son las condiciones para lograr entrar, puesto que Jayden no aceptará a nadie que no logre vencerlo en una carrera, porque sabe que es el mejor y solo merece a la mejor gente bajo su ala.

››[ D e s c r i p c i ó n ]

{ ✕ }➞【 P e r s o n a l i d a d 】

▌Jayden es una persona con muy pocas preocupaciones en la cabeza, podría decirse que lo único que realmente llama su atención, son los automóviles. Tiene problemas para entender el sarcasmo, al igual que para detectar cuando él ha dicho algo incorrecto. Es distraído y un poco frívolo, al no importarle otra cosa que no sea la victoria constante y la adrenalina de correr a altas velocidades.

▌Es un líder benevolente, solo busca lo mejor para aquellos que considera amigos y casi familia. La gente bajo su comando siempre recibirá los tratos más cálidos y justos desde su mano, el pago igualmente necesario por sus servicios y una mano siempre estará tendida para ellos cuando lo necesiten. Por ende cuando su confianza y su cariño es violentado, se tornará una persona totalmente diferente, aquellos que osen a tratarlo de esa manera, pueden olvidarse de su amistad de una sola tajada.

▌Un tanto testarudo y orgulloso, fácil de enojar si no está de muy buen humor. Está acostumbrado a la victoria y a obtener absolutamente todo lo que quiere, cuando lo quiere. Sin embargo, no dudará en aceptar una derrota cuando él mismo considere a la otra parte alguien de valor. Cuando está en las calles, se vuelve aún más serio y se enfoca en su trabajo, el cual conseguirá acabar limpiamente incluso si tiene que pasarles por encima a sus enemigos. Para él solo existen dos colores, blanco y negro, amigo o enemigo.

{ ✕ }➞【 F í s i c a 】

▌Mide 1.79 de altura, de tez blanca y de cabello muy claro (prácticamente grisáceo, gracias a una trasmutación genética hereditaria) que siempre lleva peinado de una forma mucho más alocada a lo normal. Es delgado, con musculatura digna de alguien de su altura, sus ojos son de color violáceo, es el único de sus hermanos en tener un color de ojos tan “extraño”, gracias a su madre.

››[ D a t o s E x t r a s ]

♛›› Jayden tiene una buena relación con todos en su familia, es quizás, quien más atenciones se lleva de todos. Su madre, es quien ha aceptado abiertamente que él es su hijo favorito y que lo prefiere por sobre los demás (todo gracias a la demencia de la mujer, nadie llega a culparla por esos arranques)
♛›› A pesar de que se lleva bien con los mayores en casa, Jayden es totalmente ajeno a los negocios más turbios que manejan los tres hombres de la casa. Por ende, no tiene ni idea de lo que le sucedió a la familia de León o lo crueles que pueden ser con otras personas a su espalda.
♛›› Conoció a León una noche, en una carrera. Ambos compitieron donde León apenas por unos segundos, se llevó la victoria. Luego de huir de la policía y Jay demostrarle su interés en que se uniera a su banda, logró entablar una amistad fuerte con el muchacho de castaños cabellos. Llegó hasta el punto donde lo considera su mejor amigo.
♛›› La misma situación sucedió con Derek, al cual invito a unirse a él cuando saboreó la derrota. Con Derek fue un poco diferente al ofrecerle incluso un trabajo extra, sabiendo de las carencias en su hogar y sobretodo, sabiendo que su amigo no aceptaría dinero “regalado”.
♛›› Jayden es igualmente el único en aceptar sin rechistar la decisión de quien alguna vez fue su hermanita pequeña, al ésta, no sentirse cómoda con su cuerpo femenino. Gracias a él, su ahora hermano Carter, puede ser más libre y sentirse cómodo tanto en su casa como en su cuerpo.
♛›› A pesar de ser un desertor, le gustan mucho las matemáticas y las utiliza bastante para hacer cálculos de piezas y demás en cuanto a los automóviles se trate. Parece despistado, pero no es realmente tonto.
♛›› Tiene un husky siberianO llamado Dollar.
♛›› Su primer automóvil fue un Mitsubishi 3000 gt, tiene igualmente un Charger 1970 v8. Actualmente maneja un Camaro Coupé 2017.
♛›› Cuando no está en el taller, le gusta pasar tiempo en uno de los bares. Suele tomar alcohol, pero no le gusta consumir drogas.
♛›› No tiene muy buena suerte con las mujeres, porque a veces no capta cuando estas buscan algo con él o porque suele decirles cosas un tanto hirientes sin pensarlo.
♛›› Los gatos lo aborrecen, por eso se considera una persona de perros y nada más.

››[ S t u f f ]

♛›› FC: Murasaki - Hamatora
♛›› Fandom:
♛›› Creador:

katchyalater  asked:

i obviously love everything you write and OF COURSE i have a soft spot for that tinder one but also the one where he's her professor and she's Not Interested™ in Finn is amazing and i realllllly love the one where he's an author and she's his illustrator. really.

sdkfjhskd BLESS you just named all my personal faves

tell me what your favourite fic of mine is!

Gimme That Sugar With The Sweet Talk

happy halloween here’s some smut for ya

based off of ‘we’re secret friends with benefits and you accidentally wore my shirt to to the party so you’re pretending you came as me and it turns out your impression of me is on point and you know me better than you know myself are you sure you’re not in love with me??’

except it’s tweaked to be more like ‘ we’re secret friends with benefits and you came dressed as me for a party and it’s really, really distracting.’

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

rated e | read on ao3 here

“Hey, you’re coming to Halloween party next week, right?” Bellamy asks, skin still a bit damp and glistening in the moonlight as he ties off the condom.

Clarke frowns a bit, and stretches out, hand patting around blindly for the blanket. “Uh, I’m not sure. Exams are like right around the corner and-”

He stops her right there by yanking the blankets out of her hands. “Hey!” she says, pushing up on her forearms to glare at him.

Bellamy just rolls his eyes, showing no signs of discomfort at standing in the middle of the room without a lick of clothing on. “You’re going to stay home and study? Come on, Clarke; it’s Halloween!” he grumbles before his grin turns wicked. “If you come over, I’ll be sure to have a special treat, just for you,” he all but purrs, sauntering over to the bed, only to dance out of the way with a bark of laughter as she aims a kick at him.

“Dick,” she huffs, and his grin just widens.

“That is one part of the treat, yes,” he nods, and not even she can successfully hide her grin as he slides a hand slowly up her calf.

“I don’t even have a costume,” she says weakly, “And I don’t have time to make one either. I have a spotter a day before.”

“Come as Hot Girl #3 for all I care,” he waves her off, “Or maybe string a bedsheet around yourself so we can match.”

She’s still hesitant, gnawing on her bottom lip. “I don’t know, Bellamy. I don’t think I’d be in the party mood after the spotter. All I’ll want to do is relax, maybe with a B rated horror flick and wine.”

“I can help you relax after,” he offers with a smirk, slinking between her legs. They widen to accommodate him of their own accord. “Or did you forget that’s why we started this thing in the first place?” He nuzzles the crease where her legs joins to her hip and Clarke sinks back down into the mattress with a sigh. “I don’t mind reminding you.” Her body jerks when he leans in close, close enough that she could feel his short bursts of breath brush across her centre, and she whimpers.

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The only reasson thatt annyone  i is discus;;ssing thi;s ni the fiir st placce is bbecaauuse three’s   a grroup of creepp yweirdos w  ho scruuTinize evverything I,,I do and rty to porrtr.ray me as an evil mo,nsteer. They do notc think rationa,ally;; thei;;r miss;ion is tt  o characterizze everytthhing I do a s an eevikl,, mi justmoral act. I ccoould ..sneeze,, and tthey  w;ou..l dfinds oe rea;;son to crucify mee for it. IIt’s very  ufnnorut;nattee that there aRe a l;ot of guull  lbiel pEoploew ho blidnly believe very siing.le  ,pieece oof prropagmanad  that appearrs  o..n tthhe Interrnett.  nAy .rationallyy-thinking  peeson caan  plliannly tell thaat the use off the sjillhouetttes  is nnot “art theft”  .

,The,e epoople who ;;ate,e  me will coNttbiinue to,o doo ;; menntaal g,,ymmnas,tic.s to convincce thelmmselvees thAtt  everythinng kI .do is a,an Unf,o;r`gi,,i  vablee., evil crrim ojustne. Youung childdren on mblr will contin,ue to sart drrama ,,ovvert .riviall uni im jjustportantt issues. Everry week, ther;e wiilll  be a new “nnosntro,,ove;rsy”” that ;peopple will get  up in arm;ms  abo..ut.


Lemme hit u up with that hot crytype

Bakit kung sino pa ang mahal mo,
ang pangarap o nais mo,
siya pa ang ayaw sa ‘yo,
siya pa ang walang gusto sa ‘yo?

Mahal kita pero mahal mo siya
Mahal mo siya pero mahal niya'y iba
Umiikot lamang ang ating mga istorya
Sa mga taong ‘di nakikita ang ating halaga

Sana ako na lang ang nais mo
Sana ako na lang ang mahal mo
Sana ako na lang siya
Sana ako na lang

Ngunit marahil ay ganito rin
ang sinasambit ng puso mo
Na sa tuwing nakikita mo siya
nasasaktan ka ding tulad ko

Wala akong magawa kasi walang tayo
Sa puso mo'y wala akong puwesto
Hindi ako nabibilang sa iyong mundo
Hindi mo nakikita ang presensya ko

Ngunit umaasa pa rin ako na
makikita mo ang tulad ko
Na kahit nasa gilid lang ako
ng mga mata mo
Isang araw mapapatingin ka rin sa ‘kin
At mag-iiba ang ‘yong damdamin

Ngunit dapat pa nga ba akong umasa,
Kung sa kanya'y patuloy ka ring umaasa?
Hindi ko alam kung si
Kupido ba ang may sala
O marahil ay baluktot
ang kanyang pana.

—  e.s.
Miraikei Answer
Miraikei Answer

Ore Monogatari!! Opening N°1

Miraikei Answer - TRUSTRICK

English Lyrics:

I can’t catch up to you,
Even though I want to
It’s an unexpected story
Give me an answer
I don’t know the answer

If only love could work like sweets,
Where all you have to do is follow a recipe

If only the distance between us could be like a meringue,
Where time is all it takes to change

Composure and fervor are old friends
I wonder if we’ll go all our lives without holding hands
I can’t stand the thought

I can’t catch up to you, even though I want to
It’s an unexpected story
Give me an answer
For as awkward and clumsy as it is,
Will it start with just as much affection?
Give me an answer
An answer in the future tense

A rain of silver dragees
Falls upon the plan for our future drawn in icing

Orange peel is bitter
The bittersweet flavor has a lot of depth to it

It’s no joke
I’m not just messing with you
You’re exactly what I want
Stop misjudging yourself
Look at me,

It’s nothing at all, and there’s nothing to it,
But I wonder if tomorrow will be sunny
Give me an answer
You’re kind, and that hurts
I wonder when we’ll be able to meet again
Give me an answer
An incomplete answer

The amount of sugar in my sighs
I said, “Thank you.”
Ever since that day, this fever hasn’t gone down…

I can’t catch up to you,
Even though I want to
It’s my story
Give me an answer

For as awkward and clumsy as it is,
It’ll start with just as much affection
Give me an answer
An answer in the future tense

I don’t know the answer

I want to know the answer.

Romaji Lyrics:

oitsukitai no ni
totsuzen, monogatari
give me an answer
wakaranai yo Answer

okashi mitai ni suki mo
reshipi toori ni ikeba ii no ni

merenge mitai ni kyori mo
jikan shidai de kawareba ii no ni

reiseisa to nekketsusa ga osananajimi nan da
isshou te mo tsunagenai mama kana
ya da yo

oitsukitai no ni
totsuzen, monogatari
give me an answer (I can change you)
bukiyou de gikochinai hodo
itoshiku hajimaru no?
give me an answer
miraikei no Answer

aishingu de egaku miraizu ni furu
arazan no ame

orenjipiiru ga nigai
bitaasuiito tte oku ga fukai na

joudan ja nai
chanto kimi ga ii no
kentouchigai yamete
watashi o mite

nandemo nai nanimo nai kedo
ashigta wa hareru kana
give me an answer
yasashii ne sore kurushii no
tsugi itsu aeru kanaa
give me an answer
mikansei no Answer

tameiki no toubunryou
arigatou tte itta
ano hi kara binetsu ga zutto sagaranai no…

oitsukitai no  ni
watashi no monogatari
give me an answer

bukiyou de gikochinai hodo
itoshikuhajimaru no
give me an answer
miraikei no Answer

wakaranai yo Answer

wakaritai yo Answer