o nay

Credit - 在地下城寻求“妹妹”是否搞错了什么 ~ 小小窝

If Jamie and Claire (and Young Ian) could Text: post "Daddy incident" edition {{VOYAGER SPOILERS}}
  • Young Ian: Auntie?
  • {{{5 minutes}}}
  • Young Ian: Auntie claire?
  • {{{3 minutes}}}
  • Young Ian: Auntie claire?
  • {{{1 minute}}}
  • Young Ian: Auntie claire?
  • Young Ian: Auntie claire?
  • Young Ian: Auntie claire?
  • Claire: I'm not interested in anything Jamie has to say, even through you
  • Claire: goodbye Ian
  • Young Ian: but auntie Claire
  • Young Ian: ye have to hear what I've got to say
  • Young Ian: something happened with
  • Claire: !?!?!?!
  • Young Ian: what is it auntie claire
  • Claire: what the actual bloody hell Ian???
  • Claire: I keep trying to turn off notifications/block your number/put on silent/ turn off the goddamned phone
  • Claire: but I get a pop up saying 'this action is restricted'
  • Young Ian: oh aye that happens to my mam all the time
  • Young Ian: nothin to be ashamed of
  • Young Ian: if ye come back to the house I'd be happy to show ye how to
  • Claire: oh don't you dare try to gaslight me you little rat
  • Claire: you changed my bloody settings didn't you???
  • Young Ian: I wouldna dream of doing such a thing auntie claire
  • Young Ian: putting on all the parental restrictions with a brutal 16 digit password would be a terrible invasion of privacy
  • Young Ian: but now that we're talking
  • Young Ian: just as ye say
  • Young Ian: now that we're not talking
  • Young Ian: ye HAVE to hear what happened after ye left
  • {{{marked as "read"}}}
  • {{{5 minutes}}}
  • Young Ian: auntie claire?
  • {{{marked as "read"}}}
  • {{{5 minutes}}}
  • Young Ian: auntie Leghair shot uncle Jamie
  • Young Ian: *Laoghaire whoops force o habit
  • {{{10 mins}}}
  • {{{marked as "read"}}}
  • Claire: SHE WHAT?????
  • Young Ian: shot him
  • Young Ian: with a gun
  • Claire: no
  • Claire: absolutely not
  • Ian: fraid so
  • Claire: you devious little SHIT Ian Murray
  • Claire: to tell aN AWFUL tale like that to manipulate me into
  • Young Ian: NO!!!!
  • Young Ian: it's not a tale honest!!!!!!!
  • Young Ian: she shot him in the arm bc he was telling her how he wouldna give you up!!!!
  • Young Ian: I started takin a video but mam screamed at me to get over and help staunch the bleeding so nothing to show
  • Claire: is he
  • Young Ian: he's alive
  • Young Ian: but he's got a terrible fever
  • Young Ian: he willna last long without you auntie
  • {{{5 minutes}}}
  • Claire: if I believed you WHICH I DONT
  • Claire: AND if I were able to get there in time AND save Jamie WHICH I MIGHT NOT
  • Claire: why the bloody hell is it any of your damn business whether Jamie and I work this nonsense out?
  • Young Ian: because I've seen Uncle Jamie alive for the first time these last few weeks
  • Young Ian: because he lights up when he looks at you
  • Young Ian: because your face goes all radiant when you look back at him
  • {{{10 minutes}}}
  • Claire: very well
  • Young Ian: YYAAAASSSSS 🎉💞🎉💞🎉💞🎉💞🎉💞🎉😍🎉💞
  • Claire: SHUT IT
  • Young Ian: yep sorry shutting it
  • Claire: meddling manipulative little
  • Young Ian: right after I send you the Spotify playlist I've worked on all night for your frantic ride back to him
  • Claire: for fcks SAKE
  • Young Ian: nonono youre going to love it
  • Claire: I don't even use Spotify you execrable
  • Young Ian: o nay bother I'll just send the tracks one by one
  • Claire: OH PLEASE DONT
  • --incoming files--> [Working_My_Way_back_to_you_babe.mp3]
  • [Aint_no_mountain_high_enough.mp3]
  • [Cant_live_ if_living_is_without_you.mp3]
  • Claire: 🙄
  • [this_will_be_an_everlasting_love.mp3]
  • [Moulin_Rouge_Elephant_love_medley.mp3]
  • [Your_body_is_a_wonderland.mp3]
  • [Let's_get_it_on.mp3]
  • Claire: 🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️🙇🏻‍♀️
  • Gareki: *takes a deep breathe*
  • Gareki: I lo-
  • Anyone who has spent five seconds around Gareki: Yes, you love Nai, we know, you love Nai so much, he's the light of your life, you love him so much, you just love Nai, we KNOW, you love Nai you fucking love Nai ok we know, we get it, YOU LOVE NAI. WE GET IT.

This is what that one person meant by “A Thousand Years of Death”.
So, Youko, would you try it on someone?

Her hands are already in the right position for it, anyway.

Best Albums of 2016:

1. Chance the Rapper’s “Coloring Book”

May 13, 2016.
Singles: “Angels,” “No Problem,” “Summer Friends”
Leave it up to Chance to change the game. Fans anticipated Chance the Rapper’s third mixtape and his unique brand of goofy and experimental hip hop, but what we received blew expectations out of the water. Chance’s mixtape is critically acclaimed and has hit many accomplishments, including being the first streaming-only album to ever receive a Grammy nomination (and most likely, a win).

2. Solange’s “A Seat at the Table”

September 30, 2016. Saint Records & Columbia Records.
Singles: “Cranes in the Sky”
Solange is many things all at once: a trendsetter, innovator, activist, eloquent, unique and daring. Nothing illustrates these points better than her third studio album. A Seat at the Table is bold in showcasing the many facets of being a black woman in today’s society. She moves through a range of emotions - anger, despair, empowerment - in time with a range of musical styles - funk, neo soul, R&B. It’s both classic and modern in a way that only Solange could ever get away with.

3. Beyoncé’s “Lemonade”

April 23, 2016. Parkwood Entertainment & Columbia Records.
Singles: “Formation,” “Sorry,” “Hold Up,” “Freedom,” “Daddy Lessons,” “All Night”
When life hands you lemons, you kick the world in the teeth while it’s asleep. At least that’s what you do when you’re Beyoncé. Everyone is aware that Mrs. Knowles-Carter can do exactly what she wants, when she wants. For example: release not one, but two, full visual concept albums without anyone’s knowledge. Beyoncé’s sixth studio album, and second visual album, has been lauded for being a raw and honest look at the intricacies of rebuilding trust after betrayal - in more ways than one. It’s heartfelt, introspective, infectious and just plain good.

4. “The Hamilton Mixtape”

December 2, 2016. Atlantic Records.
Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Broadway musical Hamilton has swept the nation, but Miranda long intended for a mixtape of selected songs from the musical to be released. We waited, he delivered. Various artists - from The Roots and Nas to Sia and Regina Spektor - collaborated to bring another perspective to an already larger than life phenomenon.

5.  Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman”

May 20, 2016. Republic Records.
Singles: “Dangerous Woman,” “Into You,” “Side to Side”
With an incredible voice and a penchant for creating pop perfection, Ariana Grande’s third studio album was exactly what radio needed. A big chorus and an even bigger voice can cure anything during those summer months, and Grande delivers just that. She stuns with her variance in styles, from the Old Hollywood feel of “Dangerous Woman” to Future’s trap influences on “Everyday.” This album shows how she’s experimenting and maturing in terms of sound, but still feels so much like the same Ari. 

6. BANKS’ “The Altar”

September 30, 2016. Harvest Records.
Singles: “Fuck with Myself,” “Gemini Feed,” “Mind Games,” “To the Hilt”
Jillian Banks is back with a vengeance in her sophomore album, a confident and unapologetic take on her battles with love and personal growth. Banks’ knows her craft well, seamlessly flowing across her genre with sultry vocals and large choruses that dare you not to sing along. 

7. The 1975′s “I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it”

February 26, 2016. Dirty Hit, Interscope Records, Polydor Records, Vagrant Records.
Singles: “Love Me,” “UGH!,” “Somebody Else,” “The Sound,” “A Chance of Heart,” “She’s American”
The 1975 sure does know how to make some fucking weird pop brilliance. After a bit of social media induced panic, fans of The 1975 just wanted the second album they could get high and cry to. What they got was only partially that. I Like It When You Sleep… is youthful and reflective in the same way their debut album was, but with a lot more funk and tumblr aesthetics. It’s young love with lots of gang vocals and self-deprecating humor. It’s 2016 - odd and beautiful.

8. Rihanna’s “ANTI”

January 28, 2016. Westbury Road & Roc Nation.
Singles: “Work,” “Kiss It Better,” “Needed Me,” “Love on the Brain”
Rihanna has a trend of releasing albums one right after another, so when the wait for her eighth studio album spanned almost four years, no one really knew what to expect. ANTI provides the radio-ready hits that we know and love, but also ventures into belting ballads and melodic string-led waltzes. It’s edgy and adventurous in true Rihanna fashion and keeps you on the edge of your toes (and the middle of the dance floor).

9. NAO’s “For All We Know”

July 29, 2016. Little Tokyo Recordings.
Singles: “Bad Blood,” “Fool to Love,” “Girlfriend”
Let’s start here: “Nay-O.” There’s your pronunciation, now let’s get into the nitty gritty. The wave of synth/electropop and alternative R&B musicians has been big, but just when you think you’ve heard it all, there’s always a newcomer who takes your breath away. Enter NAO. She’s featured on other artists’ albums, such as Disclosure and Mura Masa, but it was time for her to astonish with her own creations. The album is a soothing feel good vibe that invokes a dreamy state of mind. For All We Know takes you to several different places, but you’re always happy to be along for the ride.

10. Little Mix’s “Glory Days”

November 18, 2016. Syco Records & Columbia Records.
Singles: “Shout Out to My Ex,” “Touch”
I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: GIRL BANDS DESERVE MORE CREDIT. And with their fourth studio album, Little Mix are demanding it. Every trend that music has seen over the past year or two, Little Mix has somehow incorporated into this ambitious work that should have debuted at Coachella or something. As always, their vocals game is on point. The girls manage to swing from Motown to club bangers to girl power anthems without breaking a sweat. I don’t know how else to say it except: where is their Grammy?

Prince Night ~どこにいたのさ!? MY PRINCESS~ (Full lyrics)


どこにいたのさ!? MY PRINCESS

マヂでGet you 視線が合う
全部 忘れさせるほど

乱れ飛ぶレーザービーム 皆騒いで狂喜乱舞 Hustle
キミと朝までrendezvous あっそう

想定外 恋の BPM ミダレて
「その自意識だけで お腹いっぱい」

Dance with me そう素直に
Just tell me キミが言いな
Dance with me たったひとり
Fever Feverな心拍数(ビート)が
ずっと 加速し続けるよ

どこにいたのさ!? MY PRINCESS

100パー Want you 混みあってる

恋なんて幼稚なゲーム スコアレスで常時完封 ちょーCool!
振り回されてwithout you 撤収!

ヒリヒリする 恋に 熱くなってく

「ドン引きする くらい こっちは冷めてく」

Dance with me ありのままに
Just tell me 求めてみな
Dance with me 今夜ふたり
Fever Feverな心拍数(ビート)で

まだまだ 夜は終わらない
Don’t stop Don’t stop 朝が来たって
2人きりで 逃がせばいい

Dance with me そう素直に
Just tell me キミが言いな
Dance with me たったひとり
Fever Feverな心拍数(ビート)が

踏み越えたいBorderline もっと深くキミを知りたい
ハメを外すくらい 本気にさせてみてよtonight

Dance Dance 恋を止めないで
ずっと 踊っていたいのさ

どこにいたのさ!? MY PRINCESS


Doko ni i ta no sa!? MY PRINCESS

maji de Get you shisen ga au
sono shunkan
ima made shi te ki ta koi o
zenbu wasure saseru hodo

midaretobu rēzā bīmu mina sawai de kyōki ranbu Hustle
purinsu tachi to ason ja u?
kimi to asa made rendezvous assō

sōtei gai koi no BPM midare te
‘sono jiishiki dake de onaka ippai’

Dance with me sō sunao ni
Just tell me kimi ga ii na
hirefusu koto ni wa
funare na ore tachi da shi
Dance with me tatta hitori
kimi o mitsumeru hodo
Fever Fever na shinpaku sū ( bīto ) ga
zutto kasoku shitsuzukeru yo

doko ni i ta no sa!? MY PRINCESS

100 pā Want you komiatteru
furoa no naka
kimi dake supottoraito
abi ta yō ni kagayaku

koi nante yōchi na gēmu sukoa resu de jōji kanpū cho ? Cool!
dakara kimi tte supesharu
furimawasare te without you tesshū!

hirihiri suru koi ni atsuku natte ku

‘don hiki suru kurai kocchi wa same te ku’

Dance with me arinomama ni
Just tell me motome te mina
seigyo ya gaman wa
kirai na ore tachi da shi
Dance with me konya futari
toki o tome te shimao u
Fever Fever na shinpaku sū ( bīto ) de
zutto odotte i tai no sa

madamada yoru wa owara nai
Don’t stop Don’t stop asa ga ki ta tte
2 nin kiri de nigase ba ii

Dance with me sō sunao ni
Just tell me kimi ga ii na
hirefusu shika nai
kanjō oshie te kure
Dance with me tatta hitori
kimi o dakishime tara
Fever Fever na shinpaku sū ( bīto ) ga
eien ni nariyama nai yo

fumikoe tai Borderline motto fukaku kimi o shiri tai
hame o hazusu kurai honki ni sase te mi te yo tonight

Dance Dance koi o tome nai de
zutto odotte i tai no sa

doko ni i ta no sa!? MY PRINCESS

(Please credit me)

oshiete oshiete yo sono shikumi o boku no naka ni dare ga iru no
kowareta kowareta yo kono sekai de kimi ga warau nani mo mie zu ni
kowareta boku nante sa iki o tomete
hodokenai mou hodokenai yo shinjitsu sae freeze
kowaseru kowasenai kurueru kuruenai
anata o mitsukete yureta
yuganda sekai ni dandan boku wa sukitōtte mienakunatte
mitsukenaide boku no koto o mitsumenaide
dareka ga egaita sekai no naka de anata o kizutsuketaku wa nai yo
oboeteite boku no koto o azayakana mama
mugen ni hirogaru kodoku ga karamaru mujaki ni waratta kioku ga sasatte
ugokenai ugokenai ugokenai ugokenai ugokenai ugokenai yo
kawatteshimatta kaerarenakatta
futatsu ga karamaru futari ga horobiru
kowaseru kowasenai kurueru kuruenai
anata o kegasenaiyo yureta
yuganda sekai ni dandan boku wa sukitōtte mienakunatte
mitsukenaide boku no koto wo mitsumenaide
dareka ga shikunda kodokuna wana ni mirai ga hodokete shimau mae ni
omoidashite boku no koto o azayakana mama
wasurenaide wasurenaide wasurenaide wasurenaide
kawatteshimatta koto ni paralyze
kaerarenai koto darake no paradise
oboeteite boku no koto o
oshiete oshiete boku no naka ni dare ga iru no

Unravel- Tk from ling tosite sigure

O Abutre (Drama)

Sinopse: Para enfrentar dificuldades de conseguir um emprego formal, o jovem Louis Bloom (Jake Gyllenhaal) decide entrar no agitado submundo do jornalismo criminal independente de Los Angeles. A fórmula é correr atrás de crimes e acidentes chocantes, registrar tudo e vender a história para veículos interessados. Mas parece que Louis levará esse trabalho as últimas consequências.

De volta ao Jogo

Sinopse: John Wick (Keanu Reeves) é um temido ex-assassino que precisa lidar com a triste morte de sua esposa. Como que prevendo sua morte iminente, ela deixa um cachorro para John cuidar. A história se desenvolve quando o filho de um gângester rouba seu carro e mata seu cachorro logo após o funeral de sua mulher. Tudo que resta a John é enfrentar essses homens e se vingar de quem roubou a ultima memoria de sua mulher.

Expresso do amanhã (Ação e Aventura)

Sinopse: Os únicos sobreviventes de uma fracassada tentativa de conter o aquecimento global são obrigados a viver em um trem separados em vagões que determinam sua condição social. Dirigido pelo diretor sul-coreano Joon-ho Bong e estrelado por Chris Evans, esse filme é baseado numa HQ de mesmo nome.

Love Live! week 2015
 ↳ Day 7: Free Day!!

Because Athyra hasn’t drawn crack for a while…

Which is your favorite Change!subunit?

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Taemin - いつかここで -Someday here

mō ikanakucha iikikasete mo
Even if you tell me to go already
kimi no yoin de tokini sugaru
I hold onto your after glow
hon'no sukoshi dake
just a little
saki o aruku yo sabishiku natte mo
I will walk ahead even if I get lonely
hitomi o tojireba
If I close my eyes
kioku wa atatakaikara
the memories (of you) are warm

ashita ga boku ni wa kuru no ka nante
I wonder if tomorrow will come to me
wakaranai kara
I don’t know it
tashikana ima o katachi ni shiyou
Let’s shape a certain present
kimi no soba de
by your side
itsumo koko de
(I’m) always here

o yakusoku wa shinakute ii yo
You don’t have to promise me
kimi no tsuyogari hoho o tsutau
Your strength* runs down your cheeks
daijōbu shinpaishinaide
Don’t worry, it’s okay
kimi no kotoba ga boku ni shimite iku
Your words will get to me
omoi au shirushida yo
It’s a sign I agree upon
kikoeru ai no katachi

a form of audible love


ashita o boku kara mukae ni ikou
Pick up tomorrow from me
te o nobashite mite Yeah

Try to reach out your hand (Yeah)
kakegae no nai kimi o dakishimeru
I embrace the irreplaceable you
yasashiku tsuyoku
gently and strongly

Mujō no bēru narihibiite
the heartless sound of bells resonates
僕らの引き裂いても Yeah
bokura no hikisaite mo Yeah
Even if we tear apart (Yeah)

ashita no kimi e
tomorrow I want you
tsutaete hoshī
to tell me
I love you!

kagayaku ima o hanasanaide yo
please don’t leave me on this shining day
Kanashima naide
please don’t feel sad
shin'ainaru hibi e
to the dear days
saiai no kimi e
to my beloved you
Itsuka kokode
someday here
Itsuka kokode
someday here

* 強がり (tsuyogari) actually means bluff (so it could also mean something like one’s true face was revealed, not sure about this line). In this case the person might have pretended to be happy to make things not even more depressing, but failed in the end.

Since it’s my favorite song from the mini album, I wanted to write it down, and if that’s not a depressing little piano piece, I don’t know what is. As always my translation might not be a poetic masterpiece, but I tried. :’)

Gimme That Sugar With The Sweet Talk

happy halloween here’s some smut for ya

based off of ‘we’re secret friends with benefits and you accidentally wore my shirt to to the party so you’re pretending you came as me and it turns out your impression of me is on point and you know me better than you know myself are you sure you’re not in love with me??’

except it’s tweaked to be more like ‘ we’re secret friends with benefits and you came dressed as me for a party and it’s really, really distracting.’

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

rated e | read on ao3 here

“Hey, you’re coming to Halloween party next week, right?” Bellamy asks, skin still a bit damp and glistening in the moonlight as he ties off the condom.

Clarke frowns a bit, and stretches out, hand patting around blindly for the blanket. “Uh, I’m not sure. Exams are like right around the corner and-”

He stops her right there by yanking the blankets out of her hands. “Hey!” she says, pushing up on her forearms to glare at him.

Bellamy just rolls his eyes, showing no signs of discomfort at standing in the middle of the room without a lick of clothing on. “You’re going to stay home and study? Come on, Clarke; it’s Halloween!” he grumbles before his grin turns wicked. “If you come over, I’ll be sure to have a special treat, just for you,” he all but purrs, sauntering over to the bed, only to dance out of the way with a bark of laughter as she aims a kick at him.

“Dick,” she huffs, and his grin just widens.

“That is one part of the treat, yes,” he nods, and not even she can successfully hide her grin as he slides a hand slowly up her calf.

“I don’t even have a costume,” she says weakly, “And I don’t have time to make one either. I have a spotter a day before.”

“Come as Hot Girl #3 for all I care,” he waves her off, “Or maybe string a bedsheet around yourself so we can match.”

She’s still hesitant, gnawing on her bottom lip. “I don’t know, Bellamy. I don’t think I’d be in the party mood after the spotter. All I’ll want to do is relax, maybe with a B rated horror flick and wine.”

“I can help you relax after,” he offers with a smirk, slinking between her legs. They widen to accommodate him of their own accord. “Or did you forget that’s why we started this thing in the first place?” He nuzzles the crease where her legs joins to her hip and Clarke sinks back down into the mattress with a sigh. “I don’t mind reminding you.” Her body jerks when he leans in close, close enough that she could feel his short bursts of breath brush across her centre, and she whimpers.

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