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h ey howdy i love your oc berry so u m he re u go @bunblevee


it’s cherry blossom season again!!!!!!!!! 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸💗💛🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼

all the dream babies were So Talkative today nd i’m just so happy we got to see more of jeno nd jisung nd renjun’s personalities they were so open today makin jokes nd laughing nd jeno talked A Lot more than he usually does on broadcast nd he looked so Happy nd my heart is just so full rn ok

Are You A Hipster Burr?

I look at this and imagine Aaron as a YouTube vlogger, like the one with the arsty vlogs and time-lapse shots of the sun going down.

speedpaint: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KCuEQkqD_o8&feature=youtu.be

dang but what IF

patroclus is taking a gap year between undergrad and grad school, just working as a barista at a kitschy coffeeshop near campus and achilles is getting ready to transfer to a new university after a pretty bad sports-related injury

and it’s spring quarter and patroclus is so tired of the never-ending parade of tourists and prospective students and loud, demanding parents that he’s refusing to work the register and because he’s worked there for a couple years he gets to do whatever he wants

ANYWAY achilles and his overbearing picky mother come in and patroclus is of course blown away by how astonishingly beautiful this human being is, all tan and golden from the sun, but is also a lil afraid of his mom, because she looks like she’ll gladly rip out someone’s spine for fucking with her kid. or like. talking to her.

anyway anyway patroclus never speaks to the guy; he’s busy with his phone, and patroclus is busy making a thousand iced mochas and blended drinks (can’t call ‘em frappuccinos–starbucks will sue), and then two iced espressos go out–one decaf, one with a splash of almond milk–and the gilded strangers glide out of his life forever

fast forward three days and patroclus is clicking through tumblr and avoiding the pile of packets from different grad programs when he sees a picture of himself he doesn’t remember posing for, with like forty thousand notes

his eyes are down, eyelashes soft against his dark cheeks, and his sleeves are rolled up and he’s at work, face a little shiny with sweat and his hair is a halo of dark, sweeping curls against the weird blue and pink lights behind the counter. the caption says 'the hottest barista in northern california tbh’ and the blog name is aristosachaion, the icon a mass of golden curls and black ray bans

patroclus feels weirdly flattered but oddly vulnerable and he clicks the link and the sidebar picture is the fucking. that beautiful guy who came into his store a few days ago, the one with the scary mom. patroclus clicks through his blog, sees that he’s decided to go to ucsc in the fall to study music production (which is convenient honestly because patroclus’s number one choice for grad school is ucsc’s lit program), sees a couple post-gym selfies that make patroclus’s throat a little dry, and finally, his name. achilles.

patroclus hesitates for a second before clicking the follow button

a real life gem of a phone conversation it took me multiple playthroughs of alibi in ashes to experience: 

george: how did the date go?
ned: for a date set up under false pretenses with a girl who is not my girlfriend, shockingly bad. did you know that she’s mean even if she likes you? she said that a date with me was like taking a tour of a stuffed animal factory. at first it’s fun looking at the cute stuff, but then you get bored before it ends. and that was the nicest thing she said the whole time.