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GOT7 react to their s/o confronting a female idol for being too touchy with them

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so, this is the continuation of the short-tempered s/o…
Part 1  

Mark - “You could’ve just told me that it was bothering you.” He said, “I would have told her myself.” And your response was “Really?! The first time I told you I didn’t like her hanging around you, you dismissed it and said you guys are just co-workers, and that I have nothing to worry about.” 

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Jaebum - “Oh my God, Y/N!” Running his hand through his hair. “It’s not like I’m cheating on you.” Just hearing him say that sets you off “Yeah… You may not cheat on me now, but who knows what’ll happen in the future if you keep leading her on and if you continue on letting her touch you so freely.” 

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Jackson - “Why would you confront her? You could’ve just told me.” He starts, “The PD-nim told her to act more friendly and touchy. You can’t just go off like that, Y/N” – Scoffing at his explanation, you shot back with “What are you going to say next? Oh! Don’t worry, we’re just workmate.”

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Jinyoung - “You’ve not only embarrassed me but yourself as well! What were you thinking, Y/N?” He didn’t wait for both of you to settle in the house “I thought you knew better! This is my career, Y/N! You can’t just come on set and confront her to stay away from me, we work together.”  “That was off camera, Jinyoung! She didn’t have to be so touchy when the director yelled ‘cut’. It means stop.” You shot back.

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Youngjae - “We’re assigned to have a duet for the year-end show, Y/N” He said, heaving a sigh “Why are you taking this out of context?”  Rolling your eyes in annoyance before you blow up “How can I not? She was being way too touchy when it’s off stage. That’s not right! Like, she can clearly see me sitting beside you, and she knows that we’re dating!” 

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Bambam - “Ah, Y/N! Come on, you know that we’re just working and that the camera was still rolling.”  “Are you sure that the camera was rolling because I was right behind the cameraman, and I can clearly see that it wasn’t.” You fumed “You should’ve set the boundary yourself, Bam! She’s so annoying! Oh my God!!” 

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Yugyeom - “Y/N, why don’t you sit and calm down? She’s only my dance partner. Being touchy and skinship is a major part of dancing.”  “Yeah…But not too touchy! Why is she so clingy like a koala? I know that she’s only your dance partner, but there’s a limit, for God sake!” You huffed

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Part 1

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I'm curious about how you'd write the UK. Specifically in a scenario where they help their s/o when a bratty middle school boy is pulling her hair. And if you could also add Kagami and Haizaki, that would be ever so delightful


“Would you stop that?” you asked, annoyed at the little brat. The very smug boy just tugged at your hair again, much to your dismay. “Oh god, why me? Can’t you go and annoy your friends?” you told the child angrily. You noticed a certain tall boy approach you and the middle schooler. “Would you please stop pulling my girlfriend’s hair? It’s not nice to hurt pretty girls,” he told the boy patiently. The kid walked away with his head lowered in shame. “That kid was so annoying,” you grumbled as Kiyoshi chuckled at your annoyance. “It isn’t funny, Teppei!” you groaned as his laughter grew louder.


“Ow, ow, ow,” you yelled out as the kid pulled on your (h/c) hair. “You better goddamn stop that, brat,” a very pissed off raven haired boy said. “Or else I’ll rip your hair out as well,” he said with a smirk as he glanced at your face. The kid ran off in terror because of Hanamiya’s threat, “Makoto! You can’t just do that!” you scolded your boyfriend but he didn’t pay you any attention. After lecturing him for a while he finally turned to you, “Yeah, well, he was a little brat with no manners. He deserved it.” He certainly was a difficult person to get along with but you appreciated his effort to help you.


To say the kid was frightened by your massive boyfriend was an understatement. “If you ever try to do that again, I’ll do more than just scold you,” he warned the scared kid, the threat obviously empty. “Thank you, but please be gentler next time,” you smiled gently at the muscle head. “Sorry, ___,” he mumbled as he scratched his head. “That’s okay,” you chirped, jumping on his back, requesting a piggy back.


Your rather childish boyfriend was making quite a scary face. “Don’t touch ___’s hair!” he said, mildly irritated. “I-I’m sorry,” the kid stuttered before running of to god knows where. “Thanks, Kotarou-kun!” you smiled at the snuggle toothed boy. “It’s my job, ___,” he grinned, ruffling your hair. You laughed, shaking your head. His childish behaviour had clearly returned.


“Tsk. Do you have any idea how precious ___-chan’s hair is?” he lectured the ashamed child. “Gomen. I just though it looked very pretty,” he mumbled out. “Next time, you better be more gentle with a girl,” he lectured the boy some more. The kid nodded and hurried off home. “Reo did you really have to lecture the kid?” you asked amused. “Why of course. Everyone should know how to treat girls with the utmost respect,” he said with laughter lacing his words. You just rolled your eyes and gave him a smile

I’d do Kagami and Haizaki but I have a really important test I need to study for that’s worth quite a lot so I hope you enjoy this little scenario :)