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i’m not sure if i’m back from hiatus or not? but if i am, this is part of a series called {Needs More}. the point being that it’s just a bunch of stuff i think fics need more of.

this needs more is nsfw so it will be under the cut :)

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sunsetgoingdown replied to your post:,

My best friend has been married and divorced already and she was about to get married again but then called the wedding off the week before it l o l

o h my god thats such a , foreign concept to me like people…getting married before theyre 30 … twice!!!!!?????  (almost twice??)


Осторожно! - Смотри! Look out! Look!
Держись! - Давай!Cheer up!
О, Боже! - O, my God! O, Lord! My Goodness!
Оставь меня в покое! - Leave me alone!
Фантастично! - Fantastic!
Отлично! - Perfect!
Хорошо! - Договорились!O’key! All right! Settled!
Хорошая идея! - Good idea!
Хорошо! - Good! Well!
Чудесно! - That’s wonderful!
Да? Неужели? - O, ye? Really?
Просто ужас! - That’s terrible!
Чепуха!Stuff! - Nonsense!
Ничего подобного! - Nothing of the kind!
Хватит! - Enough! That will do!
В чем дело? - What’s the matter?
Никогда! - Never!
Да-да! - Yes, indeed!
Конечно! - Certainly!
Да, конечно! - Yes, of course!
Без сомнения! - No doubt!
Правильно! - Right!
Внимание! - Attention!
Слушай! (при обращении) - Listen! Look here!
Тихо! Замолчите! - Quiet! Harsh! Shut up!
Молодец! - At a boy (girl)!
Ты сможешь! - You can do it!
Не стесняйся! - Don’t be shy!
Не скучай! - Не волнуйся!Don’t worry!
Не паникуй! - Don’t be such a worry wart!
Все будет хорошо! - Everything will be all right!
Мы сделали это! - We did it!
Что случилось? - What’s up?

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Gajeel Thoughts About Levy
  • Gajeel:ugh. A fairy tail trash.
  • Gajeel:I have no use for this girl. *pin her to a tree*
  • Gajeel:Huh.. This girl is smart.
  • Gajeel:She is a shrimp, gehe
  • Gajeel:I will protect you even though I was the one who hurt you..
  • Gajeel:I will make sure you become S Class!
  • Gajeel:Levy, you can never leave my side.
  • Gajeel:Your iron taste bomb wtf
  • Gajeel:You need to be protected.
  • Gajeel:You are my air..
  • Gajeel:Let's go away for a year together.
  • Gajeel:You gave me something that I never thought I will give back. Love.
  • Gajeel:I picture a future with you, I'm gone now but I will always be with you, Levy.