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Eu sei que você pensa que eu não te amo, mas esta enganado. Eu sei que você não liga, mas eu vou dormir todo dia pensando em você. Eu sei que você nunca gostou de mim, e que eu sempre gostei de você. Eu sei que você nem lembra de mim, mas eu me lembro a cada 10 segundos de você. Eu sei que você não gosta de falar comigo o tempo todo, e que eu passaria o dia e a noite falando com você. Eu sei que se fosse pra você escolher alguém pra se casar eu não estaria na sua lista de escolhas, e que na minha só teria você. Eu sei que você ama me provocar, e que eu te amo cada vez mais quando você faz isso. Eu sei que você só me vê como amiga, e que eu sonho em um dia você me ver como eu o vejo. Eu sei que meu sonho não se realizará dependendo de você, mas no fundo eu ainda tenho esperanças. Eu sei que você não importa com isso, mas quando eu disse que te amava eu falei sério.
—  Mi Machado.
Catching Feelings Part II

Part 1

I hadn’t talked to Nate, or any of the guys for that matter in almost a month, and I was running out of excuses. Derek was the first to call me on my bullshit, and the first one I decided to let into my pity party. He invited himself over, even after my fleet of excuses, for a talk.

“Alright Y/N, it’s just you and me here, talk to me” he turns himself toward me as we sit on the couch.Derek and I often had talks, but never one as serious as this. “Der, it isn’t that easy” I look at him as I relive me and Nate’s last meeting over and over again. “Don’t give me that Y/N it’s just me, you can tell me, whatever it is” I can’t believe I am actually about to do this, I take a deep breath and begin the story that started this shit storm.

“So Y/N correct me if I’m wrong here, but Nate was your first time?” I nod my head and bring my knees up to my chest “And you caught feelings didn’t you?” I nod my head again as I feel my eyes start to water. “I just feel like an idiot you know?” the tears come faster now, and I don’t try to hold them back. “It’s like he couldn’t care less, you know when I went to talk to him about all this he ended our conversation to go and talk to some girl named Sasha?”

Derek scoots closer to me and pull me into a hug. “It’s okay Y/N, just stop……stop crying the best thing for you to do now is try and move on from him, Nate’s our friend and we both know he’s not the one for a relationship, I give him and Sasha two weeks, tops” he smiles down at me and doesn’t break our embrace. I don’t know how long we stay like this before Derek says something again.

“Let’s go out tonight, just you and me, whatever you want to do” I sit back on the couch and look over at him “Derek I’m not really in the “going out” kind of mood” he smiles and shakes his head “Y/N the thing is, I wasn’t giving you a choice” I blow out a breath and put my hands over my face. “Derek it’s only 2:00 no one, with the exception of alcoholics goes to the bar at 2:00″ Derek pulls out his phone and all I hear is the typing of fingers. “Fine let’s go get ice cream or some shit” I get up off the couch and attempt to go upstairs “Where you goin’ ma?” “I’m not going out looking like this” I motion to my pajama pants.

I pull on a pair of jeans that compliment my figure, my hooded Nike crop top, and a little makeup. I put my hair in a ponytail and trot down the stairs to meet Derek. “Damn Y/N you look really good” he gives me a thumbs up as he approaches “But just one more thing” he lifts his hands and secures it at the top of my ponytail pulling out the scrunchie and let my brown hair fall over my shoulders. “That’s better. c’mon let’s go”

Me and Derek decide on Fro-yo and go to this cute little shop not far from my house. “Can I have one Chocolate with oreos and one Vanilla with oreos” Derek hands me our yogurt and while he pays I go and find us a table. I place Derek’s yogurt across from me and begin to eat mine. Derek sits down after not to long and we begin laughing about whatever comes up in conversation. 

Derek eyes me while I watch the door as the hot guy walks in with who I assume is he little brother “ooooo do I hear wedding bells” I swat at him across the table. The guy and his brother sit directly diagonal from us, and I try not to stare at him. He has shaggy blonde hair and piercing green eyes. Derek doesn’t let up as he teases me “Why don’t you just talk to him, I mean seriously Y/N you haven’t stopped looking at him and he hasn’t stopped looking at you” I shake my head “Why would that guy be interested in me?” “Because you are beautiful, now get your cute ass over there and talk to him before I do it for you”

I know Derek isn’t bluffing so I gather some confidence and walk over. He looks up at me and smiles “Hi” he says, God his voice was to die for. “Um Hi my name is Y/N” “Hayden” he holds out his hand and shakes mine “I know this is really forward, but would you maybe, possibly….like to go out with me sometime?” He eyes me suspiciously, Great he is gonna say no “What about your boyfriend?” he points towards Derek who is trying to balance his spoon on his nose. “Oh him, that’s not my boyfriend” “Oh, well in that case i would love to go out with you, is Saturday okay with you, I’m babysitting for my parents and they get back Saturday morning” I nod my head and look over at his brother “Saturday is perfect” He smiles at me again showing me his pearly white teeth “Then it’s a date” 

Hayden and I exchange numbers as I walk him and his little brother out of the shop “I almost forgot to introduce you two” he motions toward his little brother “This is Finn, Finn can you say Hi” Finn holds Hayden’s leg as he peeps up at me “Hi” I smile down at him “How old are you handsome?” He smiles even harder as he holds up four fingers “Well, Finn it was very nice meeting you” I extend my hand to him and he kisses it. I laugh and Hayden looks down at him “Where’d you learn that?” “Daddy” I wave the two of them off and go back in the shop with Derek to tell him the good news.

                                           Saturday Night 

I pull on my maroon bodycon dress and my tan pumps, checking myself in the mirror one more time before Hayden arrives. Hayden and I agreed on eight and it was now 7:15. While I wait I get a text from Derek:

Ayye Ma I’m omw to see you off…..Nate’s with me 

Can’t wait to see you and just you

Don’t be that way Y/N

Fine I’ll be nice

When they get there Nate looks tense, “Hey Y/N, you look nice” he says not looking me directly on the eyes. “You look amazing Y/N” Derek takes me up in a hug. “I’m gonna go pee” Derek says hopping up the stairs. After not too long there is a knock at the door. “O mi God, he’s here, Nate would you let him in for me?” he nods his head and walks toward the door. i rush upstairs to get my bag and anything else I might have forgotten and as I come down I hear Nate talking to Hayden.

“Yea man she’s feeling under the weather but, she told me to tell you that she’s sorry and she’ll call you” as I reach the bottom of the stairs I am pissed. Nate turns around to look at me as he shuts the door. “What the hell is your problem, Why would you do that?” He laughs at me and shakes his head. “C’mon Y/N that guy? really? do you even know him?” I walk toward him and get in his face “What right do you have? You don’t know what I like or who I like, you don’t know anything”

Before I can go on Nate presses me against the wall and kisses me “I know you have feelings for me, I know that’s why you’ve been avoiding me and why you were gonna go on a date with that guy, who isn’t your type” I try to move from him, but he pins me to the wall and kisses me again, combing his hands through my hair. I try to resist but it’s no use. He breaks our kiss again giving me time to talk “And who is my type” He smirks down at me and grabs my waist in his big hands “Me” 

“Wow”. The both of us are startled as we see Derek standing at the bottom of the stairs with his mouth open.

Ours(Benny and Sammy Wilk)

Sammy and I had been together for almost six months and I loved every minute I spent with him. I always loved it when we hung out with his family especially when Benny came around, which was often. Mama Wilk and Emily would always tease me because anytime Benny asked me anything or smiled at me or told me I looked pretty I would blush beet red. Sammy, though was the world’s worst he would often tell Ben to come talk to me just to see how red I could get. Sammy usually just brushed off how embarrassed I got and how I sometimes without thinking would swoon over Benny. 

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  • bryan: i may also need like
  • more non-black clothes
  • jenny: no you don't
  • bryan: tru
  • jenny: of course it's true
  • bryan: variety is also gud tho....
  • jenny: yeah
  • a variety of black

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i love your blog so much, it's my favorite <3 could you do a off cam spam sometime? they are just really cute ^ㅅ^

Lol I’m hoping your definition of ‘off cam’ is like fan taken ones because in my little mind I’m just like “but how can I make a spam off things off cam? I won’t find any pictures then ohmygawd! What do I do! Everything is on camera!” But I tried lol

This is technically off cam

I don’t even know why this is here ._.

Admin-nim is sowwy, she ish not very smart, she cannot tell de difference between pictures and off cam, so how she gots into academi is it unknown, they must’ve switched around her’s and a smart person’s scores. Now admin-nim feels bad for that one smart person. *le sigh*

But, whatever that weird para- oh wait…o mi god…I just included my social life in a post about Chanbaek! Don’t kill me! *ducks* quack
Ok this is turning weird lawl, but thank you so much for loving my blog, that makes me so very happy! *sends virtual hug*

Little story, as I was looking for a derpy pic to end this post I see this